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Level 27

Ok, I just noticed what Level 27 is here on GameSpot... it's my favourite Gundam, Sheng Long!

So now I'm gonna try and get to Level 27 and stay there! :D

PSU consumes your life!

Phantasy Star Universe, on the PC/PS2 and Xbox 360...

Now, I played the originals on the Dreamcast and Gamcube to death (about 1500-2000 hours), and now that this sequel has come out, it's happening again!

All my spare time is now disappearing into it! I just love it too much!

Phantasy Star Universe Open Beta Test!

For those with an Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Gold are in for a treat! From Oct 11th to Oct 18th, Sega and Sonic Team are releasing an Open Beta Test version of their game! The download will be availible on the XBL Marketplace on Oct 11th-12th only, and will be playable till the 18th!

For more info, go to or

EDIT: the beta was pushed back to release on the 14th, and was scheduled to end on the 18th. But Xbox Live was down for maintence on the 17th for 24 hours, so the beta period has be extended to the 21st now, but only if you downloaded it on the 14th or 15th.

Everything sorted now!

Right, now that nightmare has ended, I'm finally back at uni with a working internet connection! :D

So I should be around again now! 8)

Sorry I haven't been around...

I've been so busy with loads of really important stuff, I haven't had any time to do anything. What with sorting out driving test, university course, accomodation, holiday, 4v4 team, seeing friends, and banking details! phew!

By the end of September, it should all be sorted!:)

Back from holiday now

If you missed me, I'm back. :D8)
If you didn't, I'm back. :?:wink:
If you enjoyed my absence, I'M BACK! :twisted::P:lol:

Cya around everyone!:)

Game collection

I think I'm one of the few people that has bothered to enter their entire games collection on GS, thus my emblems!:P You should try it, there are some cool little features, like estimate worth, sort by platform, and most popular system...
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