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Change is coming! Time to say goodbye to the old Gamespot with screenshots of

^contuning of the thread topic

me taking back of the epic moments on my journey on Gamespot.


Since Gamespot will have a totally new webpage, in this blog I will share and talk to anything I did on last year and explain the awesomness that I will miss forever.


The old Fuse that I will miss the most once it will be gone or maybe.


I will really miss the Fuse website. One thing I will have to say on what I think on Fuse is Amazing, and fun to chat with friends.Joined on Fuse back in last year of 2012. But with countless of "Boink!" which is currently still "Boink!" right now which is sucks, where it usually started happening last summer and this year in some occaisons. But, without the bugs it was sure fun to be on there. And I like to say thanks on the number I followed in Fuse especially Perfix6j the most activest user I ever saw. You are awesome. Here's some highlights on Fuse. R.I.P Fuse. You sure are awesome, buddy.:cry::(


Most active Fusers:

Didn't maked the list when the Fuse was about to die, but I was on the list before back in maybe June I was in there during the Perfix era. Great stuff.


One of my status that I just posted on Fuse back at last year. That was when I turned into an ulqurria fan head and loves tacos. Remember the quote, and join Hueco Mundo today! Haha!:D



Back at 8/24/13 the day I finally found the ps4 man kicking everyone's ass of all companies that will suck in the future including XOne. :P Wonder if this will be true, but I won't able to buy ps4 because I want to play more games on the ps3 that I missed. Funny gif haha.


I think that was it for my most favorite Fuse moments if I remember anything. Except some anime statues, and something more. Will miss you Fuse.


2. My own old profile of Gamespot.


Now I don't know if GS will changed the layout of this completly,  but if it does than I will miss the awesome profile whille ignoring what I said, "Welcome to my sucky profile."where it should say,"Welcome to my epic profile." :PVery organiced profile layout with full of emblems that I completly shocked on how to earn the emblems when I first joined in GS.Maybe the new profile may be better I think, but I may remember the layout the least because the unions ain't that active last year.(haven't saw it yet.) Here is some moments that I will may miss.


Back at blog 18,(man my blogs look really suck back than.) that's when I first write cartoon tv shows seasons of Aqua Teen Hunger Force which is kinda intresting on writing on each seasons on diffrent shows. But than I got lazy on keep on wrting reviews every weekday and lost my mojo on writing it. Scratch that idea down, but it was fun back when I did that.


I think that's it on everything I just mentioned. Really going to miss the old awesome layout of GS(except the forums on Fourms which is quite boring.) Bye bye ):


Now on the new layout direction of GS is doing. I don't know what to suspect on what it will look like since I haven't saw it before, but I will not going to enjoy that much of the new stuff that they will do. Because the strikes warrnings on the comments. I think it is way too strict for me, and it should maybe have users get two or maybe three chances depending on how they acting. Isn't make any fair on just getting one strike with something they said which I forgot right now. Also, again I not sure if I think is true, but I think now Fuse will not make it public just you and your updates I think> Or what? Which is really bad too. And, I ain't going to be active that much on when the date of the new GS starts.Except that I check on some Gamespot's new reviews. So like I said in some previous blogs bye Gamespot I will miss you bye!:(


Here's some quick facts on when I went on Gamespot.

  • I first went into Gamespot back at 2009 or maybe 2011 I think?
  • Alex Narvardo is my most favorite reviewer. Including that football dude who recently reviewed madden 25 and ncaa 14 named Tom which is now my new favorite review.

You can chat to me on these stuff:

PSN Superstarmaste1r



Annilist deciding on the name

Youtube Cheapshack Chap

One last gif saying goodbye

Some new updates with some old updates yada blog with a special too

Old:Last time in my blog, I said that I may leave Gamespot, but now I may still be here depending if I miss this website or feeling bored and need to check reviews on any games.

Oh! Almost forgot. Since I see people mentiong people thier thoughts on saying goodbye, now must of say it before they say bye.


@-Saigo- When I first see you last year, I thought you will be mean to me, but as I going through more of your posts, you seem to be quite nice. Even though we not talkked through a whole lot, I will missed you and hope you do well.


@2ndWonder If I remember you, you are quite a good buddy since I first saw you as an anime fan. You are a awesome guy.


