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Jeezus! Final Fantasy XIII is ruining my life!!

When Final Fantasy finally neared release I had already cancelled my preorder and was off to enjoy a large library of other games I've yet to touch. However, being the devoted Final Fantasy fan that I am I caved and bought a copy anyway. This was such a mistake! Not because the game sucks. To the contrary, its probably the most addictive things I've gotten my hands on this generation. It was a mistake because all those great games I've got sitting on my shelf waiting to be played are being hopelessly neglected. I'm almost done getting my platinum for FFXIII and I can't guarantee you that I won't make another run through the whole game again before moving on.

Poor God of War III. Poor Bioshock II. Poor Resonance of Fate, Battle Field BCII, The Saboteur, GTA Episodes from Liberty City, and all those other PSN games I've downloaded for absolutely no reason! I want to play them! I do! I just can't seem to get FFXIII out of my PS3!!! :P

If that's not bad enough I got other great games coming pretty soon that I will no doubt pick up and they'll have to each wait their turn. There's Red Dead Redemption, Nier, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Super Street Fighter IV, and Final Fantasy IX just to name a few! Man, I can't wait to get this game over with so I can get started! Here I come, Kratos! Don't die on me just yet!

Anyway... Back to playing some more FFXIII...