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The Old Litmus

I Played many strategic games going through the pains of mediocre or rubbish ones. Believe me I for unknown reasons always revisit these games living time and time with the frustration and figuring the minds of the developers and what was their goal.Some of us want to be a successfully game developer or creator but why when we think we have the will and the technology some of these developers or creators just make bad games. Is it the idea? yes it could be the idea but if there is no idea then there is no game. Could it be the transformation from the idea into a concept? yes maybe there is a difficulty in making the idea a reality but that is no reason to make the game less dynamic or less creative we experiment with newer ways we open new doors it is what creates a divine and unique game.

Sure if the idea isn't original but the gameplay has to be it gives the game it's glory it gives the game it's uniqueness we don't want a copy of a concept that has been successful over and over again, we must keep innovation alive and unique. We don't want a buggy or laggy game developers have to keep polishing until they see the shine of what we know as a good game. Mistakes have been made that is true but we must learn from it and never again commit these mistakes it will simply haunt an entire game series if these mistakes are repeated over and over again. Graphics are not what speaks for the game it is the gameplay, sure if it has nice graphics but what if it's buggy do you want that game no graphics may make a game slightly unique but the gameplay is the total speaker.