@armin0jrpg I saw your posts quite a lot latly on Fuse, and you are a great guy to hang with. Haven't chatted to you before I think, but hope you will do well and stay safe.


@FuryX-4 one word to you is cool. I totally remember you when I saw your avatar as a orange girl. You seem to be funny and fun. You're so awesome. (:


@Gelugon_baat I totally remember you commenting my first blog by "Cod sucks" or something and I still remember it :lol: You are quite talkative and like seeing your posts every time when I was fiirst about to sign into this site. Although, we haven't talked more that much, but hope you do well and keep on doing the same thing you're doing right now and have a good day.


@GunBladeHero I remember you, but not sure if we talked more or not. You are really a cool guy. Hope you do well.


@josephl64 If you still here, than I will say you are the  awesomest  person ever. I remember the great moments when every time I see your blogs about your updates of anime and other stuff every time. Very fun person. And, hope I will see you again on MAL. You are great. :D


@Sexyweapons Oh man in 2012 when I first saw you every day, you are so entertaining at Fuse. You are actully a funny guy. I remember this one moment about something you maked that leads me to like you,  but I can't think of the name was it. Though since you change the new avatar to a pony, I don't really likeit that much. But, that dosen't mean I hate you or anything. Hope you're doing well and if you still here or not hope I will see you next time.




I don't quite remember you that well or either chated to you before, but your posts in Fuse are really good. And, if it is true that I love you beat the man who is constantly be active on Fuse every month. You are a hero for that one XD.:lol::P Hope you do well and see you again soon.


@ps2fatboy I remember you that you posted a review of your kids of Rayman one time, and it was nice. Hope you still making reviews and will able to see more one day. Keep doing the way right now.


@Rizelea If this is you I remember, than I will say is a great anime fan. You blogs of anime are quite nice to read when I feel like checking someone's blog sometime. Hope we talk more and got MAL or Hummingbird(anime website) just talking anime lol. Hope you are doing well.


@RiKanKiDD One word DAT GIF! Avtive on Fuse( I want to beat you on the active spot man. :() Hope you be doing great and still domiate the active spot one day.


@pspman1997 The first user that I saw your avatar than anyone else. Cool person.


@Sefrix Oh man, you too are the awesome fox around. Your posts are entertaining, real, and fun. Hope you and your wife are doing well and still going.


@Spinnerweb I don't really remember if we have some epic moments like chating to me, but I know that you have MAL which is great. :D Hope you doing good and talk to me more.


@soulless4now Just like others who have MAL that you are the only person that mentions the site, and is still using it right now. Thanks for telling me about it. And I saw your anime taste with naruto. Your's is cool. Though, you haven't talk yet since like last year I rhink in that site. Hope I see you around still using the site, and chat to me more. Hope you have a great day.


@The_Last_Ride  1 Active user on Fuse  yet? Anyway, you are a cool person in town man. Haven't talked before, but your pposts are cool to read. Hope I will see you one day once this site gets updated, and will still able to be here on Fuse before it gets installed.


@WCAR18 Oh man, your post your posts on fuse LOL :lol: You are my favorite user. Like when you get mad whille being a cat even I hate cats. Hope you be safe and still be haliours.


Any people that I haven;t mentioned is still great. Even all of you is nice and I think there ain't not one that is actully mean to be honest. Hope your life is well and will able to remember me with this blog right here. (: 

Also, I just created my PSN username to Superstarmaster. Though, I got to test to see if the internet works for the ps3. If it works than hope I will see you on there. (:

New: My brother just baught Gta V last midnight for us playing it. After through the first 10-15 minutes of playing it, I was quite rusty on playing it because it is so long that I last played Gta lol. Maybe it is the ps3 controlls that is messing me up.(yes I was using the ps3 controlls.:P) And, the game looks really realistic and now better than gta IV controlls. Wonder if I will see CJ one day never know. ;) But, after 10-15minutes I stoped on playing it because my brother wants to play through. Hope I will play more of the game since I am really curious. 


Other updates: On Amazon, I Just baught two albums called

Great album. Will really recomend you to listen for rap fans or just like really good lyrics.


Pretty great album. The songs are nice too. Really can't wait until it releases. 


