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I see changes

There are 2 OT forums now. Guess I should stroll through a little more often. Also been a year and 3 months since I last posted a blog and over a month since my last forum post. They can put dirt on me, but I'm not dead.

Level 52

Whoa dude. I still go to this place. Enough to gain a level even. Hello to those that still visit this graveyard of a profile.

Level 50

Yep, that took forever. If I had kept at it like I had and not dropped off I could be level 58 at least. (Judging from the fact 2ndwonder passed me in the upper 40s and he's 56 now. >_>) (And dropped a couple levels from mods. >________>)

Anyway that's fine. I have actually started to be here more, but just in Decker's UCB mostly. OT is pretty tough going these days, I try to show up in the regular forum and RC there, but like I said it's tough these days. >__> So that's pretty much it, glad you people still read this. :)

Level 49

I like level 48, it doesn't take long at all. I fear this one though, since I start at 0% which is never a good sign. Oh, and I'm trying to stop being so lazy on this site. Well, that be all.

Level 48

Level 47 goes a lot faster than all the ones before it. I think this one's pretty quick too. So hooray for gaining levels.

60,000 posts

Indeed. I have slithered my way into the 60k range. From 50k-60k was probably the longest I've spent at one decade number pre 10k included. I'm just a bum these days.

I did make a party in the off topic though, if you'd like to stop by of course.