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I noticed there is already DLC on Steam for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. It is called Weapons & Armor Bundle and costs $4.99. I guess they did not follow on CD Projekt's footsteps. I have a few questions about the DLC.

1. If I buy the physical retail game how do I obtain the DLC?

2. If I buy the Amazon download version of the game where ow do I obtain the DLC?

3. Compared to what exists in Reckoning is this DLC worth buying?

4. Even on the hardest difficulty settings is Reckoning easy? What other game would you compare the combat and difficulty to?


so far it only seems availible from steam and origin ( for pc anyway), and it'll stay that way until they found a way they feel is safe to sell it.

wether or not it stacks up, wel it pretty much eliminates the need for armor in early game. its not endgame gear.

having said that, you could wear it till endgame since the game is rather easy, with magic being as powerfull as it is, evasive moves being so commen, the overpowerd fate state, etc. playing this on hard is way to easy. and the early gear makes it ridiciously more so.

I personally compare this game to fable in every respect. including difficulty. having said that, Fable is way to easy as well