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My Skyrim Build

Ok, so i started my game just after thanksgiving when i got my xbox. I'm a level 46 Breton. All Daedric Armor; but i use Nakarin, a dragon priest mask. They are all Legendary improved. I have 100 smithing. I finished the Main Quest, the Imperial Legion Questline, Thieve's Guild, Dark Brotherhood, Companions, and The College of Winterhold. I have 6 out of 8 of the Dragon Priest masks, just finishing that up. I have a "trophy house" in Windhelm (Hjerm) that i hold all my important, expensive, and rare things. I am currently sell the "procrastination box" filled with crap i want to get rid of. When i finished my quests, i came back to my Breezehome and dropped my crap in it. After awhile, the box had so much crap in it, it started lagging when i tried to cram more stuff in it. Until now, my wife, Aela is carrying the entire thing. I'm impressed, just kidding. I used command controls so it's all weightless. Unlucky for, everything in the box got labeled as stolen, so i'm traveling from fence to fence, selling it all. Anyways, i kinda addicted to this game, and I have been studying the wiki. I know much of the history of the world and Nirn. I'm in the process of writing a "book" of The History of the Planet Nirn. It's not an official book, because it's practically copied from the wiki. It is just shortened and compressed into a story setting. Hit me with any questions or if you want a copy of my book. Also, I am always searching of things to do in Skyrim. I'm not bored, just looking for ideas. Thanks.