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Top Games of 2010: My Best of 2010

Well this is the second part of my top games of the year. The last blog followed the best none 2010 games I played, and this time its for the best of the games that were released this year. Now I am going to not do a traditional list, or give games in any order except for the best of the year. The game of the year award will be the same as my none 2010 as there were two games that I just cannot decide which is better than the other. Again this is a first for me so I am going to give my game of the year to two games. Also on the list will be some games with specific titles and awards I guess you can say. I also want to note that there are going to be two games on here that will rifle some feathers. Yes one for sure I know because there are some of you guys who absolutley detest this game, but this is just my opinion, and I actually enjoyed it enough to be on this let us commence.

Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest IX, gets my best Handheld of the year. This is just a fun little game that to me surprise had a nice marketing campaign, and got a bit more attention than one would expect. Dragon Quest IX was unique in alot of ways, in the way it included some nifty online elements and the way it added quests via online. Its very very traditional in the basic sense, and I did feel that some of the mechanics were a bit archaic(Such as having to go to church to find out your EXP and level progress) but aside from that the game won me over. One thing I will say is what really immersed me in this game are the individual stories for each of the quests in the game. Some of them are heartwarming, or even sad to say the least, and while the Dragonquest games may not have overly complex narratives, this was enough to be engaging. So Dragon Quest IX remains my game of the year on Handhelds.

The next game I might as well get out of the way. I know I have alot of unpopular opinions and this next game on the list is going to get me alot of flack, but...I am going to put it on my list anyway....


Yep Final Fantasy XIII. Yep the big game that caused a rift in the FF fanbase, but I am sorry, I enjoyed this game alot. Now I will say this ahead, its not perfect nor is it my favorite FF game(FFVI is my favorite FF Game followed by FFIX, FFVII, FFT, and than FFIV) but none the less its still a strong game. I know it was extremely Linear, but I think I understood why it had to be for the narrative. It made sense that you had to keep moving, since you were essentially fugitives. Yes I did not mind Snows Arrogance, Lightnings unsureness, Hopes whining(I felt he had a good reason to complain, considering his mother died infront of him) and even Vanille was tolerable. Sure its not the cast of FFVI, its no Edgar, Locke Sabin, or Terra, but its a good group of characters I liked. The combat system was challenging enough, and I thought the Paradigm system was just pure genius. It was a fast pace take on the ****c job system from Final Fantasies of the past, and yeah, I really liked this game. I know some of you guys did not and I am cool with that, but I actually enjoyed the 50 or so hours I put in this game since March. This game has sort of stuck with me, and I gotta say I absolutley loved the battle theme in this game. Yes I liked FFXIII, so now thats out of the way...FFXIII is my, favorite game "Everyone hated, but I liked" game of the year.


This game also divided its fanbase, and this game in question is Castlevania Lords of Shadow. I will admit, I am a huge Castlevania Fanatic, and I have been on since I started gaming in the 80s, since the original, and I highly enjoyed this game. Infact I will say I enjoyed it more than God of War, the game that many considered Lords of Shadow Copied from. Yes I will admit Lords of Shadows Combat plays alot like God of War but granted Castlevania itself was an inspiration for many of these games. To me it reinvents Castlevania in much the same way Symphony of the Night did, as that Symphony of the Night like Lords of Shadow copied a ****of game design(In this case Metroid) and set that as the standard for future games. Lords of Shadow did the same thing and while it was derided a bit more than SoTN it should be noted that at the same time, it repeated history. Lords of Shadows level design, length, and just overall tragic story line drew me in with an amazing twist ending that leads one to want to see what happens in this alternate retelling of the Castlevania Story. To me its probably one of the most over looked games of the year.

Persona 3 Portable

For best port of the year that goes to Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3. Now I was thinking of adding the remake of Lunar Silver Star Story Complete here, but I decided against it. Why? While its an excellent remake, there was one thing holding it back, It was too easy, so easy that I did not die once in the remake where as I died alot in the Playstation remake of Silver Star Story. Alright enough about that why SMT: Persona 3 Portable. Well the thing that I like about this port is that it allows you to enjoy the original story from a completely different perspective, and this fun especially if you are like me and played through FES or the original Persona 3. This gave you a whole new perspective on this already amazing game. It also had some gameplay enhancements such as the ability to control your entire party not just the main character. I also like the alternate battle themes and just over all soundtrack from Shoji Meguro who is quickly becoming one of my favorite gaming composers out there. so Persona 3 Portable is my best port of the year.

BF Bad Company II

This goes as one of my favorite shooters of the year. This is Battlefield Bad Company 2. I know such a strange jump from JRPGs and Castlevanias to a shooter. I really really enjoyed this game, and I actually think it has better MP than the Call of Duty, as that it is something MW2 was not. It was balanced, the game never felt cheap in its killed. You got killed you got killed simple as that. It never was from some cheap Grenade Launcher mechanic. Now the campaing may be a little weak this is game for the Multiplayer, and for me thats where the real value of this game lies.

