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Writing is Hard

Yep, it's this again. Another blog based on my long running struggle with writing, something that used to come to me so easily. In recent weeks, it's just gotten worse though, as you may have noticed based on the total lack of updates on The Mind of Game as well as this blog here. Well...writing is hard. It takes so much motivation these days just to get up the urge to start typing anything or pick up a pen and write something...anything. Hell, even writing this felt much more like a chore than it should have.

I'm not fishing for sympathy here. This is something i'm writing just for the sake of writing. Something that I can focus on and write in stream of consciousness instead of sitting around and waiting for the inspiration to write something that may not come. it is. A product of no planning and a heap of frustration. Heh...frustration...something I've been dealing with a lot lately. So that's it. Maybe I'll feel like writing more later. I hate writing these kinds of posts but I figure it's better to write something I don't care much for than nothing at all.