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Sony vs. The World

I just read the news about Sony's "victory" against the main hacker that broke the PS3… well… sorry to say it but the code is out, no matter what they do… I don't remember Sony being such a whinny brat about the modchip for the PS2 that allowed anyone with internet to download the ps2 games for free and recorded them on DVD's….

Their "Premium" console is not so premium anymore, to me it never was… don't get me wrong I own a PS3, I still play my PS2, and I have a xbox360, I love games, I am a gamer, I cannot live with one console. (Yes, I own the Wii too but don't tell anyone)

The most expensive blu-ray player ever is getting some heat… the funny thing is that there are great games on the PS3, really great games, but as always, Hacking stuff for the Hackers is fun, they live for that and the broke the PS3, Sony should be more concerned about make security for the games and so people cannot play with mod PS3 against the guys that didn't mod theirs. And some kind of a "punishment" like not being able to update or something, I agree that if you bought the console you can do anything with it, except that, if you mod it to have a better OS or something like that is fine, but to play pirated games is wrong.

Like I have said in other posts, Microsoft is not worried about that, I have seen thousands of moded xbox's while playing online, the whole idea of Sony that the PS3 is the "Premium" console is going to kill them at the end, the only Premium about any console is that WE, "the gamers" choose it to play with, that is the honor and the Premium status.

This will go on and on and on… every time there is a new console out there it will be a matter of time until some kid brakes it, that is a truth, one kid in a garage with nothing to do will outsmart an army of programmers for hire at Sony's HQ.

It makes me laugh that people say at the forums "I stand by Sony's side"… that is ludicrous, all of the companies will sell us (The Gamers) out for profit, that is why they thank so much about "causal gamers" as the big market. I stand for the Gamers that make the industry and without us there will be no industry, instead of getting upset about a kid braking the source code of the console Sony should be thinking about giving the gamers what the deserve, Amazing Games with substance, better peripherals (not like that crappy and pathetic rip off they called "PS MOVE") when they do that they will realize that it doesn't matter if a kid brakes their source code, because they will know that the gamers stand by their side and will not betrayal the brand for some bucks, until that… keep it up.

In Memory of Noble Team

I just finish the campaign on Heroic and working on Legendary… on my own… and it feels great and frustrating at the same time. But what I want to discuss with you guys is Noble Team, the way they died and what happened to Jun and Dr. Catherine Helsay. I love the team, all of them.

Jorge died with a bang, took thousands of enemies, to protect Reach.

Kat… well that is what I hated the most, shot by a sniper out of nowhere; it was like "WTF?" I know that it was war but… I could have deal with it more if they were ambushed or something but one shot and she was gone and after that no more enemy fire… I don't get it…

Carter saved you and Emilie and took down a Scarab… with a pelican!!!

Emile died covering you sorry ass and took and elite in a final effort, which was awesome.

Noble Six, well you fought to the end, took down many, delivered Cortana to Captain Keyes, gave mankind a chance.

This is an Epic game, I totally loved it, and even more than the original Halo, for me is the best in the series. The team sacrificed themselves... except for Kat she was killed in the most pathetic way and totally uncalled for...

I hated that they did not said what happened to Jun and the Doc, as far as i know the escaped reach with another spartan team into a forerunner world, i think that this will be explained in the next game where we will learn the final fate of John 117... if there is ever a next game that is.