Halo Reach

Ahh Halo Reach, yes I am going to go on and say simply, that this is the best Halo Game in my opinion. I like Halo, i am fan of it, and to me this is the definitive game in the series. To me one of the biggest problems Halo has had was at times some really bad Level Design, and overly repetitive stages that were not neccesary. Fortunatley with this game, it did not have that, and the level design always felt fresh and it was rather challenging at times. The story of Noble Team to me is proably one of the most heart wrenching tales in game and the final stage simple premise of survive means a whole lot more. The Multiplayer too, feels fresh and I am glad that the Load outs donot feel cheap. Each are well balanced and this game is just the better for it. Halo Reach is my shooter of the year with BFII Bad company right behind it. No I did not play Black Ops, but I will get to you when I do....

Pac Man

The simple fact that Pac Man is 20 years old, and the original game is still fun to say is a testament to brilliant game design. Simple but Challenging has always been the Pac Man Traditional. That carried over in the 2007 game Pac Man Champion Ship Edition and that truley carries over to this years Pac Man Championship Edition DX. And for that time enduring greatness that is Pacman, thats why this is my downloadable game fo the year. It is so simple, but at the same time its so engaging and just so fun. I do hope we see more of these Pacman Champion Ship Edition games....

Atelier Rorona

This is the game no one cared about but I enjoyed it award. And that game was this quirky addition to the long running Atelier series from Japan, and that was Atelier Rorona. This game had of course strange Japanese Humor and it was basically a quirky slice of life JRPG. Yep in this game you were not saving the world or anything like that. Your enemy was not some demon lord or anything. This game you were trying to work your butt off to save the alchemy shop from closure while dealing with your over sexed and lazy boss. Yes this game was strange but fun at the same time and while it may not have had the best reviews, I certainly enjoyed this game. It had a fun mixing element and you can even make pie with alchemy who would of thought...

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain, may not be my game of the year, but it goes as one of the most haunting games of this year. Now I will admit there were issues with this game such as the odd control scheme for moving characters and the sometimes uneven voice acting. However the games haunting story about four characters with their own demons and motivations out to hunt down the Origami killer. One of the biggest things with this game was a plot twist in the game that litteral betrays the player, and has you reflect on the your actions in the game and on yourself through out. SOme of your decisions in this case may haunt the player. Whether you rank it as an interactive movie or a game, whatever Heavy Rain to me is one of the most haunting games of the year.

I know this long folks but we are almost more game and than we got the best games of the year for me.

super Mario Galaxy

This is probably my runner up of the year. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is just a well made game. From the whimsical soundtrack to the engaging wonderful world as Mario you explore this game is just a pure example of flawless game design. Its not my game of the year cause it did not get me on the emotional level that the next two games did, but it did make me feel that wonder of being a kid again. To me both the original Galaxy and this game shows that Nintendo has mastered the art of taking Mario 3D, refining what they first started fourteen years ago in Super Mario 64. From the wonder of going on races to the flip stages, this game is just pure magic. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is my runner up for game of the year....its still so much fun after I completed it.

Now before I go on, a couple games I did not add on this list include, Dead Rising 2 as I am currently playing it at the moment and same with Fable 3. Now enough rambling time for the game of the year, which for me is games of the year, its not one but two lets commence...

Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is just, I donot know its just an experience to say the least. The story of John Marston is both tragic and rewarding in the same essence. First and foremost it was the world that Marston inhabited felt alive. Not only was the main quest interesting but boy could I come up with alot of stories of just the random stuff that happened in that game. Such as the first time my horse was killed by a cougar, or the guy who betrayed me and stole my horse, and than found himself a corpse. The vast landscapes to explore, finding the gang hide outs. Trying to cheat at poker or just plain win it. Than there was the main story, a story about a mans quest for redemption. I enjoyed this entire story, even the Mexico part, but particular the quiet moments at home taking care of your family and what not. Those moments made the games ending that much more impactful and this game along with the next game of the year winners have two of the best ending sequences in a game I have ever seen. Also with a interesting and fun multiplayer, and fun DLC, this game just offers everything in a nice package. Hence why its one of my games of the for the next game of the year...

Mass Effect 2

Let me say I am glad we are getting Mass Effect 3 next year. Now with that said, it is because of this game that I am very pumped for the sequel. Mass Effect 2 is a sequel that does it right, it improves for the most part everything wrong with the game and even fixes one of its major issues(The planet scanning got alot faster thanks to the patch) and offers fun DLC. But the thing about this game like Red Dead Redemption is its very human story. Commander Shepard through out the game must deal with shady individuals, and must try to get back into the world after an untimely death. All your actions from the first game are dealt with and it seems you had an effect in this massive universe. Than there is the cast of characters whom you grow close too and thus making the preparations for the suicide mission is that more important. This has one of the most intense end sequences in a game. Why? Because your decisions can either get you guys killed or save you. The end sequence not only epic is terrifying as you donot know if you did enough to survive. Again one of the best end sequences in a game, along with a fantastic world and story, this like Red Dead are my games of the year.

SUre there are not popular choices in this list, and some forgotten games but thats my top of the year. So let me know what you think thanks guys. See ya next Blog.