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The Top Games of 2010 Part1: Best None 2010 Games

It is December, it is cold for some of us and others its warm as usual. The Christmas carols are played over and over on the radio, and Holiday Deocrations are all over the place. For some of us its budgeting the expensive Christmas time, and for others its anticipating your gifts. But none the less, it also means the year is over and its time to look ahead and also reflect on the various aspects of our lives from this now dying year.

So of course for all of us we are gamers, and gaming is a part of our lives. So like any other year we look at the best or/and the worst of gaming. So for this blog I am starting the top games of 2010, and I want to start with an intersting list thats a bit different from most gaming lists to say the least. For me its the games that were not released in 2010 that I played...yep the best none 2010 games that were not on any of my other lists, because I did not play them. Now why I did not play them? Could be numerous reasons, I did not want to pay full money, lacked the console, just seemingly passed it by, but none the less there were plenty of awesome games that I played this year, that were not released. So I think for me I am going to start with the list of Best None 2010 games that I played. Now these games can come from any previous year, just not 2010....And there is no order on this list, though there are two games that stood out for me the most but I could nto choose which one of the two were the best. Those will be last....

So with that...lets begin.

Gaia Seed

Ok this is Gaia Seed. A little know Vertical Scrolling Shmup that was released back in 1996 and I had good reason to not play it. It never came over here from Japan and was brought over and released on the playstation store back in September. I donot count it as a new release though as that the version we got on PSN was a straight port of the game with no enhancements or changes. We got the original version over and thus it was released back in 1996. Now the thing about this game is its a vertical shmup but what caught my attention was the mechanics of the game, which are interings for a shmup. And as for the story, it has some engrish voice over that I barely understood, and it has something to do with a experiment, but I donot care about the story in this game. But as for the mechanics, it uses a mechanic that you donot see in shmups but you see all over the place in gaming today. That mechanic is the regenerative health mechanic that is very common in shooters. However you regenerate health rather slowly in this game, so you cannot abuse the mechanic in the least. It does not hurt the balance of the game at all.The game thouhg for the most part plays like all other shmups, you shoot lots of enemies, get powered weapons, have a specail power attack things of that natuer. Though boss battles you are timed when you fight a boss, if you should fail to kill teh boss though it escapes. Gaia seed is a unique little beast and a nice gem in the rough that I played this year.


So this is the first of several PS3 exclusives that will appear on this list. Why? Well I did not get a PS3 till February of this year. So Infamous, how I liked this game. I liked it alot and it really was quite a unique take on the Super Hero genre of game. It allowed you to be the villian or the hero your choice. And at times the game would give you good reason to go either route, that you yourself would have to fight the temptation of either choice. Infamous also had a very interesting storyline and it reflected on the choices you made in a sense. The game is also known for its plot twist which will just hit you on the head of no wheres. So for that, that is why this game is one of my favorite none 2010 games.

Valkyria Chronicles

Another PS3 game that I missed on. I am glad that I was able to pick this up for the low price of twenty bucks and to be honest, I would not have regretted buying this for Sixty dollars. To me this strategy Roleplaying game is a purely over looked gem in the PS3 library. Everything about it from mixing the traditional grid based movement of other games in the genre with real time really transferred well. Also adding a aiming mechanic to the game was flawlessly dawn. To me it felt like a different approach to a genre that has a familiar design **** But while making it different, it still was able to feel as an SRPG and to me thats just pure brilliant game design. The story itself though is just awesome. Its a wonderful coming of age Story of Welking Gunther the son of a famous general who just wants to be a teacher. You see Welkin grow up and endure alot of tragedy and hopeless situations. Also the love story between him and Alicia to me is just plain out one of the best love stories in a video game hands down. Wonderful game, and overlooked. I would of checked it out at release if I had a PS3 but again there is a reason why this is on my list.

Demons Soul

Who has not played this game? Demon souls last years game that came out of nowhere sold a ton and got rave reviews. I am glad I got this game however before I go on I must make a confession to the readers on this blog and to myself. I am breaking a rule for myself that I placed when I started to do Youtube game review vids and blogs like this. What is that Rule? To never review a game that I have not completed or place it in the Top Ten. Yes Demon souls I have not beaten, but I am placing it on here as I spent alot of time with it and I understand what its doing. Now Demon Souls falls under this category of game that well its got a very immersive experience that sucks you in, but its story is not very complex. Its up there with games like Portal, Braid, or Left4Dead where there might be little to no story or a simple story but still just sucks you in. Demon Souls does that, as you quest to lift the fog and save everything. None the less, its one of those games where there is lore that can be found and it builds the world up. Also everything about it feels so organic and so life like that it feels like it is part of the world. It feels as if you are this lone warrior in this hostile environment, and it feels hopeless but you still push through. Demons souls brilliant use of the online mechanic estabilishes this, as you see other players fall to the many demons in this world. Warnings and messages convey that there were other warriors here which there were and show that this is a world not easily survivable. The difficulty which is justifiable makes up a brutal world. Demon souls is just a purely immersive world where you can lose yourself in it.

