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The1-thtgotaway Blog

Letting the bag out of the cat, and the hat out of the rabbit

So it's been three long years here on Gamespot, and I'm afraid that my time has reached the inevitable. Yes, I'm taking my coat and hat and walking away. I always said I had to do it, but now well I'm doing it. I guess the only real union I am in is the SKS so I'll be addressing this to those who inhabit that union. I am sorry I have to go so soon, I know it's a decision in which none of you want me to make but I have to. I want to thank dQ for seeing my potential and giving me an officer position there, even though I probably was not that good at it. Let's see:

dQ: It's been fun hanging around the union debating, acting like fools, and joking around. Remember you are like one of the best leaders on GS I ever had and that's the truth ruth ;) See ya around I guess on Xbox live.

Smitticus, Smitti, Smittaroony, Smittipuss: I probably knew you the longest right? From Mafia to They Came to play then SKS. You'll still have me in stitches even after I leave. Blah Blah Blah parting is such sweet sorrow. "Here's to looking at you, kid" :P

Dan and Dan: WolvesDan, you need to get Xbox 360 and stop holding out on your money 'mate' ;) and DanDan it's been real homey. I'm going to miss both of you.

Maff: I hope you didn't hurt yourself on the skiing trip because I didn't see you around, but if you are reincarnated then I would like to say so long kid :D :D :D

Ok a few more *pants* I'm not good at this so bear with me.

Khatibi, Fari: It was nice not being the only girl in this sea of men, seeya around ;) And if Yoz doesn't come around here tell him I said we missed him and so did I.

Yoz (if you are out there): Where have you been?! :D JK I knew you as long as I knew Smitti, so yeah seeya. *Note: All these years and I still don't know arabic let alone the lebanese dialect ;) terrible right? :P

Erv: The new guy, now known as the writer, and named me his friend. I appreciate that. And a Note to dQ since I am leaving and my officer position is up for grabs. I highly reccommend Erv to take the reins. He contributed a lot with Gamenight and did more things as a recruit than I did as a officer. Do consider it dQ :D

LilD: Hey if you are still interested then PM me I'll check my PMs and look out for you PB King :lol: ;) So long, and don't give up PB for no one not even that trickster Smitti :P

Icky Sticky: My fellow officer in the shadows of the SKS, don't be like me and leave they need you :lol: :D They need someone level headed to keep them sane. :P So long kid

IG and SC: I guess I'm following your lead :lol:

Mits, Empi, PhantomDad, and the others: You company was most appreciated and will miss all of you ;)

*looks up* I guess that's it right, if I'm missing someone, then seeya around. So long everyone and we can still have gamenight just message me on Live and Smitti stop being a cheapskate and get a gold card, I did it :D ;) Goodbye, Adios, Adieu, parting is such sweet sorrow.

Forever will be,


PS: If I ever come back remind me to leave again ok :lol: Like I said now I'm just letting the bag out of the cat and the hat out of the rabbit ;) So long

Wii are The1

I was thinking about keeping it short and shweet like Smitti, but I just have to much to say right now :P ;) Ok let's get to the point. Today, I went over my brother's place (it was like a mini-reunion, with a few of my other siblings there) and come to find out the he purchased me a Nintendo Wii. I'm finally Next-Gen-ed people :D :lol: Now, I'm on a journey to buy the Xbox 360, but most likely I'm going to end up getting the 360 arcade, and just buy everything else separate.

Now, the reason why I'm turning to Xboob (Miss you Scnut) is because at my brother's place I played Left 4 Dead. That game was excellent. I mean it's fun to play with a lot of people, the zombies are ridiculously fast, and the quantity of the zombies you have to face is gargantuan. In certain parts of the game, or basically all, you have to fight them in hordes, it's sick. It's a short game but the reason why they made it that way is because every time you play it the experience changes; for example, you'll probably have to fight these big monsters called tanks in one part of the game, but when you play it again you won't have to. It's like it changes up every time you play it. Also there are different types of zombies. There is the Hunter (which crawls really fast and leaps on you), there's a Smoker (which has this long freaking tongue and it wraps its tongue around you and drags you in it's direction), and it's one called the boomer (which is like a real fat zombie that blurs your vision by vomitting on you, and when you shoot it it explodes), then you have the regular zombies that fall in between but who are equally fast and scary. Oh and you have the zombie that I mentioned above called the Tank, and they are really big and extremely strong, and you have one zombie called the witch (all she does is cry, but if you do not shoot near her or have a flashlight on her you can avoid the trouble, but in this game it's constant non-stop action so it's really impossible). I don't know I usually don't play zombie games because they give me the willies, but this one is really fun.

