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New Review! (GTA San Andreas)

I just finished reviewing GTA San Andreas and the review has been posted. The next review I plan on doing is...ummm....let me get back to you on that. The important thing is my GTA San Andreas review is up. let me know what you think.

So yesterday was 666...

Looks like we're all still here. What a surprise. :roll:

Some overly superstitious types thought that the world was going to come to an end and all hell was going to break loose.

I don't know why those people were getting so worked up over it. When you think about it, the worry was unjustified.

There have been numerous 6/6/06's throughout history.

June 6th 1906,

June 6th 1806,

June 6th 1706 and so on...

What made yesterday so special? Absolutely nothing. All that worry was completely unjustified (for those who actually believed something was going to happen).

Well, to be fair, about a week ago, I did have a dream about the apocalypse...

Reviews Update

I'm currently working on a few reviews at the moment and they should be posted soon. I'm trying to review some of my older games before moving on to some newer ones. I've wanted to review GTA San Andreas and Halo 2 for a while now, so I'm going to get to those first. It's going to be a while on both of those, I want to write a really in depth and quality review.

I'm also planning on writing a review on a couple of my DS games (Super Mario 64 DS and Animal Crossing Wild World) and may be a PSP game or two, I haven't decided.

That's it for now, I'll be back soon with a couple of reviews.

P.S.: I just made level 20. Yay for me! :D

The "Casual" issue.

I see a lot of people here and other places downplaying games because it is so called "casual". In particular, the Halo and GTA series's have often been classified as "casual".

Being called casual is one of the biggest insults you can say about a game these days. If a game is called casual, then it means that it's a type of game that "Hardcore" gamers would never be caught playing. Ever.

What makes a game casual? Based on what I've seen, sales. If a game sells well (and I mean incredibly well) then it's automatically assumed to be casual. There are two schools of thought on this subject. I'll just call them Casual A and Casual B 

(Casual A) In some cases, that description is well deserved. Some games that sell well are complete and utter crap that Hardcore gamers (and anyone else) should steer away from. Case in point. 50 Cent: Bulletproof.

(Casual B) In other cases, the game sells well because it's good. Pure and simple. Case in point, Gran Turismo 3. 

I think games such as Halo and Halo 2 and the GTA series are in fact good games. I don't think they should be classified under the Casual A category. They are, in fact, good games.  

That's my brief take on this issue, let me know where you stand. 

New reviews.

I have just posted some reviews that I've written for a couple of games I've played. I plan on writing many more in the coming weeks and a few new ones should be posted later this week.

Alright that's it for now.

My stance on the Next Gen consoles

I've had this blog for quite a while now and I've never used it. I think it's about time I posted something.

My thoughts on the three next gen consoles.

Xbox 360

This is my personal favorite of the three. I love FPS and last gen (PC aside) the Xbox was the place to go for them. The 360 doesn't seem to change this at all. The 360 already has a lot of great shooters already so it has already justified the $400 I paid for it. PDZ is one of the most fun online shooters I've played in a while. GRAW is the best tactical shooter I've played since Rainbow Six 3. Plus there's always COD 2.


This is the next system I will be picking up come launch day. After E3, I am more excited about the Wii then ever. Super Smash Bros Brawl looks to be an awesome launch title and is poised to be much better than its predecessor Super Smash Bros Melee. Super Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3 are next on my launch wish list. I loved Metroid Primes 1 and 2 so I can't wait for this one. I've always loved the Wii controller because it could be used similar to a light gun for FPS but after seeing E3, I know it can be used for so much more than that. I can't wait to use it for myself.

Playstation 3

The Playstation 3 is the least appealing of the three for me and it's not for the reasons everyone might think of. The absurd price isn't the main thing that turns me off to the PS3. There aren't many games on the PS3 that really interest me at the moment. MGS 4 , Heavenly Sword and Resistance are those games.  I'm not about to spend $600 for three games. In the future, after a price drop and after more interesting games show up I'll consider getting one.

It may seem like I'm a bit biased against the PS3 but that's just because I was left a bit disappointed by their showing at E3 2006. Nintendo and Microsoft both had impressive showings that eclipsed Sony's in my opinion. By all means, this was Sony's time to shine and in many ways, they failed to do that. Until I see some more impressive things coming from the PS3, I think I'll be sitting out on this one.