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ThePimpEdwin Blog

I'm Back!... Again.

As the titles says, I'm back if anyone cares, after almost another year. I'm happy to say that I'm not a devoted Sony PS3/PSP fan now. And the same goes for Rock Band. Yeah, I even bought the Green Day one. For anyone who doesn't know, Heavy Rain is the most amazing game of all time.

A Year in the Making.

I suppose I'm back now, did a lot of thinking while I was gone. New musical tastes, new everything. Guess I've changed more than I expected. The reason for my absence was.. I needed to go out, have an adventure, do things. Since I've actually accomplished what I wanted to do, I'm glad to say I'm back on G-Spot (let all the pervs 'lol' at that 1) hope things are better nowadays, last time I was here things weren't really going so good. Game-crazed Edwin is back, Hallelujah! Oh, and most importantly, I finally recognize Metallica and The Beatles as good bands. Shocking, I know.

P.S. Don't you just hate it when people make pumpkins for halloween, but don't you just hate it more when they don't even make pumpkins they buy metal 1's with light, don't you just hate it more when it's like a pumpkin with just a face drawn, don't you just hate it even MORE when they don't even draw it on a pumpkin but rather a paper? Don't you just like hate it even more when it's on a like piece of paper and it's like an essay on Ben Franklin or something and you turn it in to your teacher in the middle of July so you're all like "Nice Jack O' Lantern, stupid." (Note : it's not supposed to make sense.)

The Land of the Rising Sun...

So I have huge news...My mom came back from her business trip and she brought along a Japanese PS2 with Kingdom Hearts 2:Final Mix+ and let me tell you it's WAAAAY better than the original one here! it has more boss battles more unlockables more keyblades (2 more) and an extra drive gauge in sora's old school clothes and a BETTER secret ending right now i'm finishing it off in proud mode and i'm finishin Chain of Memories on it two although for chain of memories it's all japanese...i don't care! and it's funny how all the words are in english yet it will never see the USA light of day! and OMG MGS 4!!!!!! and now all i have to do is wait for Birth by sleep,385/2 Days,and coded!....MGS 4!!!!!1111one!1!!!1!!!!eleven!!!


p.s.My Cow goes Rawr!

My Darkrai and Me

So....did anyone else know about the Historic event that happened yesterday and today at Toy's R Us today? In case you don't know they were giving away Legit Darkrai's for free and if your a Pokemon Freak like me you should be extremely pissed right now if you didn't get it was only available yesterday and today from 12 to 4 don't beleive me? Check the pokemon website! so there we and my friend,2 teenage boys in Toy's R Us playing with DS' in front of a bunch of little kids but it was worth it! It knew Roar of Time,Spacial Rend,Hypnosis, and Nightmare and an added ribbon



p.s.My Darkrai POWNS all your darkrais...What's that? you don't have one? aahhh too soon?

No Mastur Ch33f...U R T3h ALIEN!

Guys the best movie ever in the planet has come out..."Arby 'n' The Chief : The Movie" has come out it's friigin awesome!!! and i also saw "Indiana Jones : And The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" considering this was my first indiana jones movie iv'e ever was FRIKKIN sweet! there was alot of action and comedy oh and let's not forget "SpeedRacer" OMFG! it was so cool or maybe i just really liked it because i'm a huge speed racer fan and i rented "The World Ends With You" (They rent ds games at blockbuster now!) it's one of the best games for the ds i'm barely in day 6 though here is the code for "Arby 'n' The Chief : The Movie"...

and for part 2...

it's in total only 30 mins. long so try watching it it's EPIC!!!!!


p.s."I C4N N0T P0SS1BLY W1N BUT 1 MUST TRY! *Crawling -Linkin Park starts playing*

My Top Five Brawlers!

So i finally decided on my my brawlers and i'm satisfied with the results i don't kknow how to put images so didn't...

1.Wolf - he truly is the best one in brawl his moves are hard to master though

2.Ness - he is great he looks so defensless right?...PK THUNDA!

3.Peach - I can't explain it i'm just good with her...

4.Mr.Game & Watch - he was my best player in melee and he is even better in this game except for his final smah

5.Luigi - he is WAY better than you'd assume he is i mean seriously try him and you'll see that he's been in his brothers shadow for far to long!

and that's about it if i had to shoose a 6th it would be Kirby and my 7th would be Toon Link and my Skitty evolved to a Delcatty! and Miraculasly i'm into books now! amazing right? I'm Currently reading "Stephen Colbert : I Am America (And So Can You)


p.s.I can post pictures i was just to lazy to do it...

Seriously WTF?

So according to Gamespot I have 60 Friggin PM's in my Inbox...I DO NOT HAVE 60 PM's My Union list is all messed up I have to find the Union i want to go to now...and The site is getting overrun with popups and it's Laggy WTF?

and Something i wanna get of my chest...What is it with the Question..."Are You Home Yet?" I immediatly respond "NO! i'm a ghost!" seriously My mom clearly sees my+my face and she still asks "are you home yet?" Seriosly WTF?



My Union

Well, as many of you might not know i have a union and sadly it's been dead for a while so can someone please help me revive the union it was one of the most active unions once but not anymore and i don't want to be leader of a dead was given to me by a friend who i made a promise to... :cry:

Go! SpeedRacer Go!'s been a loooooong time since iv'e heard that...good update on things my vacation is over so i won't be on as often as i used to be but i'm getting GTA4 tomorrow and i beat mystery dungeon! all i'm really waiting for now is Metal Gear Solid 4:Guns of Patriots w00t! oh my only bad news i forgot to mention...on pokemon mystery dungeon your supposed to do a personality test to see what pokemon you are right?....well i took it and i'm a...Skitty if you don't know what that is...skitty WHY POKEMON?WHY must you torture me like this...WHY!?!?!?!

-Gamespot Adict...err....Edwin



Press Start

*Presses start*.....I'M BACK!(with more coins) and i have Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:Explorers of Time and Okami!!!! and alot of things happened this/last week like the pope coming to the USA!!!! I hope everyone is having a good week like me!Oh,and My Mom/Sister can both walk now and....peace has been restored,since i won francisco on brawl and my long week montage is complete but my Wii died in the process...and lastly thanks to arline6 for my new avitar!YOOM...TAH!8):D:lol:

P.s.I won Francisco



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