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The Land of the Rising Sun...

So I have huge news...My mom came back from her business trip and she brought along a Japanese PS2 with Kingdom Hearts 2:Final Mix+ and let me tell you it's WAAAAY better than the original one here! it has more boss battles more unlockables more keyblades (2 more) and an extra drive gauge in sora's old school clothes and a BETTER secret ending right now i'm finishing it off in proud mode and i'm finishin Chain of Memories on it two although for chain of memories it's all japanese...i don't care! and it's funny how all the words are in english yet it will never see the USA light of day! and OMG MGS 4!!!!!! and now all i have to do is wait for Birth by sleep,385/2 Days,and coded!....MGS 4!!!!!1111one!1!!!1!!!!eleven!!!


p.s.My Cow goes Rawr!