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This... AGAIN?!

This is in direct correlation with my previous blog post regarding the United States Parcel/Postal Service (USPS).

Seriously... wtf do they do all day? I was expecting a package today, estimated delivery IS today and it departed the USPS that is 45 minutes away at least 6 hours ago.

I know I'm not the only person that he has a package for - but c'mon guy. You drop the packages off and go to the next post office - the tracking changes to notice left/delivered and I go pick it up... one more hour and that won't be possible for me, today.. meaning I stayed up all day for no reason.

I just don't understand what the deal is - they wonder why they have no money... I can tell you why. People want fast and reliable shipping - not "Eh... maybe today, maybe tomorrow" bull****..

I'm getting sick of it...

P.S. - The last post related to this subject left me with a delivered package no sooner than I hit submit ;)

Of course..

Now... I've never worked for any type of postal carrier (whether it be UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, etc) so take this "rant" with a grain of salt.

This is a real short one - but.. oh well.

So I ordered a Hauppauge HD-PVR online last week, the seller shipped through USPS - which for the record, I have no problem with, they have excellent prices. But the flaws of USPS make you, almost, reconsider shipping through them.

  1. Their tracking sucks... And before someone says, "BLA BLA BLA they don't do tracking." You are wrong. Go to and look at what the **** it says on the left TRACK/Confirm. You enter your tracking code and wala - if you're lucky they might have actually scanned it in each time it's moved.
  2. Yeah... that's about it.

eBay's predicted delivery time was tomorrow thru Friday. Which I can handle - but. I was expecting today, and it here's why...

It's literally 3 hours away from my house. If it takes them 2 days to drive a ****ing truck from Kansas City, KS to Springfield, MO than I've lost all faith in the USPS. According to my estimated delivery was yesterday.. so... who knows when the **** it will be here - obviously not the dumbasses that are in charge or control, I should say, of when it arrives.

So that is that. Now instead of checking it out before going to bed - I go to bed, without checking it out. Kind of go hand in hand...

Mind changed -- already?!

If you read my last post you will see I had plans/intentions of building a gaming rig... those are no longer my priority. I've decided to keep console gaming (at least for the time being) and focus on things reloving around that.

I spend the majority of my internet time on Youtube - which is where/why my plan turned around. For years I've wanted to get a Hauppauge HD-PVR to record my gameplay, especially after using a CapCard or whatever those $10 gimmicks are called.

I've got my mind set on doing whatever I have to do to be a Youtube/Machinima partner. I play a lot of MW2 - and while I know I'm not the best, I feel that I'm still pretty good. My average results, of late, have been kills ranging from 23-29 with my deaths staying below 10-13. I don't do trickshots or quickscoping, but I'll admit that I try when I'm feeling it. I'm probably not the greatest commentator - but I know my colorful language will keep viewers entertained.

I play the game - probably, different than most. I don't have a set 'type' (ex. rush, snipe, etc.) I'm pretty much, going with the flow of the lobby 95% of the time. My classes change CONSTANTLY because I'm always setting them up to my best advantage with my current competitors.

If I know a guy on the other team is using a riot shield 90%-95% of the time, I'm going to already have a class setup before the game starts to be able to effectively deal with him, without putting myself at risk to his teammates. If the majority of the other team is "noob tubing" I'll have a class setup to be able to counter them and have an advantage at the same time.

Or my favorite - if I'm playing against people that are a little slow about rushing or stay back to avoid spawn swapping, I'll put on a decent run class and be on their spawn with 10 seconds of the round starting - catching them all off guard and putting my team into a quick lead.

It's something I'd love to be able to do - and I'm sure I'm not the only one. But to become a partner to either is pretty difficult. Besides shelling out the near $300 for an HD-PVR, you also have to have a certain amount of views/subs/likes/etc. to even be considered. Which isn't surprising, honestly. They're not going to help someone receive an income if they're not qualified.

But that's my new plan. So down the hatch with the computer build and let the console rise again!

Slowly... but surely..

My gaming rig is full steam ahead - but as fast as a train accelerates (too).

I've ordered 2 x 4GB (8GB) of G.SKILL Ripjaw DDR3 RAM, which should be arriving today.

And I bought a CD/DVD drive off of eBay last week - for no other reason than because it was cheap.

