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Drew Karpyshyns New Star War Novel Revealed.

Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ is continuing to expand beyond the core game and into novels and comics. Del Rey Books has already published two novels in the Old Republic timeline, Fatal Alliance and Deceived, and last year announced that a third Old Republic novel was to be written by Drew Karpyshyn, Principal Writer at BioWare, and author of the Darth Bane series of Star Wars™ novels.

Now the name of that novel can be revealed: Revan. As well as exploring what happened to Revan after Knights of the Old Republic, in this novel readers will learn who the Sith Emperor is in the time of the Old Republic, where he came from and how he has held onto power for so long.

Stretch! Mans elastic mouth measures 17 centimeters wide

Angolan nabs Guinness World Record for possessing widest mouth


Get ready for something truly jaw-dropping. No, seriously.

Francisco Domingo Joaquim, a 20-year-old man from Angola, has a shockingly elastic mouth. It's so stretchy, in fact, that Joaquim has earned a Guinness World Record for possessing the widest mouth on the planet.

The word "wide" almost fails to do this mouth justice. It measures 17 centimeters — 6.69 inches — across. Joaquim, also known as "Chiquinho," can fit an entire soda can in there — sideways! — with ease. Not only that, he's got enough room to spare that he can even spin the can with his tongue and quickly pop the can in and out of his mouth.

Talent-scouting Guinness World Record researchers discovered Chiquinho's special abilities and almost swooned when they had an opportunity to measure his gaping maw. Chiquinho's jaw seems to unhinge, python-like, exposing rows of straight white teeth.

Could there be life in the Kuiper Belt?


Could there be life in the Kuiper Belt?

Beyond Neptune lies the Kuiper Belt, a massive asteroid belt twenty times the size of the one between Mars and Jupiter. In this frigid, unforgiving environment, organic molecules might still survive, suggesting life's building blocks are everywhere in the universe.

The Kuiper Belt isn't just a uniform collection of icy, frozen rocks. Instead, astronomers can detect lots of different colors in the belt's bodies, including reds, whites, and blues. Thanks to a new computer model, scientists now have a pretty good idea what's creating all the reds: there are organic molecules in the Kuiper Belt, buried just beneath the surface of the various objects.

NASA physicist John Cooper is quick to point out this doesn't mean there's life in the Kuiper Belt, but the reality is almost as exciting:

"We're not saying that life is produced in the Kuiper Belt. But the basic chemistry may start there, as could also happen in similar Kuiper Belt environments elsewhere in the universe, and that is a natural path which could lead toward the chemical evolution of life."

Some of the Kuiper Belt's objects appear to be far enough away that the Sun's ions don't turn their surfaces black with radiation exposure. Instead, the ions blast the millimeter-thick top layer away to reveal the much thicker reddish second layer, which is then cooked by the cosmic radiation. This process then would transform water ice, carbon, methane, nitrogen and ammonia - all materials that would need to be on the objects to account for the reddish color, according to the computer models - into organic molecules, such as formaldehyde and ethane.

Cooper says these objects are in a sweet spot where these reactions can take place, and that it's possible even more complex reactions occur:

"If there wasn't any cooking at all, we would just see primordial ice, and the object would appear bright and white. And if there was too much radiation we would just see black crust. When you take the right mix of materials and radiate them, you can produce the most complex species of molecules. In some cases you may be able to produce the components of life - not just organic materials, but biological molecules such as amino acids."

If organic molecules really can survive in so cold and inhospitable an environment as the Kuiper Belt, then they could be pretty much anywhere in the universe - and, indeed, they probably are everywhere. For more on how the Kuiper Belt objects get their different colors, check out the original article.


Marvel: Deadpool movie script gets a B


The screenplay to the upcoming Deadpool movie leaked online yesterday, and we had a chance to read it. Good news: It's very close to the original comic book in tone and content. Bad news: it wouldn't make a great movie.

Spoilers ahead...

So the script popped up online yesterday at I Heart Chaos, although it seems to have been taken down now. We have no idea whether it's genuine or not, but it certainly appears to be the real thing. It's credited to Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, and it's a draft dated from last April — so even if this is the real thing, it's probably been rewritten since then.

As we said earlier, this is pretty close to the original comics, including all the original supporting characters, the scarred face, the costume, the katanas, and the fourth-wall-breaking. If the movie actually gets made according to this script, the legion of Deadpool fans will be in ecstasy.

At the same time, I don't know if a movie based on this script would get a mass audience. It's clearly an R-rated movie, but it's also got a sensibility that's mostly going to appeal to 14-year-old boys. In other words, it could fall into the same trap that doomed Kick-Ass. And indeed, if you've seen the spate of other recent ultra-violent, hyper-stylized comic book movies, including The Losers, Kick-Ass, RED, Wanted, etc., then you've already seen this movie, except for the Deadpool-specific stuff and some pretty demented humor. There are the bullets with things written on them, there are mid-air slowed-down gags that will require tons of CG, etc.

The script is chock full of descriptions for some incredibly complicated action sequences and individual shots — all of which are supposed to be featured in slow-mo. This would be one of those movies which, if you ran all the slow-mo stuff at normal speed, the movie would be half an hour long. The slow-mo is crucial to a lot of the film's best gags, and it's also key to Deadpool's fourth-wall-breaking, as in this one hilarious gag from the opening sequence:


DEADPOOL ****. Did I leave the stove on?

But you might find yourself getting a bit tired of slow-mo after about halfway through the film.

