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Happy Thanksgiving To All

To my fellow Americans, Happy Thanksgiving :)- and to my friends/readers outside of the U.S., I hope you all have a wonderful day as well- no matter who you are or where you live, we all have something to be thankful for. The wise person is always thankful and doesn't wait to appreciate it, but nevertheless, we have a holiday for it.

In America, this is the busiest travel season, right at Thanksgiving/the weekend of. The day after Thanksgiving is called "Black Friday" and on Black Friday there are huge sales, in stores, online -if it's American made or distributed, you can pretty much bet it will be on sale. While I frown on materialism, this weekend is helpful and important as a stimulator for the economy. This long holiday weekend kicks off the holiday shopping season, which I am at odds with you could say. Yes, it's important to stimulate the economy but the timing is what I'm more at odds with....

Christmas Shopping. As a religious person and practicing Christian, I see Christmas for what it is, the birth of Jesus Christ. Gift giving on Christmas is a symbolic gesture and very MINOR part of the holiday. Leave it to materialistic people the world over to focus on that instead. There's nothing wrong with getting something on sale and saving some money. People look for sales all year and they don't all the sudden become wrong this time of year, -it's just not celebrating Christmas- so many people will go and spend money they don't have with the plastic and go into debt with the excuse "I really wanted my kids to have a good Christmas" I usually explode about this point :) Yeah, that's really good- nothing religious ever gets brought up about the religious holiday (whether you're Christian or not, you should know what you're celebrating), but what you did manage to teach them is it's o.k. to create debt all in the name of materialism and greed. Call me crazy but those aren't desirable characteristics.

People cook large feasts on Thanksgiving and usually have family and friends over. (Symbolic feast like the feast the Native Americans/Settlers had together on the original Thanksgiving Feast). Turkey is pretty symbolic with Thanksgiving but not everyone uses turkeys. I know me and my mother would cook at least one day early- things like pies can be done the day before for example. It's also a tradition to watch Football (NFL), there will be a couple games in the afternoon. Growing up, my father would go out and (still)hunt super early that morning until about midday and sometimes we could add some fresh venison to the Thanksgiving feast. I'd help him gut it/dismember/clean it and take whatever my mother would prepare in the kitchen, and some of it was held for a trip to the butcher's. Many people also put up their Christmas trees this weekend, others wait until early December (not too far off).

Anyhow, this is a small taste of what goes on. Varies with people of course. *With all the food/family/friends/football, don't forget the Thankful part :)Happy Thanksgiving To All :)

(*P.S.- for those who don't know what 'still hunters' are- they're hunters who can actually hunt- and don't need/don't use dogs to find a deer and chase it in front of them. Only still hunters have my respect. The deer my father shot never knew what hit them, one minute they're looking around or slowly walking by -next thing they're in Deer Heaven lol,- I just mean, they didn't suffer- my father was a sniper among other things when he was in the military (over achiever) and carried over his 'one shot, one kill' into his hunting, with both bows and firearms.).

Touching Base +Magicka

Just wanted to let those who maybe haven't figured it out already that- I've been vacationing in Skyrim for the past week :) I've been taking picutures and look forward to seeing you all when I get back! lol.

Seriously though, that is where I've been spending my freetime. It's not 'the most awesome game ever!' but it's -good. On the other hand you really want to explore the map, there are some great locations (too bad the graphics- well, suck is the only word for it, but a patch is in the works, and if all else fails, the modders will fix it). There are a lot more quests but you level way too quick/easily. Very simplified. I almost feel a little insulted, it's like it tries to play/think for you- if that makes sense- hard to word what I'm thinking. I like all the details of an old school rpg and actually enjoy using my brain on those details that are just missing in a simplified game. Definately not a game targeted at the hardcore rpg audience, this has 'mass appeal' written all over it. I'll spend a lot of time on it,because I love w-rpg's so much, but were it an old school w-rpg title, the game would keep me wrapped up even longer. (No offense, but I'm not into jrpg's). I was hoping this game would be the return of the w-rpg c!assics from Bethesda- like ES1-3 but it's clearly not, and obviously building on the consolization that they started with Oblivion.