Last update: 

Amazon just got this dvd, and this is my plan to buy list of anime once the price goes down. I already watched this and it was a very great show. Watched it back at 2012 before the hype ever came this year. Loved the characters, and everything about this is so perfect. 10/10


Bye yall and hope you have yourselves a great day. Here's a gif

 My former personalty before changed into this

): and now this

 right here with the hat. :D

Um, guess this is a goodbye I guess maybe? 0_o

Just read that they will remove all the stuff they will get rid off.Don't know when the day it will remove,but my reaction was :o:cry: damn, why they have to remove all this stuff? Just WHY? If this is true than I will say that I will miss you guys with the blogs I used to make every day with mine reviews I did last year, random topics I talked about, and most of all able to comment on your blogs. If you still want to chat with me you can say hi to me at, and Also, I got a youtube account called Cheapshock Chap(dumb name I know) if you want to message me and stuff on there, though I may not message since I stil new to the whole account thing and perfer just watching, and comment on videos. So this is goodbye see yall people. Yall make me have fun in this site, and the reviews and stuff, though I will still be here just for Gamespot reviewing games, and may pop in forums sometime around. Also, shout out to the admins in this site you did a great job, and hope you keep doing it.So, like I said Bye people, and see ya around next time.


But, before this is mine last blog, I just want to mention this game I will play and that is GtaV.

Man, I can't wait to play this game when it comes out. I preorder the game with my Gamestop card for my first time, and hope it still delever the game because the card just expired back in last month.Also, I will make my account on PS3 if I think about what my username will be so if anyone have any names put doen in here. If I like the name, I will use it. Also, if you have the PSN account, post it around here so I may remember your name on here.


Again, see you everyone till we met again.;):cool:

Just got back in GS

Man! it's been whille since i returned. Remember me? probably not as you can tell.

The games seems to be failing that it will not be intersting. Only the game that is not failing is gta V.

The blogs i been made recently are embarrsing and funny i made into it.

Same fourm layout i can see.

And the site quite improved a little. No more slow loading times.

Recently i been went into myanimelist in months. Quite fun in there. But now i got banned in there and it's a b*tch that i got that. When if i not banned (hopefully) then i will come there again. Might stay gamespot for a while until i not banned in that site. Still a fun website in here.

Death note review

Story 9/10

The story is about Light who is 17 years old. He is a honor roll student at school. At outside of school, he saw a notebookand picked up it. The notebook has its rules. If you wrotte a name on the book, then the person shall die. After that, he meets this creeper called Ryuk.

The story is great. It makes you entertained quite a whille. But sometimes the story isn't good. In the later episodes.

Animation 10/10

Great animation. The camera work is impressive. Art on the characters is great.


***** 5 stars

Light Yagomi Great personatily. He makes you like or hate him. Crazy guy and smart.

L ***** 5 stars

My favorite character from Death note. He also smart. He is funny in some episodes.

Ruyk ***** stars

Great character. He is the shinigamai.

As the other characters they are perfect. But i don't like some of the characters Rating 9.5/10

Sound 9/10 The ost of Death note are actully pretty good. But in the second begining i really hate it.

Conclusion Great anime to see. Totally recomended.

Positive Good storyline Awesome art Great art Terific charaters

Negivte Sometimes the storyline is bad.

Final rating 9/10

Blog 35 games update wish list and anime


I trade three games Nba 2k12 psp, Tournament of legends wii, and nba 09 the inside. They was giveing $9.07 but i choose to not do it.Stupid Gamestop for the trading system. >.< But i baught

And with a cd.



I on episode 22. So far the seires is great. And i need to finish bleach. I on episode 290.

Wish list

I really need to buy this dvd. Great seires.

Blog stuff

Well i haven't do much on gaming because i manly watching anime all day.

And i sorry i delaying of reviewing movies. i will be doing the reciew maybe today.

I finished watching Clannad and after story. Awesome anime.

New anime to watch

I heard this anime will be sad. But i will watch it later.

And i need to finished watching Bleach. I curently on episode 290.

What i looking foward in E3

I can't wait to see Wiiu will have. What they have in wiiu games. What i buying is Darksiders 2, Gta V(hoping they will bring it to the wiiu), And Batman seqaul.

Also is the psvita price change like in $200 or $230. And games they have.

What games you can't wait to see at E3?

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