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Game Over

Please Insert Coin to Continue.....NOOOOOOOO I'm all out of coins!!!!! anyways i've decided to take some time off of gamespot to do some thinking andtake care of some unfinished business but don't worry,i'll be back in a week or two (with more coins)just have to do some things on the meanwhile i leave you guys this:





Iv'e named the blog "Overkill" because i'm beat out of all the Vacation Homework iv'e finished so i'm pretty happy aside from "The Incident"(My last blog) but an updateon how/what i'm doing is that i am currently waiting for my copy of mystery dungeon and GTA 4 which is pretty cool nothing ecxiting has really happened this week so there is nothing to report iv'e gotten over my deppresion and that's it!:)

oh and for anyone who is familiar with Chocolate Rain by Tay Zonday Here is My picture of him:arrow:19828


P.S.I Still Hate You David

P.S.S.My Mom Always Hated You Sarah Marshall!

P.S.S.S.What does "P.S." Mean

Close Your Eyes...the Worst is Through

So i kind of found the need to make a blog i'm depressed because exactly 2 weeks ago my mom got her leg operated and she can't walk for a while she will be able to in 2 weeks from today(if everything goes ok) and it's sad because she can't walk and she usually does it makes me feel sad considering how hard she works everyday. and today my little 7 year old sister got in an accident and got her leg operated and it makes me think..."every action has a reaction" because they had bought her a new bike and she got her leg stuck on the wheel and if they hadn't bought her the bike it wouldn't have happened and conciusly i feel it's partly my fault fo suggesting she should get if you bothered thanks for reading and i may not be on as often...peace


Props and a Question

ok so i really need to give thanks to arline6 for making me my banner which pretty much says my players in brawl and has my pimpish name on it to i really needed 1 so thank you arline6 and just a question...Who is getting the new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games i'm getting mine because it has online co-op or so iv'e been told by gamespot but i'm just interested in knowing who wants the game and the same goes for guitar hero on tour! oh and in case i haven't mentioned this...THANKS arline6!

P.S.I Don't Trust Birds That Fly In Formation...They're Up To Something!



Ok so I got tagged by my buddy Rammaster2 and now i have to say 5 things about myself then tag more people and they have to tag more people and so it never ends! so...Yeah!

1.My full name is Edwin Garcia and yes,I'm Mexican even though I'm in CA right now!

2.My milkshake does not,i repeat does not bring all the boys to the yard! I know,I know "stop the presses everybody" but everytime i make a milkshake i look outside and no boys!

3.I'm an extremely random person for example:2+2=Fish and Cows go Quack!...RAWR!

4.My favorite Cartoon/show is "The Boondocks" and my favorite song is "Hip-Hop Save My Life" by Lupe Fiasco

5.My favorite team is Amerca from Mexican soccer!!! America FTW!!!!

5.5.I'm from Earth

so those are my 5(.5) facts about me and now I'm going to tag SHAKR,arline6,Whitghost09,and bball_playa010 and i'll pm them!


I have a question about easter! today i was sick because i drank a soda taht expaired a month ago so i stayed home on easter and i thought about something...What does the Resurection of Jesus Christ have to do with a bunny going around hiding eggs with presents inside and i got different explinations from church,books,internet,wikipedia,and the ultimate source of evil...My little sister!so i'm not sure and i just wanted to blog this just as a question.On the bright side i found i beat SSE,CLASSIC,and All-Star on Intense...If anyone has a problem with the blog please advise me and i'll take it down!


The Reason I Bought My DS!

Well.... I had 2 gamboy advance sp's and they both got stolen from me and i decided to get a ds lite since pokemon came out for it and i already pwned in firered for gameboy so that's the reason i bought my ds in the firxt place and alot of great games were coming out for it so i decided to get it and to date iv'e only had 2 problems with my ds but both were fixed by nintendo!and i have met some great people by getting it was a great decision to think i was actually considering a psp and that's My Ds' Story! but as many of you might know this is my first real Blog so i'm not expecting anyone to read it i just want to express myself!

P.S.I Hate You David!

DS Codes

Well i need new rivals so heres hoping someone will battle me my name is Edwin in all games except for pokemon for pokemon it's Dawn

Pokemon Pearl-----------------------------4639-8482-4785

Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass-----1976-6559-3368

Tony Hawk's Proving Ground --------------2277-5044-4319

Metroid Prime Hunters----------------------2664-0788-0515

Starfox Command--------------------------191-219-795-120

Advance Wars Days of Ruin----------------000126-547700

MarioKart DS---------------------------------176221-899021

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