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Oh,for the love of God (of war)!!!

I played through GoWIII once more. I found the horrible dialogues by certain characters (Hades, Helios, Hepheastus, Hermes, Hercules, Hera...) even more difficult to bare. The olympians should just shut up and die. After listening to their melodrama and BS rhetorical questions I was way more eager to kill them that Kratos was. GoW is an amazing series and GoWIII was an amazing game, but whoever wrote this crap should be fed to a Gorgon. Is it too much to ask to give Kratos a little heart? I know he's a bad @$$ but can't he be vulnerable for once? The ending to a great game and a great series could have far more epic were Santa Monica willing to dish out a little extra dough for some decent scribes.

I'm sorry. I know this series is made to appeal to the hackers and the slashers and the gore fans. i know kratos is supposed to be the cat's meow when it comes to decapitations and not giving a damn. i know GoW is more about gameplay and that story. However, i can't help but feel totally cheated now. what started out as a very epic and very superior tale of a mortal turned god ended in gods being morons. pretty freaking lame if you ask me.

ok. now i go cry myself to sleep and dream about the way it could have been.

GoWIII Disappointment

I just beat GoWIII. I must say: It was an AMAZING game, but the ending and some of the vague explanations of what was going on were pretty disappointing. For example: Kratos is apparently obsessed with this particular person and wants to actually help them, but they never indicate he has any interest in them at all until its pretty much too late and someone else has to pretty much TELL you Kratos's feelings. Then there's another thing where this other person wants a certain power that they believe is rightfully their's but it never tells you WHY they want it or what their intentions are, so what Kratos does to stop them from getting that power makes very little since and really felt like it was done in vain. Doesn't really even tell you why he does it. YOu just assume that its to stop the other person from gaining a power that you don't even know for sure if he really cares if they have or not.. I dunno. THe game was epic and some of the battles just blew my freaking mind, but the ending and other story elements could have been SOOOO much better. To be honest, the first game is still my favorite in the series as far as story telling goes.

I hope if they ever make a GoW movie they just follow the first game and end it with Kratos becoming the God of War. Ending on a highnote is allways nice, right?

Craigslist is Teh Awesome

Just wanted to gloat for a second. I just bought 4 fully functioning DS3 controllers from a guy off of Craigslist for a grand total of $20. Yup, that's only $5 a piece. They all work and sync up just fine with my PS3. Craigslist never stops presenting me with the glorious opportunities. As bad as I want something there's somebody who has it that wants a little money even more. Well, people of Craigslish, I am happy to oblige.


Off to play ZOE!

FFXIII Has No Hold Over Me....

Yeah, I finally got my platinum trophy. The chains are broken. Lightning and I are nolonger seeing eachother. I am finally free to date other games for a change. I'm thinking of seeing what that Kratos fella is up to next. I don't swing that way, but he wears a skirt so I'm sure he does. I'll just give him the wrong impression and string him along long enough to see how his game ends. Who knows, maybe I'll break his heart and he'll end up killing himself. :shock:

Imagine me and you - and you and me

No matter how you toss the dice - we'll always be

The only one for me is you - and you for me

So happy togeetheeerrrrrrr!

PSN's Hidden Gems

NOTE: This originally posted in the PS3 forums but the topic was deleted due to a TOS violation, so I added here instead. Please read, enjoy, and contribute. ;)

Hey, people, I've recently been DLing the a bunch of PSN titles because curiosity has finally gotten the best of me. I've been interested in a lot of different titles that have been up for a long time now, but have never really known enough about them to take the plunge. I feel we aren't talking about PSN games enough. Even this very website fails to review most of them let alone say anything about them at all.Originally I wouldn't have cared that we don't talk about them, because until very recently I didn't know there was really that much to say. Well, folks, it turns out there is.

I've recently discovered that the PSN has quite a selection of useless garbage. I found that out the hard way. However, hidden there in all that pixelated waste just happens to be some of the most raw fun I've had on my PS3 in a while. I'm not talking about being entertained. I'm saying I felt like a giant, goofy kid with a effortless smile stretched across my face and my eyes wide open to take in all the bright colors. Y'know... fun!

