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Why the Desktop PC Remains the Best Choice for Serious Gamers

With the launch of Windows 8, there has been plenty of argument and speculation surrounding the future of PC gaming. Valve's Gabe Newell even went so far as to describe Windows 8, particularly with regards to the new Microsoft Store feature, as a 'catastrophe' for PC gaming. The trend towards mobility, touchscreens and tablet computers has also got a lot of dedicated PC gamers worried. However, compared to any of the other video gaming options, including consoles, the classic desktop computer remains, and shall continue to remain, the best choice for serious gamers says brandon perton from The Old School Game Vault why.

More Versatile

Desktop computers are far more versatile than their more mobile counterparts. Laptop computers cannot be upgraded to anything like the same extent and tablet computers cannot be upgraded at all. The same is true of games consoles. To be able to enjoy the cutting edge technology, you are generally best off with a fully upgradable desktop computer. The versatility of desktop computers means that they can also be repaired more easily. If one component breaks down, you can replace it, rather than buy an entirely new machine.

More Powerful

Desktop computers come in a vast variety of different specifications but the world's most powerful computing hardware is only available in a desktop form factor. You won't ever be able to find any laptop computer with the latest graphics card since all of the components need to be scaled down for the smaller form factor and more effective cooling. The same is also true of video game consoles, since these are designed to last for several years. Consoles typically have greatly inferior hardware to that of a high-end desktop computer, although the differences in performance and graphics quality are offset somewhat by the fact that the games available for them are properly optimized for specific hardware configurations.

Less Overheating

You might be tempted to buy the latest Alienware laptop as your primary gaming machine, but no matter how much money you pay for the best 'gaming' laptop available, you will inevitably run into overheating problems sooner or later. Due to the much smaller space inside a laptop computer, there simply isn't enough room for large coolers. To compensate, even top-end gaming laptops have considerably less powerful graphics cards and processors in them. In spite of this, they often end up overheating as dust builds up inside. Desktop computers can also suffer from the same problem, though not to the same extent.

More Content

There might not be quite as many video games available for Microsoft Windows as there are for consoles, but, for many popular games, there is a lot of extra content available. Take the highly successful open world fantasy RPG, Skyrim, for example. If you play the game on a console, you will be stuck with only the original game and the official downloadable content only. For the PC version, there are literally thousands of fan-made mods available including enhanced texture packs, new missions, new characters, new spells and just about everything else you can think of. Many of these mods are also extremely good. The same is true of numerous other video games, such as The Witcher 2, Far Cry 3, Dragon Age and many more.