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The_OmegaHunter Blog

2009 games

Some 2009 games i am looking forward to...

-Pokemon Platinum (DS)

-Phantasy Star Online (DS)

-Avalon Code (DS)

-The Conduit (Wii)

Also heres a few awesome youtube videos...

^ Awesome, funny, and almost sad. Its the mario kart love song whoo-hoo!!

^ The official transformers 2: revenge of the fallen trailer whoo-hoo!!

Hope you enjoyed this blog see ya around GS! 8)


Im home!

Well i had a great trip to mexico but its good to be home. the 6 hour plane rides were super boring but at least i had a book to read. well its back to school again, its second semester now so im starting new classes which is kind of exciting.

PS- i got a just noticeable tan and no sunburns yay!


Going to Mexico!

This will be my first vacation out of canada! so i wont be on gamespot for the next week. when i get back im gonna have so much catching up to do :(, but oh well. i finished my last mid-term today at school. it was easy and i didnt even study ;). i told my mom she had nothing to worry about. well im leaving soon so the next time i see you guys i might have a tan lol! (But i doubt it)

~ The_OmegaHunter

Windows music

Sorry for not posting a blog in awhile, but with new games and shcool ive been very busy. Anyway ive been hanging out on youtube for a bit watching funny videos. i dont know how to post a video so here are the links...

This one is music made just from sounds off of windows Xp and 98. More awsome than funny though. 8)

This one is two guys playing ping pong its really funny!

Heres another funny one. :lol:

Hope you enjoy them!


Happy new year!!!

Okay so in about eight hour or something its gonna be 2009! Sooo what are your new year resolutions? here are mine...

-Get better marks

-buy more nintendo stuff

-get my learners

-get a job

Hmmm thats about all. Ya-know the usual. ;)


I love this time of year! Besides the weather...

This is probably my favorite time of the year besides summer. No school or homework, nothing to do but spend all day playing wii and watching christmas specials (although i've watched enough specials to last me 5 years!) But school is on the horizon and i know that this awesome holiday cant last forever. :( But im gonna take full advantage of this holiday and sleep, play wii, goof off, and bug my sister more than ever before!!!

Merry christmas and may it be the best christmas ever!!


New Sig!

As well as the banner and avatar STMT have made for me, they've also made me a sig! The thanks goes to roll450 who made me the sig. remember, if you need a sig, avatar, banner, or tag just ask the folks down at the STMT Union and they will make it for you!

Ps- I havent posted a blog in a while because I've either been hanging out at the STMT Union or ive been learning how to make my own banners, and sigs using Gimp. Gimp is a free program thats just like Photoshop with a few changes. you can download it at


New banner and avatar!

You may have noticed my new sly copper banner. Also i've got a new avatar made, but havent been able to get it up yet, it should be up soon. They were both made by the STMT Union (Sig and Tag making Team.) They do great work down at the STMT Union and if need you want a new Tag, Banner, Sig, or avatar they'll make it for you! ThaT-Masta made the banner and wiimadness69 made the avatar so the credits theirs. Great work guys! :)


My problems with Nintendo Wi-Fi...

I'm starting to wonder if its even worth the trouble. I was so excited when i finally got the Wi-Fi connecter but after hours and hours of looking up error codes, fixing problems, and reinstalling the Wi-Fi program. I'm seriously frustrated...*sigh* looks like i wont be going on Wi-Fi for awhile, besides the Ds. The Ds works but the Wii does'nt, and i'm even having some problems with a few of my Ds games. What am i doing wrong. :question:

Me and C3P0: It seem like were made to suffer. :(


Urrrggg! I hate winter...

Man i really hate winter. It's freezing out side and the gloomy weather makes me sad. :( On the other hand Winter has the best holiday, Christmas!!! Also its fun to go skiing and have snow ball fights. Hmmm so it kind of balances winter out. Summer is still the best season though.

SUMMER OWNS!!! ~The_OmegaHunter

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