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Today (last night, actually), I got seriously raped by some hot grease at work. I have 2nd degree burns covering a good 25% of the top of my right hand and going up my right arm. It was/is an excruciatingly painful injury, but far from the worst pain I've felt. I'll not be going to work today, that's for sure. Also, I'll be asking to be given a different job when I come back for a while/permanently. I'm tired of being pwn3d by hot grease nearly every day, and this is the anvil that really destroyed the entire camel...let alone breaking it's back. I've applied for a job elsewhere, as well. Better pay, fewer hazards. Can't go wrong with that combo.


Today is my anniversary with my fiance. 3 years ago today we had our first date.I must say it's been a good three years.

Frankencase PICTURES!

 As you can see (via my nice MS Paint writing) the new fan is 80 by 25 millimetres. You can also see that it is mounted on top. I think little metal thing is a real nice touch, don't you?  The old fan was in the back. It was 40 by 10 millimetres. Far inferior to the monster that's on there now. I taped over the hole since the new fan is near the back, that way any air coming into the case will have to rush by the hard drive before being blown out. Clever, eh?  Here I show that I've taken the front cover off. This provides exponentially greater air flow. If you look closely at the bottom of the case, you can see the pin prick size holes that the air used to flow through. All in all, it was a pain in the butt and a considerable amount of labour (before my friend lent me his dremmel that is), but I'm quite proud of it. And my hard drive now runs VERY cool. Project costs: Existing hard drive - $0 Existing enclosure - $0 Fan from defunct computer - $0 my time - $0 (approx. 7 - 10 hours for everything) Total cost - $0


I have finished my project of modding my external hard drive's case.
Before I explain what I have done...let me explain how this came about...
Not long ago in this same galaxy...
Episode I: The Thermal Menace
The great sith Phil has just realized that WesternDigital, a large, heavily populated planet in the external rim territories was beginning to heat up to a dangerous level.

Anywho...The 40mm by 10mm that the enclosure I purchased about a year or two ago has been on the fritz. It's been making noise and generally being annoying, but had still been pumping out the air just fine. About 2 weeks ago, I opened up the enclosure and about burned the skin off my hand. Okay, that's an exageration, but, who cares... So I figured rather than waiting around until it burned itself up and I had to buy a new drive, I would just buy a new enclosure with a fan in it.
Bad idea. Being broke, $40+ for a good enclosure was/is simply too large of an expenditure.
So, I cooked up an idea to just replace the existing fan. The problem is, at just FOUR dollars, it was still too expensive for me to do even that.
Not yet defeated, I realized I still had boat loads of parts from computers I've 'used'...err--destroyed--..
To make a long, boring story short, I found myself an 80mm by 25mm fan. Far too large for anywhere inside the case, so for the past two weeks, I've been modding the case to accept this new beast.
Perhaps tomorrow I'll take some pictures of this sweet new work of "art".
It looks pretty ghetto, which, to me, looks kinda any rate, the hard drive is staying quite near ambient temp now.

Started a Job

I finally got a job. I'm happy about the job, and rather disappointed about the pay. 5.30/hr to start out. I suppose I can't complain too much, as it is above minimum wage, but, it's certainly no where near enough to live on. God damn republicans, I hope they all die slowly and painfully. I throw fish, chicken, and shrimp in batter, then into 350ºF/175ºC grease, and try not to splash it on myself. I don't think I'll ever eat another piece of fish again, and I've only been working a couple days.

I'M BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK...start cowering in fear now

I got my DSL modem the other day. It was a nice little teaser before my DSL started working. Last night, unwilling to wait until tomorrow, the official start date of my service, cunningly decided to try my ex-roomate's UN and PW for verizon. It worked...I rule. I'm getting a nice 200KB/s (1500kbps downstream). A nice doubling of speed over the old hell-hole I used to live in. It's SO nice here. Especially compared to living with the filthy bastards we (my fiance and I) used to live with. Even our shy cat comes out and socializes now, instead of hiding under things all the time. We figure she couldn't stand the disgusting state of the house. Anyhow...I'm glad to be back.

Mom's Day

I went up to Ohio for the weekend to see my mom for mother's day. It was good to see the old folks again, even though I'm going to see them this weekend (they're staying the week) when they help us move out of this hell hole. I slept in my old room that has now been re-done to look like it's straight out of some old woman's house. I've noticed that the older I get, the more calming my parents' presence is. It's true what they say...When you're 4, your parents are gods, when you're 14, they're oppressive dictators that know nothing, when you're 24, they really do know what they're talking about after all. I noticed my mom is starting to go grey (pretty good for a woman of 47, I think). My dad is nearly completely grey now. It reminds me that we're all mortal, and worries me about the fact that they will die some day. I hope it's later rather than sooner, I'm really starting to mature, and starting to realize the gifts of wisdom they have given me throughout my life. Luckily, they're both pretty healthy, and seeing as how I smoke and am at least 25kg overweight (60lbs), they might just out-live me. Oy.'s people like them that make me wish/hope there's an after-life. They certainly deserve peace and happiness...especially after dealing with me, and dealing with me with such skill, strength, talent, resourcefulness, and understanding. Anyhow...I think that's about enough deification of my parents. I can't wait to move the hell out of here.

New Game and New Keyboard

I bought Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith this morning. It is freakin' awesome. It's kinda like Jedi Academy, but better. I also recieved my new illuminated keyboard in the mail today. All told, $22 USD, and it's very nice. It's silver with a nice blue glow to it. It has some multi-media buttons on it, too. Overall, my purchases have kicked *** today.
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