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Getting Over

Well, I've had a revelation of sorts about various aspects of my personality and the way I live my life. I wrote a bit about it as a way to vent some frustrations in a blog post, which you can find here and I won't be posting on this blog because it contains some...language...that is above this site's "PG" allowance. Because I don't really want this to be exposed to the general public (at least people who don't read my GS Blog), I've locked it down with a password, which can be found in the comments section.

Enjoy! (I guess) :)

PS: I also wrote a review of the recently released Mass Effect 2: The Arrival DLC which you can check out here on GameSpot and here on The Mind of Game. Be warned, however, as I don't make any attempts to cover up any spoilers. You have been warned.