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Gamer Horizon!

It has been a long time since I posted a blog here on Gamespot. I know there are those of you that like to follow me both here and on youtube, and I have not yet got the chance to tell you about Gamer Horizon. The new podcast, well it is only a few months old considering we started back in January, has been a great success thus far. We talk honestly and fairly about our tastes. Sure there is profanity up the wall in Gamer Horizon, but the fact of the matter is we still have intelligent conversation about gaming. Another goal of ours is to introduce new gamers to the world of core gaming. Easier said than done, but due to the negative and at times hostile gaming environment, it is hard for casual gamers to make that transition. We also want to cater to our core audience, with tastes that are unique and introduce them to games that are under the radar. But of course we still talk about mainstream games as well.

We have gotten a 3000 downloads in the month of march, and we love communicating with our audience. We read tweets and reader mail and put that in the show. I hope you guys who have followed me will follow Gamer Horizon. And be on the look out cause we have a very special guest on the show, Peter Molyneux himself will be on our podcast.

Our Website is Gamer and you can find us on Itunes.