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GoWIII Disappointment

I just beat GoWIII. I must say: It was an AMAZING game, but the ending and some of the vague explanations of what was going on were pretty disappointing. For example: Kratos is apparently obsessed with this particular person and wants to actually help them, but they never indicate he has any interest in them at all until its pretty much too late and someone else has to pretty much TELL you Kratos's feelings. Then there's another thing where this other person wants a certain power that they believe is rightfully their's but it never tells you WHY they want it or what their intentions are, so what Kratos does to stop them from getting that power makes very little since and really felt like it was done in vain. Doesn't really even tell you why he does it. YOu just assume that its to stop the other person from gaining a power that you don't even know for sure if he really cares if they have or not.. I dunno. THe game was epic and some of the battles just blew my freaking mind, but the ending and other story elements could have been SOOOO much better. To be honest, the first game is still my favorite in the series as far as story telling goes.

I hope if they ever make a GoW movie they just follow the first game and end it with Kratos becoming the God of War. Ending on a highnote is allways nice, right?