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Please Use Revolving Door

There is a sign that states the above at the entrance to the EC building at Mount Royal College. I do not like this sign. I detest this sign. If I were having a pirate themed birthday party, I would invite everyone in my class except for that sign. I would enjoy seeing it cry. And to add insult to injury, they put this sign in front of a regular door, so that every time I try to enter EC, I have to walk around the **** A bit off topic, but if you go to Mount Royal, I highly recommend the EC building for a quiet place to chill. No one seems to know about this place, so there's always a free table and a couple cute girls to look at when you get sick of math. There might be cute guys as well, but I can't tell. Did that piss anyone else off when you're reading Harry Potter and he's all like 'Sirius is so handsome blah blah blah' and you're just like 'Ok, stop macking on your Godfather. Voldemort isn't going to kill himself for Christ's sake.'

Ok, back to the sign. I hate that sign. Well, not necessarily the sign itself, which is sturdily built and conveys it's message in a crisp, clear large point, easily readable font. My personal vendetta is against the message conveyed on said sign. It is in my expert opinion that the revolving doors on campus are evil. Why, you ask, do I have such a hate on for these circular contraptions? Come along folks, on a journey back in time.

It is September 2007, the leaves are slowing browning and a young Scott Adair is eagerly awaiting his first ever college lecture. Typing in third person sucks, so I'm going to stop it right there. So there I am, squinting to read my schedule that I hastily jotted on the back of my hand when I see it: The revolving door to the main building. I think to myself 'Heck, I'll try anything once' and I join the queue. I get excited as I realize it is now my turn to plunge into this unknown world. Immediately upon entry, I know something is wrong. Time slows down and I realize that I inside this small area of space with another person: A guy no less. My heart pounds and my breathing slows. I shuffle my feet to avoid touching this man as well as to avoid getting hit in the ass with the door. I end up doing both. The door behind nudges me forward, I recoil and immediately hit the guy's ass with my binder. The only redeeming part of this is that the guy did not turn around, for which I am immensely grateful. Needless to say, I got right the heck out of there.

That's not all folks. On the exact same day, right after my **** I meet the same revolving door. **** is the first thing that springs to my head. I'm not letting this thing win. There was no queue this time. Double checking for people ahead of me, I thrust myself bravely into the door's darkest reaches. Halfway through my journey, I had a single thought: Hmm, not so tough now are ya door? The door heard me. I realized only too late that the door is not automatic. The door stopped moving. I didn't. My head bounced against the glass ahead of me with a resounding crack. Thwarted by the same door twice in the same day, I ran for it.

Now you know why I hate that sign.

The college experience

Kicks ass.

Honestly, I've never loved school more. I've met so many new people and the girls there are unbelevably hawt. Seriously, 2 hotties for every 1 ugo. I guess that's the plus for going to the party school in Calgary.

Magtheridon is tough. Srsly

Bioshock is easy. srsly

The halo 3 slurpee cup is half the size and double the price of the size I normally get. Fail.

I stopped eating fast food all together. Except Subway and Opa.

Try to see it my way

We can work it out.





The ring of fire

Or at least, 3 quarters of a ring of fire. The tallest of my gen next gen consoles decided that it would be happier in the next life just as I arrived home from work to watch the second season of House. Predictably, I was not a happy camper. I was fortunate enough that I had another month on my warranty, and the relatively accent-free tech support gentleman will send the replacement box in the upcoming weeks.

To quote one of the greatest singers of all time:

 'Another one did indeed bite the dust'

Be an influence in Thr33's life!

Alright ladys and gents, the time has come for me to pick my future. I've basically narrowed it down to a few things. I'm thinking of heading to the U of C this year and taking either Management Information Systems, or Computer Science or both.

Also, I could take a year off and work in Europe or elsewhere.

Still, I've thought about joining some part of the Canadian forces. I've always been interested in being in the air force.

So many choices, so little time. Can anyone give me a bit of insight on any of the above stated?

Women, more dangerous than drugs

All thoughout my life, people have told me that drugs and alcohol will ruin my life. If I even look at them, I will instantly fail every course and I will end up a homeless man living in a box in the corner of downtown. Recently, I have descovered something more common and hurtful to studys: Beautiful woman. Or rather, a single woman in my english class. Instead of caring what Shakespeare has to say on things that no longer I matter, I can't help but stare at her and notice every last detail of her.

Also, I've been signed up for this site for over four years. srsly wtf?

If you're disappointed so far with this entry, I leave you with this:

Halka, Cleak and the Corrupted pose for the camera

My previous entry was worded so badly, even I can't believe it. My warrior is at a standstill as far as raid progression goes, and thus I play my mage whom has made all the BWL progression.

Vael is such an easy fight when you get the hang of it. All you need is compentent tanks and a bit of luck. Anywho, the pictures.


Vael down like a clown

Finally! My warrior is at a standstill right now and is boring to play, but who cares when you actually make progress in BWL? Woo!

A $600 WoW cure

Grats to Thr22 on:

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[XBL of Woo]

My gamertag is Kisar, hit me up for some GRAW or Halo 2 action!