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The TV Blog...

Yes this is my first none gaming blog. All my blogs up to this point have been about Gaming, but like I did on my youtube channel, I would like to speak about things outside of the realm of gaming. So of course I have four tv series that I am watching at the moment, as I am a big fan of good serialized dramas. Now I am going on a limb and saying this is a good time to be a TV fan since there are some strong shows on. Now 2010 has had some fun stuff, such as Spartacus Blood and Sand, and the third season of True Blood which I enjoyed. And I cannot forget my favorite which left airwaves back in May, and that was Lost, which I know many will disagree but I felt that it had the perfect ending(I feel the same way about Seinfeld as well, that ending was perfect imo but again its not the popular opinion.). None the less, there are four series out there that I am enjoying at the moment...

Boardwalk Empire

This is my brand new favorite series. For me I am excited for the last two episodes to air in the coming weeks, but also sad as that I donot know how long I have to wait for the second season. If you have not seen this series I highly reccomend you see it as soon as you can. Though it may be hard to catch earlier episodes, its still worth watching. BoardWalk empire takes place during the 1920s during prohibitions and follows the trials and tribulations of Atlantic city at that time. The main charcter Eunuch Nucky Thompson, is the corrupt but very very powerful treasurer of Atlantic city, that lets put it his way, while he maybe treasurer, he is basically the ruler of Atlantic city and his power even extends into congress. Played brilliantly by Steve Buscemi, Nucky at first seems to be smooth talking, typical lying corrupt politician, but even at times, he uses this power for good as well as what we conisder the bad. There are several other main characters, including Jimmy Darmady, a young man who works for Nucky, and has returned from figthing in World War 1. He was a bright young man who was at one point to go to Harvard, but instead enlisted in the army. The war shattered him and its very very clear that he is suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome. He has very violent tendencies that threaten to destroy all the relationships in his life. Margaret Shroeder is the abused housewife of a drunk and gambler whom is dispatched to say the least, and she has a very complex relationship with Nucky as the series progresses. Then there is Nelson Van Alden, a federal agent that wants to bring down Nucky. Nelson while he is an agent, is surely not a good guy by anymeans. He treats his wife badly, does not beat her or anything like that but still, he is a sociopath and obesessed with Shroeder, and bends the law many many times for his own means. There also other characters such as Nuckys brother, his butler, and many many characters that are fleshed out through the series. Historical figures such as Al Capone, Arnold Rothstein, Lucky Luciano, Johnny Torio are all featured in the series, and all play vital roles. Its these complext very layered characters that get you involved in BoardWalk Empire which is my favorite new series. Its compelx characters, beautiful backdrops, and just expensive production values brings a show that not only is flashy, but complex and deep at the same time.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead the newest of the series I am talking about at the moment is pretty awesome. Now having read the comic series, I feel that the TV series is very good at expanding at characters and puting in some more interesting situations unique to the series as opposed to the comics. Now the first season is only six, but it has been renewed for a full thirteen episode long seasn, this has become a favorite of mine. The characters are complex enough to care for, and the series is very good at seting up conflicts on multiple levels. You have conflicts of survival, personal squabbles, and of course the whole situation with Zombies. I think its interesting that with both the comic and the TV series Zombies can be explored in terms of long form storytelling. I think to me that is just plain awesome as that genre has been usually relegated to either movies or standalone games or something of that sort.


Ahh yes Dexter Season 5. I am actually liking it, but not as much as I like Season 4, but aside from that its a pretty good season thus far. I like the whole storyline with the new character Lumen, who is a woman Dexter accidentally rescued from a group of murderous human trafickers. Also like the interesting relationship they have as that she is becoming Dexters pupil and he is teaching her his ways. Then there is the whole plotling with Quinn, having a relationship with Dexters siste Debra, while at the sametime he is also investigating Dexter. Now I know if you have seen Dexter the Quinn storylines sounds similiar to the Doakes storyline from Seasons1 and 2, and the Lumen storyline sounds like the Miguel Prado Storyline from Season 3. But both are different, as that in the Quinn Subplot, he is in cohoots with a corrupt cop named Liddy, and Quinn is starting to have doubts about the investigation, but LIddy is on to dexter who has no idea that some one is tracking him. Lumen, unlike Miguel Prado is not a corrupt DA using dexter as her personal assassin, but a woman who like Dexter is deeply traumatized from her experiences and has the same impulses that Dexter has. I like Season 5 and I am digging it and curiosu if there will be a Season Six....the events of the last season really changed things up for Dexter and I am excited to where it goes.

Stargate Universe

Now I am going to go on a limb, this is a guilty pleasure to me. I like this series alot, enough to follow it, but I will admit that it does have its flaws. The thing with this series it has characterse that I enjoy like Dr Rush, Eli, Colonel Young and they are pretty interesting but there are characters I donot like. There is also some shoddy writing such as sometimes ignoring the events of previous episodes, or not addressing character development till far later. Now its not as bad as Heroes got where that became just rehashes of the same plot and characters stuck in some strange incoherent loophole, its just missing minor aspects that make the writing shoddy. However characters like Nicholas Rush make this series very watchable and a guilty pleasure of mine. And so far I will admit, that Season 2 imo is far better thus far then Season 1 was. There seems to be a lot more happening this season then there was last season.

So those are my TV pics, may be not the best maybe so. Who knows its all subjective but if you are watching some thing good on TV let me know...or if you enjoy these shows or disagree let me know. Oh yea and donot forget my most anticpated series of Next year Game of Thrones based on my favorite book series is coming next year to HBO.