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My Top Five Brawlers!

So i finally decided on my my brawlers and i'm satisfied with the results i don't kknow how to put images so didn't...

1.Wolf - he truly is the best one in brawl his moves are hard to master though

2.Ness - he is great he looks so defensless right?...PK THUNDA!

3.Peach - I can't explain it i'm just good with her...

4.Mr.Game & Watch - he was my best player in melee and he is even better in this game except for his final smah

5.Luigi - he is WAY better than you'd assume he is i mean seriously try him and you'll see that he's been in his brothers shadow for far to long!

and that's about it if i had to shoose a 6th it would be Kirby and my 7th would be Toon Link and my Skitty evolved to a Delcatty! and Miraculasly i'm into books now! amazing right? I'm Currently reading "Stephen Colbert : I Am America (And So Can You)


p.s.I can post pictures i was just to lazy to do it...