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TheAngryPelican Blog

Why can't I read ?!

I have always had a strong passion for reading but ever since I was with my ex I have lost most of my interest in reading. I would like to get back into the habit of reading but every time I try to I seem to lose interest as quick as I gained it. I find that reading a book is way better than a movie or any tv show. I love being able to use my imagination and I love playing out the book in my head. So somehow I will find a way to get my passion back for reading !

A nap is not an option unfortunately !

Right now I am tired but unfortunately I can not fall back asleep. I went out last night with two of my lady friends drinking and I ended up crashing at their house but I had to wake up early this morning since I had to bring my sister to her driver ed class because I promised my mom that I would. Now I have been back home for about 2 hours and I can not take a nap ! I am miserable !:(

Headaches leave me alone !

I have been getting headaches as of late and last night I went to sleep with one and when I woke up it was still here ! I hate how headaches puts me in a bad mood ! I want to get rid of the headaches ! I thought they were caffeine headaches so I would go buy an energy drink and that does not help so I take headache medicine and that does not work ! This is making me angry !

Just been angry as of late !

I do not know, right now I have been stressed out a lot as of late. I just want to be happy again but right now I do not see that happening ! I need to find a way to relax before my stress is the death of me !