Well, I have some people to kill, I'm in The Dark Brotherhood (except I'm a Sister ;) -playing a tall, blonde Nord woman that is totally in love with her warhammer, heavy armor, smithing, archery for those stealthy kills, sneak and even fairly well leveled in light armors, lock picking and pickpocketing and some decent speech skills- too bad there's no medium armor- as there was in Morrowind). Also joined the Companions and have been shouting some, I don't over use it, it's like magic, which I don't usually use 'too much', mainly go with a stealthy warrior, magic makes it too easy, and this game is too easy as it is.

Anyone want to share what kind of character they're playing (race/skills/joined with?)? What are your thoughts after a week with Skyrim? Anyone playing as a Werewolf, vampire, Theives guild (I'm pledging you could say lol)?-Catch you all later:)

Just wanted to add Steam is having a FREE WEEKEND OF THE GAME MAGICKA! Recommended by 30,603 players :) It offers modes: Single Player, MultiPlayer, Co-Op, LOCAL Co-Op. Has LeaderBoards, Valve Anti-Cheat, Keyboard/Mouse or controller capable. Languages supported: English/Russian.

54 Steam Achievements for you Achievements Addicts, Forums for assistance and you can buy the game and All the DLC for $6.24. If you just want the game without the DLC it's only $2.49 (75% off), or if you want to buy the 4 pack to game with some friends, this weekend's price is $7.49. That's a big sale.

*Not sure if this is your type of game? Well, download the Demo off of Steam and find out :) Enjoy!

Veteran's Day in the USA

*Much respect and appreciation to all our brave Veterans. :) Thank you for your sacrifices.

Also I'd like to send out thanks to our Allies as well, who have stood by us. Your service is also acknowledged and appreciated.

*A moment of silence for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

The Elder Scrolls V : SKYRIM

Title almost says it all. (*Special note for those that pre-odered on Steam, you can start your Pre-Load today so your game will be loaded and ready to play on Friday when it's released).

So, which races are you all going to play as first? It's hard to choose for me. I like to run 2 characters at a time anyways in Elder Scrolls games. I'll pick a female first, then a male character, I play one honest- with no cheats (my favorite cheat being gold!), and the other I'll use cheats with. When you're feeling impatient, gold is a nice cheat to have :)

What to choose?! I'll probably play the hometown favorite at first with a Nord (female), but I have no clue what my other character will be- tempted with orc (I don't use a lot of magic in games usually), but the beast races look pretty awesome too- I don't know.

**What about you?**

Which c!ass also - ?

MW3 Same Song and Dance

While I am admittedly early in the sp campaign, it's pretty clear things are following the same path as the other MW games. I must add one difference though- the AI (sp) is worse than previous installments. I have been playing an older team based military (budget) shooter "Frontlines: Fuel of War" lately and it's AI is better than this! I did replay MW2 to get my trigger finger ready but this time I played the campaign on Veteran- really not much of an accomplishment (except for me it is, considering I need some repair surgery on my mouse hand) as anyone with the patience reguardless of skill almost exclusively could win on Veteran, the real skill is, how well can you play Veteran, do you die frequently or not- that's more indicitive of (sp) skill than the actual 'difficulty' level.

*Anyhow, when I am done, I will do a sp review, and will soon review Frontlines: Fuel of War as well. The only reasons I'd see for buying MW3 right now (as in before price drop) is, you have the spare cash and want something new (this is my excuse), you're a fan of the series, or you are overly curious and just have to see first hand how the story plays out and what goes on with the characters. If you're not in one of those categories, then I'd suggest waiting or playing at a friend's house.

