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Film Review: The Grandmaster

 This review probably won't be too long because I don't feel like putting that much effort into a site I no longer frequent as much The Grandmaster is the latest in the long line of extremely loosely based on fact movies about Ip Man, alleged trainer of martial arts cinema legend Bruce Lee. In all other cases, this would make it yet another unremarkable footnote to a fad in Asian cinema but unlike the other Ip Man movies this movie to its credit has the directorial vision of Wong Kar Wai, who directed several notable Hong Kong films such as In the Mood for Love, Chungking Express, and 2046. The overall value of this movie ultimately depends on what you'd prefer - a Wong Kar Wai movie or a martial arts epic. Those looking for the latter will be severely disappointed, as its ultimately more a Wong Kar Wai film that it is a movie about wing chun fighting or even the title character himself (Ip Man).  In case you don't know what that means, expect a lot of slow moving scenes using visuals and sounds to their maximum effect to generate Emotion 98.3. And he even pulls off that 'ol half-way main character switch from Chungking Express here. But since this is a movie about a martial arts master, there are many fight scenes interspersed between the best parts of the movie - the slow moving imagery stuff. This proves to be a flaw with the movie - while the action itself looks nice it often veers into slow-mo over the top territory that severely conflicts with the more grounded in reality aim of the movie. While the most known movie about Ip Man (2009's Ip Man) was essentially a propaganda piece that would've better been called Ip Man Punches Japan, the action actually looked somewhat plausible. But here, with people being smashed into trains and smashing wood carriages with their bare legs... it near breaks the immersion. Acting - Wong Kar Wai casts his longtime collaborator Tony Leung (In the Mood for Love, 2046, Infernal Affairs) as the lead Ip Man. He does a fine enough job. The main female character (the perspective switch I was talking about earlier) is played by Zhang Ziyi who you may remember from that other martial arts movie, but I don't think her character was too memorable. Editing - the film was clearly edited and cut for its North American release, and as such I'm not going as in-depth as I would have for this review because I don't feel like I got the director's complete vision. the version i saw in theaters didn't feel very well paced and some subplots and characters were abandoned or just flew by in a blink  the film is very beautifully shot however, what we've come to expect from the director. the cinematography (pretty pictures) and the moods they evoke are the ultimate highlight of the movie this is the end of my rambling for now

The Future

Maybe I'll keep this blog periodically updated with all those things I wanted to write but I was too lazy to ever do tops, reviews, stuff like that But overall I'll be posting less here because of obvious reasons


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Album givememoney Review: The King of Limbs (2011)

 This is the most recent album released by givememoney Radiohead, who casuals know for Creep givememoney and fans know for the entire Radiohead catalog. givememoney This givememoney album gave us this infamous givememoney video.  Overall I am givememoney apathetic to the whole thing except givememoney for Codex. Codex is beautiful. givememoney I also saw Pacific Rim, and if you saw Grown Ups 2 over Pacific Rim, YOU ARE A DISGRACE

Movies I'm Looking Forward To And Maybe Not

Interested/Want to See level: Interstellar- because its Nolan doing a mindbender space opera. I like Nolan. He directed Memento. I love Memento. He directed Inception. I love Inception. He directed The Dark Knight Trilogy. I love TDK Trilogy. He directed The Prestige. I love The Prestige. He also directed The Following and Insomnia, but those for me are like at best.

X-Men: Days of Future Past - because First Class was decent

Gravity - because Alfonso Cuaron, director of Children of Men The World's End - stephenage told me it was good Elysium - District 9 was a decent movie, maybe the director will make a good movie this time Out of the Furnace - baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaale (and casey affleck) Dr. Horrible Sequel - it has to happen someday, right? Firefly Season 2 - it has to happen someday, right? Evil Dead with Bruce Campbell sequel - it has to happen someday, right? that Coen Brothers movie I Don't Want to See/Mixed Opinions Batman/Superman movie - because Zak Snyder will only serve up another dish of inevitable fail Justice League - because if Zak Snyder is attached, it will be the main course of inevitable fail Star Wars 3D rereleases - good god they're still pulling out this shit Hobbit 2/3 - I didn't like 1/3 Machete Kills - lets face it, robert rodriguez peaked with the 2nd el mariachi movie and i don't like most of the stuff he did afterwards The Wolverine - because the first one was terrible Thor 2/CapMerica2/Avengers2/etc - with Iron Man 3, the Marvel Cinematic Universe for me has lost most of its steam Not Tobey Spidey 2 - I didn't really like the first NTS, but didn't hate it either. who knows about this one That movie Tarantino wants to make that's basically just Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained mashed together Ender's Game - turn off advertising whatever comes out in January or any of the other dead months