So, I would like to share with you guys my various findings as well as urge you to do the same. Know a good PSN game? Tell us about it, please! (could've saved me a fortune... )

1. Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao - Awesome. Remember all of those crazy kung fu movies that came out in the '70s with all the lightning fast kicks and hoardes of shirtless samurai falling to their knees everytime they got within 5 feet of the hero? Well, now you get to play 'em! Han Tao looks great in its grainy retro film look and plays incredibly well. The controls are very responsive and super fast. There are a lot of different enemies that are introduced throughout the game and you'll be faced with hoardes of them at a time. Its a 2D side scroller, but you can move all around the screen like a monkey on amphetines. You can climb from different platforms via trees, vines, flag poles, lantern chords, and the like in a flash and have to remain doing so to space yourself out from the goons. Its pretty easy at first and the move set isn't very deep at all, but it gets harder as you progress and what little Han can do is more than enough fun to keep you playing. I really wish someone would have told me about this one sooner.

2. Smash Cars - Dude, this could have easily been a full priced game. For the playability, graphics, and customization features alone Nintendo would have charged your $40 for it. You basically play as these really small trucks (like RC car size) and you can customize them with different bodies, paint, decals, and glass tint. The mechanics are over-the-top. Its pretty fast, and the boost is VERY effective. The handling is insane and you can jump off ramps to get some pretty good air. You increase your boost by smashing things. Hince the name, I guess. It may not be the best racer out there, but its the most fun I've had on virtual wheels since Mario Kart 64. Seriously. Its definitely a worthy buy, but don't let your 4 yearold see it. Mine likes it more than I hoped.

3. Battle Fantasia - I think this one is a bit pricier than usual downloadables, but if you're a fan of anime, JRPGs, or fighting games in general then this gme should be worth the price for you. From what I've played so far it has a pretty decent little narrative to it, but its nothing too fancy. Basically its the kind of thing you'd expect from a fighter. The move set is pretty shallow, but all the moves are executed easily enough and most the characters move pretty fast. There are one or two characters that are kinda slow without having enough power to justify it, so there is some underbalancing in the characters. That said, where this game really shines is the art and the characters. Its just so much fun to look at. The characters are all very uniquely designed and are celshaded in really bright artsy colors. There's a kid in knight armor who fights with a firey hot chainsaw sword (with a v-twin engine!), there's a goth'd out chick with a smiling skull on the top of her scepter, theres a freakin' rabbit who's a world famous wizard, and there's a viking who's so fat he takes up half the dang screen. This game has tons of character and is charming to boot. Graphics do entertain (otherwise paintings would be pointless) and you'll enjoy plenty of it here while being pistol whipped by a cowboy with a dunce hat for a face.

There's plenty more and I'll probably bring them up pretty soon, but I want to finish playing them before I recommend them. I'm not suggesting that these games are going to be that great for everyone, but they're definitely great games in general and are worth a look. There are, of course, the obvios games like Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Braid, MvC2, and Flower that everyone should check out but lets not overlook these other great games. I could also mention several PSN games that I found no value whatsoever in and pretty much suck like The Watchmen games, Flock, Wakeboarder HD, and Rocketmen. Feel free to post any failures you've come across as well. A head's up is always welcome.

Well, go get some of them PSN cards and do it to it, people. There's fun to be had!

Jeezus! Final Fantasy XIII is ruining my life!!

When Final Fantasy finally neared release I had already cancelled my preorder and was off to enjoy a large library of other games I've yet to touch. However, being the devoted Final Fantasy fan that I am I caved and bought a copy anyway. This was such a mistake! Not because the game sucks. To the contrary, its probably the most addictive things I've gotten my hands on this generation. It was a mistake because all those great games I've got sitting on my shelf waiting to be played are being hopelessly neglected. I'm almost done getting my platinum for FFXIII and I can't guarantee you that I won't make another run through the whole game again before moving on.

Poor God of War III. Poor Bioshock II. Poor Resonance of Fate, Battle Field BCII, The Saboteur, GTA Episodes from Liberty City, and all those other PSN games I've downloaded for absolutely no reason! I want to play them! I do! I just can't seem to get FFXIII out of my PS3!!! :P

If that's not bad enough I got other great games coming pretty soon that I will no doubt pick up and they'll have to each wait their turn. There's Red Dead Redemption, Nier, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Super Street Fighter IV, and Final Fantasy IX just to name a few! Man, I can't wait to get this game over with so I can get started! Here I come, Kratos! Don't die on me just yet!

Anyway... Back to playing some more FFXIII...

Custom Boxart - Heavy Rain the Novel

If you beat the game you may or may not recognize this. One of the characters goes on to right a book about the investigation of the Origami killer. This is my boxart version of that book. If you like this there is a printable version at the link in my previous blog post.

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