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The differences are Lag, The ability to appear offline, Party chat Up to 8 person can chat no matter what game there on, on the 360. Headsets, everyone has one on 360. The voice chat itself in game or out of game is crystal clear on 360, while on PS3 it sounds distorted like the Burger King drive through guy. The people themselves, On every game there are more overall people on the 360 versions of the games. MW2 on 360 tonight was 1.1 million, then I checked the PS3 version and it's 111k. Games like Halo 3 still have 500k daily on it, while games like Killzone 2 have less then 10k on them now. So online games tend to last a lot longer on Xbox 360 then the PS3. The friend interface is also much easier to use on the XBox 360, you can mute people permanently by there gamertags, even while in a game. You can join in on your friends games as well. Satellite Radio, Facebook, Avatars, Classic game rooms for you and your friends, Better selection of arcade titles. Netflix without a disk to start it up. Custom sound tracks on every XBox 360 game. Updates that actually do things, a way to report cheaters and get them banned. A way to report people with inappropriate content as there gamertag or in there profiles. An avoidance system as well, so if you avoid someone online, it makes it so you wont get matched up against them again. Zune HD, streaming HD movies at 1080p If your into online gaming, Like Gamebattles, THe Xbox 360 has the most competition, over 45 thousand teams for Modern Warfare 2, compared to under 3 thousand teams for the PS3. Every multiplatform game is like that. Less then 500 teams for BFBC2 on PS3 there and over 3000 for the 360 version. I'm sure there is more thing's that I am forgetting, One big thing for me is install rate in the United States. There is around 24 million Xbox 360's sold in the USA compared to less then 12 million PS3's. So you get matches with Americans. You do indeed get what you pay for. $3 a month is well worth it, XBL get's exclusive content like the GTA4 add ons and timed exclusives like the MW2 map packs first.