*Mild spoiler (may not even be one, but I am being cautious)*

Cptprice returns (ugh- not fond of that character), and Soap/MacTavish (good Scottsman ;) -apparantly in the game knife stabs are fatal for everyone except him), but so far it would seem that they've written off Gaz (thank goodness-he was too much of a whiner! -I don't care who you are or where you're from or from which game you hail, if you're a whiner I'm looking forward to your last curtain call!).

Anyone else plan to play the game -now, later, play a friend's copy? Has anyone played Frontlines: Fuel of War? It is a reccommendable 'budget' military shooter, goes on sale on Steam sometimes.

Which Sign Are You?

O.K., the other day, me and some friends were on the subject of astrology again. It can be fun to discuss and discover what signs your friends are and usually leads into some interesting conversation and learning new things about the people in your life. Anyhow, it started me wondering what signs my gamespot friends are....

(*And just in case you're wondering, my signs are: )

If you don't know which sign you are, click here for Western ( )and here for Chinese ( )and go ahead and share with us which sign you are if you like and remember that each sign's characteristics that are listed are generalized and not all will apply to you, they are just characteristics that are most likely for each sign; for a more specific report on you you'd have to pay or know someone who knows how to chart, (I know 1 person that can) but you can share which are most like you. It's fun if nothing else. :) Also, do you think astrology is just a bunch of bs? Do you think there's something to it all? What do you think? Let the fun begin now :)

Whoa - My Inbox lol

O.K., I can officially say I've never had so many people notice when I 'wasn't' online! LOL. Goodness. That was a bit of a surprise. I guess I should give a quick upate. Sorry I've not been around but I've had a few very rough days, many of you know I'm dealing with some health issues. The appointment I was supposed to have this month to check for cancer got pushed to next month, so that will have to wait. Was hoping to know sooner, wanted to hopefully have some good news on that front, but I'm stuck waiting again. Oh well, everything happens for a reason. I'm slowly getting back on my feet again from my latest problem (happens every now and then)and the pain has subsided, so I'm less miserable, which is of course a good thing :)

I bought the game I had been waiting for -Stronghold3 on Tuesday (that night is when I kind of fell apart for a few days) but I've not had the oppurtunity to load it, I hope to today, though this morning I've looked at a few reviews (of course gs doesn't have one *grumbles*) and it's not doing too well. The over-riding theme seems to be 'unfinished' which sucks, because it already had a later than expected release day, the first was Sept.1, then pushed to Oct.25. I guess it wasn't enough-? I plan to find out for myself what's wrong with the game today. Stronghold 1 -I'm still in love. :) Stronghold 3- we'll see.

While I was at the store (had to go to another store since the one I was at only had BF3, which I didn't get) I saw some other games (I love hard copies :) :) but I buy digital too) and they were cheaper than expected so I picked up a few-

  1. Airline Tycoon 2
  2. Tropico 4
  3. Star Wars KOTOR 2 - The Sith Lords
  4. (Part of 4 Pack) Storm: Frontline Nation (turn-based strategy)
  5. (Part of 4 Pack) Grand Ages: Rome Gold Edition (includes Reign of Agustus) (rts)
  6. (Part of 4 Pack) Stalker: Call of Pripyat (already owned)
  7. (Part of 4 Pack) Shadow Harvest: Phantom Ops

I got that 'action/strategy 4-Pack' mainly for Grand Ages Rome Gold and to check out Storm-Frontline Nation. I heard that Shadow Harvest sucked major and already had Stalker COP. Just for the 2 games- the price was worthy.

Also lately I've got my recorder set up- in my room on that T.V. I hooked up one of those player/recorders where you can record any VHS tapes you have onto DVD, can also go from DVD to VHS (but why would you ?lol), and you can record any satellite program you're watching straight onto DVD. I have some VHS tapes I need to get dubbed onto DVD, will help make space, the tapes take up a lot of space. Plus I want to get the tape of my late older brother onto disc before something happens to the tape. Speaking of which I only have 3 or 4 blank DVD's left. I'll also be dubbing some of my mother's as well, told her just to bring them over and I'd convert hers for her too. I'll end up buying her her own machine to use but I'll get her used to using it first or she'll just call me everytime to set it up for her!

