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Today on the spot Computer Blog Challenge

This blog correlates to the user video I also posted about the computer. Yep, I decided to do both. That video was just a glimpse of reasons as to why I feel I deserve the PC, and just a more laid back approach for me to relax. My alter-egos gave only very, very little reasons as to why I should get it. I'll deal with them later, but for now I'll at least break down what each of them was trying to convey and why they displayed it the way they did.

Gaming Nerd

The nerd is a simple person. The lone gamer is extremely nervous in putting himself out there for everyone to see. He has never edited a video before, he has never recorded a video with just himself in it before that wasn't school related, and he has never used a video as a means to win a competition. This is the first time he will edit and try to chop things together to make a video that is worthy to be seen. He grabbed his phone and decided to try his luck, even if he felt outnumbered. The fact that GameSpot is offering something that can benefit this gamer is a blessing that he will try to achieve. He was nervous sitting there on that couch, pleading to anyone who would watch his video as to why he should be the winner of the PC, but he did it anyway because if he didn't try he wouldn't just be nervous..he'd be hurt. At himself for not even giving HIMSELF the opportunity of failure, but claiming it beforehand. So he grabbed it and let the world of these gamers know that he wanted to earn that PC. He wanted to play on it. He wanted to win it.

Kanye Being Kanye. :)

The second alter-ego is a very, very complex and disturbed soul. Although an instant hit with people who love drama, he is deeply torn on the inside. He has this persona on the outside that he is just the best person for this computer and that giving it to another person is clear stupidity. This person feels that he should get the computer and the concept of a contest isn't even necessary. Just hand it to him. But on the inside, he realizes the outside is just a front. A charade. A facade. He wants this computer to prove his worth. The very same confidence he displays on the outside is the confidence this computer may help him achieve on the inside. The glasses hide his eyes from the true world; only parts of his eyes are seen just as only part of his personality is seen by other people. He goes to school each day with the thought of people looking through him rather than at him. That's not what bothers him. School is the only important thing to him right now, and we all know what a computer could mean. Although not a need, it's most definitely a plus. Not just a plus. It's more like multiplication..with a lot of powers. He would appreciate this very much, even if it sometimes comes off as not. This alter-ego helped people see how outgoing he really can be, even if he doesn't believe it.

Nathan Drake!

The third alter-ego is the brains behind the operation. This is the true leader of all the alter-egos and all the personalities. He is the one that shows true honesty, integrity, and a determination and spirit to want to have this computer and do anything possible to achieve that. He feels the reach of the electronic orchestra playing soft, boot-up notes in his grasp but only his eyes seem to reach. This leader, the Blake Nathan Drake as he calls himself, understands the importance of this computer and the importance as to what it could mean for his future. You see, this person doesn't just look at the present of a powerful computer being put his in his presence before him. No, he sees the distant yet immediate future as to the opportunities this computer can bring him. With what he wants to do in life a computer is nothing short of important. You guys would be helping him achieve a dream of his that has been long lived since he can remember. He offers help all the time. All he wants is to feel that same feeling of help and companionship in return.

So yeah, I'm a little crazy with this entry but I decided seems worth it. I know it's worth it. So why not go all out? I've never done ANYTHING like this before but if it's something you really want, and really want to try for just thinking for a brief moment you may have a slim chance, you should go for it right? No strings attached? Just..a try? So, that's what this is. A try. A hope. That one flicker you see when you stare in space but when you look again, it's gone. With's still there. So, whoever you pick, I will respect the decision. But hey, why not make it me?

- Bradley (Speed), Nerd, Kanye, & Black Nathan Drake.

Finally, a job. With games?

Picture of GameStop

So, today I officially got hired at GameStop. I'm pretty excited. I've been pretty much on Cloud Nine all day today. To think, I get to work with video games. I always hear from other people about how it's either so good to work at GameStop or so bad. And boy, do I hear the bad. "You don't get enough hours!" "You think you're going to talk about games all day? Haha!" "I hated working there. I never got do the things I want." You know what I always say to myself? Until I have the experience of what other people see as bad, how can I see it bad? I've been going through this entire day, happy, which is rare for me, for the simple fact that I get to be around people like me..people who just love the passion and atmosphere of video games. As a customer, I've ALWAYS gone inside GameStop and had deep, deep discussions with the managers and the employees. It's never the same. It's always different opinions, different debates, a constant love of the game, sharing advice, etc. It's just a fun atmosphere to be around. And, even today I said this, it will be interesting to be on the OTHER side of the counter for once. I jokingly said, "Wow, I can really feel the power behind this baby." Lol the manager just laughed. It was interesting though. Being the one who sells the games rather than just buys them. It will be different..but despite what people may say about the job, I'll love it every step of the way.

- Speed