Wing Commander

This is the only Wing Commander Game I had not beaten or played. I have played everyone, even played Prophecy which is set after this game, but for some reason never this. Much to my joy this rereleased on the PSN network back in February and much to my surprise I am glad to have gotten it. This is a franchise that I would love to see renew it self and come back in some shape or form. Now Wing Commander 3 and 4 for its time were amongst the few videogames that had good acting of any way shape or form. Thanks to notable actors like Marky Hamil and Malcom McDowell they bring the games story to life. The game also allowed you to develop relationships with characters in between missions, as to help characters out or not. Also this series had some of my favorite game characters of all time, namely maniac played by Thomas F Wilson who is known as the famous goon Biff from back to the future plays him wonderfully as a carefree arrogant wingman of Maverick. Of course some may not like the slower paced gameplay of this game, it still worth checking out due to its unique at the time gameplay mechanics.

Now Before I get to the Final Two, this is a special category for a game called Redemption of the year. Every year I play a game that Initially hated when it first came out and thus never beat it, but I play it years later and enjoy it and it becomes one of my favorties. For this year is a game that to many surprised I never beat till the beggining of the year, and yes for a long time I detested this game as its part of one of my favorite franchises. However its close to becoming one of my favorites in the that game is...

Final Fantasy X

Yep I really really hated this game. I donot know why, was it the characters or something. Maybe I just hated it when I first played it back in 2001 and I loved every Final Fantasy before that. However I decided to give the game a second chance, picked it up last march again, and then waited till the end of 2009 and played it through 2010. I donot know if its I am older, but everything about it that I remembered seemed to be false. I enjoyed the story, and even the characters(except Wakka, thats one thing that did not changed I hated him still do). I did like Tidus I did not find him to be whiny but more of a cocky jock then anything else. FFX had a great cool little battle system, and boy was that Battle Music from Uematsu awesome. I liked the switch a character mechanic as it added a level of depth and strategy to the battle mechanics. And that story was quite touching to say the least, and rather sad. The game had a rather sad feeling to say the least, as the feeling of death was all over the place. FFX is my redemption of the year and a game I will revisit again and again in the future.

Now the Final Two games, these are my two absolute favorite none 2010 games that played. I could not choose which one was the better but damn they were two games I really regretted on here they are.

Uncharted 2

Uncharted 2, yep again same reason as the other PS3, but man....damn. This game, I understand why it got so much hype. Everything about this game is just plain awesome. I know I sound like a broken record, but by no means was this game overrated or anything. I thought it would be when I went into it, but damn its just a blast. Nathan Drake himself is just a fun character and his antics and adventures sweep you into it. Uncharted 2 would have been my 2009 game of the year if I played it then(That game was for me, Assassins Creed 2) but its on this list. There is not much more I can say about it that has not been said, but I will say this. Let Uncharted 3 be revealed at the Spike Awards Saturday and this gamer will be one happy man!

The World Ends With You

To me this is like Uncharted 2 one of the best games released in the last decade or so. Yes it is a hand held game, but the amazing thing about it is that to me its unique and everything about it is just wonderful. The gameplay with its stylus based controls are just fun to play with despite some minor response issues the game has. Using different pins which you equip for your attacks and combinations are just plain cool. The Story of this game as well, wow...its a story about life and death and perhaps even what is beyond death. The story teaches us that life is something we should not waste thanks to the multilayered characterse. I think this game is also like Valkyria Chronices a coming of age story about Neku who starts as this reclusive jerk, changes into some one who instead embraces his friends and life. Its a wonderful tale for an over looked game

An honorable mention also goes to Star Ocean the First Departure as I did not beat it when it was first released, but I am playing it and enjoying at the moment. I will do an article on that game in the future.

So those are my best 2010 games, next up is some reflections on the news stories for gaming of 2010, Handheld and then overall best games of 2010. In the meant time tell me this, what are your favorite non 2010 games that you played for the first time this year and beaten?