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Finding things to do...


So after 5 years of not owning a PS3 i finally bought one. It was funny I just woke up and was like, "I want a PS3". 299 dollars later I am spending 30 minutes updating and waiting and logging in. I am officially on the Playstation Network. So I went and bought a game Picked up "Demon Souls". Spent a solid hour enjoying it, and then i realized the stronger you get the enemies get 2x harder. And I got frustrated, I dont ever yell at the TV, during single player games. But Demon Souls makes you yell at the TV. And that about says enough about that. Had a friend loan me Uncharted 1 and 2. And honestly Beat uncharted 1: Drakes fortune in a "SINGLE" sitting. 8 hours of straight gameplay. "I was bored". It is honestly a fantastic game, despite its refresh flaws on my TV, and the fact that sometimes Drake just doesnt want to jump far. So now I'm playing 2 and noticed a huge overhaul on the game mechanics, and to say I am impresssed. PS3 is an enjoyable system, and im kinda of upset it took me 5 years to purchase one.


On another note, I am currently looking to find a Wii. Heard some FANTASTIC news the other day, that ZELDA will be realised on the 20th of NOV. Needless to say my NOV will be busy with video games. With Elder Scrolls 5 and now ZELDA, its going to be a horrible month. However on the WII note, i am a little upset that XENOBLADE will not be coming to America. I have followed this game religiously, and I really wish that America could get its hands on it. I have needed a good JRPG to play since TALES OF VESPERIA. And that was 2 years ago. So all in all Im going to be pretty busy with some gaming this fall. Since the summer months have been horrible. Well Thank you all for reading and see you around.


The Boring Summer Months of Gaming....

So August is here and yet again, my worst favorite time of the year. July and August never seem to amaze me with new Release games. My next up is Deus X-Human Revolution. I remeber playing the First game, and thinking it was one of the most challenging games ive ever played. For an RPG, it took more strategy and more patience, then any video game I had ever seen. Just Beat "Bastion. Which was AMAZING. Such a beautiful challenging world.

So in all in all. Bastion was a wonderful pleasant experience, got to finish all the achievements. So its relitavely easy. Though you have the ability to make it much much harder. Wish you all a pleasant end of summer and see you soon



Yes Im having Riftdrawals, Dead Space 2 isnt holding me down. Played the Beta for Rift and absolutely enjoyed it. Im really enjoying the fact that there is a mature mmo again. Original UO i miss you.

Elder Scrolls V (Alinor)

I know no-one is going to read this but I say hey why not. Elder Scrolls III Morrowind is probably one of my all time favorite games. It came at such an easy part of my life, right after i graduated high school, and just had major surgery. So I literally spent 3-5 months doing nothing but playing Morrowind. I did every single possible thing that you could of done, Back when games didn't need to look amazing, but just give you stuff to do. Allow the explore affect in a game to kick in. And then 5 years later Oblivion came out I took leave from the Navy just to play it. And i literally played that game for over 24 hours before I realized that you could instant travel. The Story line wasnt as amazing as morrowind and there was a little left to do, but where it lacked in that it picked up in gameplay and graphics. And now i have been patiently waiting another 5 years for even a glance at another addition. Hoping its not going to be like Starcraft 2 and make me wait 12 years to play a game for 3 weeks. But I love Bethesada aka the old Black Isle. But thanks for reading.