Like I said, the film's humor is a slightly more skewed and twisted than what you've seen in the other comic-book action-comedies that have come out lately. There's lots of meta-humor, including a ton of jokes about the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie where Ryan Reynolds played a poor excuse for Deadpool. Including this bit:



...a CLOSE-UP of a Deadpool ACTION FIGURE from 'Wolverine Origins.' Mouth sewn shut. Blades implanted into the wrists. In the exact same POSE we just saw the real Deadpool.

WADE (0.S.) A little piece of me curled up and died the day this came out.

We PULL OUT to reveal that Wade is referring NOT to the action figure, but to WHAMl'S 'Music From the Edge of Heaven' LP, which he is now holding.

He tosses the LP into a near-full TRASH CAN, right on TOP of the Deadpool action figure.

There's also a running gag where Deadpool staples a cut-out magazine photo of Hugh Jackman's face over his hideously scarred face when he goes out in public.

The Deadpool movie script gets a There are tons of running gags, some of which work really well. There's a bizarre Amy Winehouse joke that goes on and on, as Deadpool's fellow thugs bet on whether she'll die before Deadpool does, and we keep seeing flashes of Amy Winehouse almost dying in bizarre circumstances. Other gags fall kind of flat, like Deadpool and his roommate Blind Al trying to put together Ikea furniture and tripping over their Roomba vacuum cleaner. The humor is frequently obnoxious — a lot of the jokes here would be offensive to huge swathes of people who aren't teenage boys — but when it works, it's outstanding.

The film starts out with Wade already scarred, and then we flash back to how he got that way, which allows for long sections during which the audience gets to look at Ryan Reynolds being actually pretty. If you get tired of endless cutting between the present and the past, then you'll get tired of it here. But the "past" timeline has some of the film's best gags, including a bit where the handsome Wade Wilson falls in love with a hooker, Vanessa, and they screw in every possible position and on every holiday:

VANESSA What was this called again?

WADE 'Grass Stains on the Lederhosen.' Next we'll try 'The Angry Pirate.' 'The Arabian Goggles.' Maybe even 'The Tobey Maguire.'

VANESSA How long can you go on like this?!WADE (shrugs) All year?!We begin the sing-song melody of the Australian kid band phenom THE WIGGLES' 'ROCKING ON THE SEA.'

The Deadpool movie script gets a B and if this gets made as written, it'll be one of the craziest action movies ever, including lots of bits where Deadpool shoots grenades and rockets in mid-air so they explode prematurely. There's a running cameo by one of the X-Men, Colossus, that never gets old and allows for a different kind of hyperviolence. At one point, Deadpool shoots at a thug's reflection in the mirror, making the bullet ricochet and hit the real thug. It's all very video-gamey, and there's a pleasing level of ADD in the storytelling, especially in the mind-blowing first twenty minutes.

All in all, this script would be the wet dream of Deadpool fans everywhere - who probably aren't a big enough audience to make a movie a box-office hit, sadly. For people who only sorta like Deadpool, or who are tired of slow-mo and CG bullet gags, it'll be a fun movie to see with your friends, or maybe a rental.

Pokemon Writer Has Passed Away At the Age of 61



Yesterday, Pokémon writer Takeshi Shudo was rushed to the hospital after suffering a hemorrhage and collapsing at Nara Station. He has since passed away. Shudo was 61 years-old.

Shudo created TV anime Fairy Princess Minky Momo and worked on various anime through the 80s and 90s. He became the chief writer for the original Pokémon television series and went on to write the first three Pocket Monsters feature films.

脚本家の首藤剛志さんが亡くなられた。 [田原正利のプロデューサー日記 訃報 via ANN]

RIP Takeshi. I have always like the Kanto and Johto seasons as well as Mewtwo Strikes Back and Pokemon 2000. You will be missed deeply.

Mortal Kombat 2011: Jax and The Subway Confirmed on GameTrailers TV!

GameTrailers TV with Geoff Keighley has confirmed Jax as well as The Subway for the upcoming Mortal Kombat! The show premiered early Friday morning and featured the usual gameplay montage present with press events, only this one featured several minutes of gameplay with Jax.

Jax is a grapple heavy character who seems to have a large amount of grabs and throws. cl@ssic moves featured included his ground pound and a version of the gotcha grab. His X-Ray move was also showcased in which he performs a double backbreaker. Jax's win pose is most impressive as he reveals an American flag and cloaks himself in it. Appearance wise, he seems to be sporting an attire combination from MK2 and MK3, with metal arms with a machine gun strapped to his back as we saw in MK: DA. He looks much more rugged and less sleek, as he was in his debut back in MK2. Though a fatality was not shown, Ed Boon revealed that Jax had a combination of his MK2 fatalities as one, ripping off the arms of his opponent and clapping his hands to decapitate them.

The Subway is a returning stage from Mortal Kombat 3. It looks much the same as it did in its 3D appearances, but the stage fatality has been updated to feature two trains instead of one. The victim is held in front of an oncoming train as the upper body is pounded before being thrown across the arena to be hit by another oncoming train, completing the stage fatality.

Other details include less certainty about the final number of characters. Ed revealed it remains "in the 20s" but the old number of 26 may no longer be up to date, as there may end up being less or more than originally planned (he also noted the character list was, in fact, not finalized as previously reported). Once again however, he hinted at the strong presence of DLC. Ed also took the time to answer a few commonly asked questions. Tag Team fatalities are a possibility, but only if time allows for them. Mini-games were also mentioned but he did not comment on specifics.Steve Beran was also interviewed about concept design for the characters, in which a large number of concepts for Scorpion's ninja suit were shown. Finally, the cl@ssic Spine Rip fatality by Sub-Zero was also shown.

If you missed the show, it is now online at GTTV's website. Click here to watch it!