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I love the WiiU, but this is what I hate about it.

External HDD
I bought a Hitachi adapter powered 2GB HDD specifically for the Wii U. I thought, let's play it safe, buy a HDD with it's own power source so it has to work with the Wii U. Well it doesn't work at all. The system sees that there's a USB device connected, but it won't format it, so it's useless. The compatibility of HDDs seems to be hit or miss.

eShop credits
Adding credit to your account in the eShop is faulty. I tried adding 60 to my account to buy a game, but an error code told me that my 150 credit limit was reached. My credit amount was 0.

WiiU/3DS eShop
I have both a 3DS and a WiiU (which is quite common I guess..), they are both linked to the eShop with the same Club Nintendo account. There are credits on my 3DS eShop account, but I can't spend them on WiiU and vice versa. How user unfriendly is that?!

eShop availability
I wanted to buy Assassins Creed but when I pressed the 'buy now' button a message told me that this content could only be viewed at certain times and that it was unavailable right now. What the hell is up with that?!

Downloading games
When I was finally able to buy Assassins Creed in the eShop I started this massive 18GB download. But it's so damn slow, ocassionally stopping completely for minutes. It just won't continue, resetting the console also doesn't start things up again. It's not my wifi, because streaming 1080p youtube videos at the same time in the WiiU browser works perfectly fine. There has to be something wrong with Nintendo's servers. They are probably overloaded now or something. Or it might have something to do with my previous point.

Estimated time remaining indicator
While downloading anything, whether it's a system- or game update or a full game, you'll see the progress bar and an estimated time remaining. That time indicator is a complete joke, it goes up and down randomly and it is NEVER correct. Why display it if it's completely useless?!

Operating system
The WiiU's operating system is slow, changing from the WiiU menu to Miiverse, eShop, browser etc. is all very slow and clunky. The apps work great, but changing between them takes too much time.

Adjusting screen size
The corners of the WiiU interface fell off my Samsung tv, so I wanted to adjust that. Turns out that those settings weren't in the main system settings. No they were hiding somewhere in the eShop settings of all places. When I need to adjust screen settings, the eShop is not something that comes to mind to do that. What UI retard came up with that logic?!

Your downloaded games are tied to your user account AND your physical console. If your WiiU for whatever reason breaks and you buy a new one, you can't automatically redownload the games you've already bought. You have to call Nintendo and do who knows what to fix everything again. Nintendo's DRM is completely user unfriendly and outdated.

My stance on g@y marriage

Here are my arguments:

Opposer: I vote against it because it's against my religion.
I say: The US is a free multicultural country, as far as I know, religion doesn't and cannot dictate the law. Religion can be used to create an opinion on the matter but it's not a valid argument to use against gay marriage.

Opposer: I vote against it because homosexuality is disgusting.
I say: Again, this is an opinion. Why do people care what adults do in their private bedrooms? What they do doesn't affect you in any way.

Opposer: I vote against it because homosexuals cannot procreate.
I say: This is nonsense, homosexuals can procreate just like every other fertile adult. Whether it's in the old fashioned way (or ivf with a surrogate mother) or adoption. There's nothing wrong with homosexual genitals. Furthermore procreation is not a necessity for marriage. I know lots of heterosexual married couples that don't have children. And what about infertile people, should it be illegal for them to get married?

Opposer: I vote against it because homosexuals should just stick to a civil union.
I say: A civil union doesn't provide the same social benefits that a married couple gets. Basically this is saying that a homosexual relationship is worth less than a heterosexual relationship. Of course, the civil union could get an upgrade to make it exactly equal to marriage. But then, what's the point of denying homosexuals the right to get married? Is it just about the word 'marriage'? That would be a little bit sad now wouldn't it?

Opposer: I vote against it because marriage is a Christian tradition!
I say: That's right it's ALSO a Christian tradition, just like it's a hindu and muslim tradition. Marriage predates all those religions, it's roots were to bond two people. Religion pasted their rituals on it. BUT... atheists can get married and they don't need a church to do so do they? That's because this whole issue is about secular marriage, not getting married in church. I can understand that Christians are opposed to gay marriage in church, but that doesn't mean that secular gay marriage should be illegal as well.

Opposer: I vote against it because if we allow this then people will want to marry their dogs as well!
I say: This slippery slope argument holds no ground. People didn't want to marry their dogs once interracial marriage became legal, so why would they want to now? Furthermore, your dog cannot read, let alone sign the marital contract because it cannot consent ;) And because other forms of marriage might get into view in the future doesn't mean that gay marriage should be kept illegal right now. There are no valid arguments to deny homosexuals the right to get married.

Opposer: I vote against it because it will ruin our country.
I say: The country I live in; The Netherlands was the first country in the world to legalise gay marriage back in 2000 (without a referendum!) And our country is doing perfectly fine. I always thought that the US could accomplish anything, so if this tiny country can do it, then why can't you?