For the weekend, the main thing I want to accomplish is getting the cars washed. I've had to put that off a couple times and now it's driving me completely mad. I can't stand (at all) a dirty car. Trust me, the inside is clean and polished/vaccumed but the outside could use some 'elbow grease' lol. I ran it through the laser wash the other day when I was out. That's not adequate of course, but it made me feel a 'little' better. I'll be happy when I can get out there and detail it. The other isn't in as much need on the outside but really needs vaccuming (shoes track in a lot when it's been raining). *Yes, Ladies detail their cars too ;)

Far as halloween- I don't live inside city-limits so I don't get 'trick-or-treaters', thank goodness lol. A few spook movies or spooky games is about all that's on my agenda for that. What will you all do for halloween? Anyone going to any parties? or throwing your own?? Let's hear it :)

Payday: The Heist

Payday: The Heist. Ready after a delay for dowload today. This game is available on Steam/PC or Ps3. So far so good, it's intense action and a lot of fun. I'm really hoping to be able to put some good time into it because it seems to have a lot to offer and at the regular price of $19.99 on PC (cheaper if you bought it prior to release), it provides a nice diversion as we await the major incoming titles like Stronghold 3 this Tuesday, LOTR: War in the North on the 1st and 10 days later, Skyrim. Skyrim alone could fill the rest of my year! Oh and Mw3 comes out on the 8th (which I can get locally -new/physical copy at -$10 off, which puts it at the regular PC price of $49.99).

Anyhow, until then some time with this exciting (indie) shooter is what it's going to be. (Of course I always mix in some time with rpg's because- I 'have to'- feeds the need ;) ). I'm also wanting to spend some time with my new game purchase (less than $15!) for Condemned: Criminal Origins/PC. Payday: The Heist runs nice and smoothly and it downloaded unusually fast off of Steam this morning. Upon opening the game, I found in the options I could don an Alienware Mask instead of my default- looked kind of funny! Just because one guy is wearing an American mask, trust me, this is an international team- as can be known by the accents. A check of Steam forums seems to show majority of people seem to like it and there's also little in the way of complaints on technical issues. I decided to write a breif blog on it because I'm finding out a lot of people aren't even aware of this game.

For some footage of Payday: The Heist check out over at Steam.

Payday: The Heist is developed by: Overkill Software

Payday: The Heist is published by: SOE (Sony Online Entertainment).

Available Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish (but only English has full audio support).

Whatever you're playing now/soon- Enjoy!! :)

Review In Progress- Rage Rev. Completed

A quick note here, couple things. I've been playing Rage (PC/Steam) lately, anyone on my Steam list can attest to that. I have I think 27 hours into right now, and I've been taking notes of things I want to bring up in a review, I'm not rushing it, I'm going out of my way to do every jump, every side quest, races, vehicle upgrades, even have many screenshots for those on my Steam list-take a peek, may upload some on here,etc. I have a pre-patch and patch experience (not much difference, and for the record, I never had problems running it). P.S. I also found the hidden door to DOOM hidden in Rage :) Made me want to stop Rage and start DOOM- love the original, some great memories with that game.

Also, about to upload a few more 'Images' to my gs profile.

Game On People :)

F.Y.I. - Rage

"RAGE" is preloadable on Steam. Also if you buy/pre-load today (it releases tomorrow) you are automatically upgraded to 'Anarchy Edition' which includes 4 exclusive in-game items 1.Double Barrel Shotgun, 2.Fists of Rage (melee), 3.Rat Rod Buggy, 4. Crimson Elite Armor.

The game offers single player, mp, co-op in a post apocalyptic setting and is first person. I'm already Pre-Loading and can't wait to jump into this game, I hope it doesn't disappoint.

FIRST REVIEW: 9.5 (360 was used by reviewer)

Source: = 8.5 (console review)

Finally a PC Review- PC GAMER gives Rage= 84/100.