So... I'm $70 in already - NO TURNING BACK NOW! :P

The only thing I'm really dreading to purchase is the CPU. I was hoping eBay would have some NEW and decent pricedi5-2500k's with free shipping. Surprisingly - most of them are around the price of a brand new from Newegg. If I'm going to spend $200 - I might as well cough up the other $20 for a brand new one (that I KNOW is flawless).

Besides that - I'm really just gonna wing it on the motherboard and PSU and HDD. I'm also dreading the GPU - ugh. God forbid they sell something for less than $500. That's gonna cost me a kidney.... but it will be oh so worth it when my skin is tearing from my face when I'm playing BF3 on Ultra BAAHAHAH! [spoiler] I don't know what sound that last word makes [/spoiler]

I'll Never Understand...

I guess to be a troll on the forums you must be 100% dedicated. If you're a close follower of the BF3 (X360) forums than you've probably read your share of BETA bashing, this week. But one thing that I guess nobody will understand is, if you hate a game based off of 1 map - 1 gamemode - in a BETA, why can't you speak your opinion and move on? Rather, people seem to speak their opinon and repeat themselves on every topic that is related to the BETA. If I don't like a game - the last thing I have time to do is to **** on said game for hours on a internet forum.

I'm not saying that you can't go on there and say, "I dislike the BETA because..."

But to say it on every, day in and day out, is trolling - and I doreport trollers. There's nothing that gets on my nerves more than someone trolling.

That is all.

Putting the BF3 vs. MW3 debate to bed.

We've all seen the topics covering MW3 v. BF3 - and most of us have participated in the debate. But why are they here? Why are they still popping up? Is it because fanboys can't grasp that nobody cares about their opinion? Is it simply because everybody wants to defend their game of choice?

The most heated debate currently prowling Gamespot/Gamefaqs forums is the debate between the 2 games. Each game has fanboys and each game has it's own "flavor". The games are being disected by people who have no more than watched a few gameplay videos on Youtube and read some Twitter posts. Does that mean the games are equal? No, it means the games cannot be compared since very few people have played either and a very small, small, small have played both.

What makes game A better than game B? This argument is totally opinion and preference. MW3's fast paced multiplayer isn't for everyone, especially BF veterans. BF3's slow"er" multiplayer will leave MW3 players wanting more. But neither is better than the other.

So, how exactly are they different? This is a visually obvious answer: they are 2 different styles of a FPS.

As mentioned previously, CoD is all about "running and gunning" - while everyone is trying to be the top player in the lobby. While BF is about teamwork. The classes in BF are designed so that each player plays a vital role in the game/round, whether or not they rack up a bunch of kills makes no difference. In BF players have the option to chose from: Recon, Medic, Assault, and Engineer. Each using the tools provided to help their team win.

As a given, Recon players provide "overwatch", spotting various enemy players for their teammates, using the spot tool (select) and motion sensors - while also providing sniper fire when trying to obtain/complete an objective.

Medics, obvious, revive fallen players and heal them if wounded.

Assault, the backbone of most teams, providing the ground attacks and supplying teammates with ammo, when needed.

Engineer, taking care of enemy vehicles as well as repairing friendly vehicles.

Each class plays a vital role in how your team will fare. If you have any of the above classes not doing what their class is supposed to do, your team will suffer.

Call of Duty is much different. Instead of relying on teammates help, the game is much more of a lone wolf type FPS. Rather than using teamwork to achieve objectives it usually ends up as a 1v1. The only time real teamwork is applied is when your either in a good lobby and teammates are providing vocal information or if your in a party and your more comfortable with your team. CoD provides a fast paced action packed, run and gun FPS - which a lot of people like. But there are some that would rather go the traditional/realistic route.

I will update this as time progresses... need to take a break from PC.

Do people just scroll through forums...

Do people just scroll through the forums on here looking for something that they can report to the moderators? I got moderated, 3rd time in less than a month, for "disruptive posting" for saying, and I quote, "/thread". After a long argument in SW about X360 and PS3, a PS3 owner pointed out a lot of things and I had nothing to say so I said, kudos you win, blah blah blah, then I made another post after that said, "/thread". People do it all the time, wtf. Moderators are getting way too RMB happy lately. Very annoying.