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A Year in the Making.

I suppose I'm back now, did a lot of thinking while I was gone. New musical tastes, new everything. Guess I've changed more than I expected. The reason for my absence was.. I needed to go out, have an adventure, do things. Since I've actually accomplished what I wanted to do, I'm glad to say I'm back on G-Spot (let all the pervs 'lol' at that 1) hope things are better nowadays, last time I was here things weren't really going so good. Game-crazed Edwin is back, Hallelujah! Oh, and most importantly, I finally recognize Metallica and The Beatles as good bands. Shocking, I know.

P.S. Don't you just hate it when people make pumpkins for halloween, but don't you just hate it more when they don't even make pumpkins they buy metal 1's with light, don't you just hate it more when it's like a pumpkin with just a face drawn, don't you just hate it even MORE when they don't even draw it on a pumpkin but rather a paper? Don't you just like hate it even more when it's on a like piece of paper and it's like an essay on Ben Franklin or something and you turn it in to your teacher in the middle of July so you're all like "Nice Jack O' Lantern, stupid." (Note : it's not supposed to make sense.)