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TheBlaklyon Blog

I got the damn 360...

Yeah... I broke down and got the xbox 360 over the PS3. But once i am fed up with it, I will go back to Sony. You know, it really does come down to the games you want to play. That ultimatly helped me decide what I wanted get. However, I must say, it was a close race for my hard earned tax return money.

With the PS3 you get the hard drive and the wifi built in. With the 360, you got to buy those two seperatly. $100 for the hard drive and another $100 for the network adapter. OUCH! Now getting the 360, was cheaper. only set me back about $200 and ready to get started strieght out the box.

The PS3 would have set me back about $350. but taking another look at the 360, i will end up paying more if I want the adapter, xbox live and a hard drive. and you will need the hard drive later if you plan on playing a vast amount of games including, your old Xbox games and downloads etc.

Bottom line, if money ain't a issue and you want more games to play, go for the 360. but in the long run, the PS3 is the more cheaper route to travel. Unless, you are happy with a Xbox core system.

The Blaklyons Console Dilemma

Hello, fellow users! This will be one of the many blogs I will start posting up at least once a month now, that I am going to be the future owner of either an PS3 or, an XBOX 360.

Now... Here is my dilemma... Which one should I get? Some of you my say "you should get both!" True, doing this would solve a lot of problems but, we must add the fact that I do not have the cash at had to get a car and 2 next gen consoles. yeah, I could forget the car but, I think it would be better if I had my own transportation.

So, Back to the major problem. What Console I should get first? Now, I understand. I do plan on getting both at a later date. but, I want to know what console I should invest in now? Yes... I did neglect the Wii in this glorious console battle for my hard earned, Tax refund money but, I have a reason. The Wii is already in the possession of a friend of mine. and, I can get to it at any given time. So, I have divided it from the rest.

The 360 or the PS3... That is a tough one for me to decide... I guess what it really comes down to is, what system has the most games you wish to play. Now don't get me wrong, I understand all of the technological advances the PS3 has over the 360. but besides the blu-ray player and all the other bells and whistles it comes with, what it really comes down to is the games. The Hardware is brilliant but, what good is hardware without the software to drive it?

Now that you have read all of that text above or, Skimmed through it looking for your name, the real question is what games are a definite must buy for each system and I should be taking a closer look at? I'm not asking you to decide what system or, games I should buy. I'm asking what would be the best to get now by comparison. What system is going to hold my interest the most and, why? Who knows... I might get rid of the damn thing later, once I loose interest, anyway!

Help me solve this dilemma. feel free to leave a comment! - Blaklyon