Then, after seeing the new 360 dashboard, and all my family members have a 360, I just said hey it won't hurt. (And I watched my little brother play Fable II, and the graphics looked amazing). So, yeah I'm taking a shot.

On another note, next weekend starting Friday night I will be out of the state, so I will not be able to make it on GS so I'm just warning everyone ahead of time. If your thinking, "Ah, Thanksgiving." No, I don't do holidays, but I'm actually going out there for this convention so I'll be absent just for the weekend. I should be back Sunday night.

*looks up* Well, I guess that's it. Maybe next time I'll pull a one liner :P Oh and dQ "I'M NEXT-GEN-ED" :lol: :lol:

Illa lee Qa'ee,


I came, I saw, I conquered

Surprise, Surprise, I should say seeing that it has been a whole month since I mingled with my fellow GSers. I can not be on for long because I am ridiculously busy today (it's a holiday), but I just wanted to write a blog at least to announce my return. Hopefully, I can start entering the unions tonight or possibly tomorrow. My leave, although away from GS, was a magnificent one. I am sad to see it go, but I'm glad I can be apart of GS again. I have so many post to read :| I'm kind of nervous to even see them, and I know the SKS has way too many because the activity is busting at the seams. I nearly felt it coming from my laptop :P

Well I'm not really a person of words so I guess I'll leave you with a good laugh, enjoy:


Our American President

"We're going to -- we'll be sending a person on the ground there pretty soon to help implement the malaria initiative, and that initiative will mean spreading nets and insecticides throughout the country so that we can see a reduction in death of young children that -- a death that we can cure." --George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., Oct. 18, 2007

(Is there a cure for death? He must know something we don't)

"The same folks that are bombing innocent people in Iraq were the ones who attacked us in America on September the 11th." --George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., July 12, 2007


"Make no mistake about it, I understand how tough it is, sir. I talk to families who die." --George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., Dec. 7, 2006

(Oh Really?)

Maria Bartiromo: "I'm curious, have you ever googled anybody? Do you use Google?"
President Bush: "Occasionally. One of the things I've used on the Google is to pull up maps. It's very interesting to see -- I've forgot the name of the program -- but you get the satellite, and you can -- like, I kinda like to look at the ranch. It remind me of where I wanna be sometimes." --interview with CNBC's Maria Bartiromo, Oct. 24, 2006

(Google? :?)

"This morning my administration released the budget numbers for fiscal 2006. These budget numbers are not just estimates; these are the actual results for the fiscal year that ended February the 30th." --George W. Bush, on the fiscal year that ended on Sept. 30, Washington, D.C., Oct. 11, 2006

(Throughout my odd years of living I have never witnessed a February 30th)

"The Patriot Act has increased the flow of information within our government and it has helped break up terrorist cells in the United States of America. And the United States Congress was right to renew the terrorist act -- the Patriot Act." --George W. Bush, Washington, D.C. , Sept. 7, 2006

( :lol: )

You know, one of the hardest parts of my job is to connect Iraq to the war on terror." --George W. Bush, interview with CBS News' Katie Couric, Sept. 6, 2006

(Really? So you're telling me the war is for nothing Mr. President?)

"I think -- tide turning -- see, as I remember -- I was raised in the desert, but tides kind of -- it's easy to see a tide turn -- did I say those words?" --George W. Bush, asked if the tide was turning in Iraq, Washington, D.C., June 14, 2006

( :lol: I don't think he knew what tide turning meant)

"I was not pleased that Hamas has refused to announce its desire to destroy Israel." --George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., May 4, 2006

(????:shock: )

Oh Bush, how you make us laugh until we weep. Our economy is in the danger zone and the next Great Depression is near, but in a time of a crisis you put a smile on our faces.

So long everyone,


Wake Me Up When September Ends ****EDIT****

This may be a bit early, but I would like to address the topic now since I dislike writing blogs. Towards the end of August until the beginning of October, I will not be present in any unions nor will I even be active on Gamespot at all. Due to some circumstances outside of cyberspace I have to take my leave for some time...for a long time. Do not be alarmed. It is not something that is devastating in which I will be in excruciating mental distress, so please no "I hope you are alright" because I am.

On a lighter note, I saw The Mummy 3 in the movie theaters on Thursday, and I really liked it. The new wife had to grow on me throughout the movie, and the son did not come close to growing on me nor did I like him. In the second film, the son was much younger and he possessed an English accent, but in the new film he had somewhat of an English accent in the beginning in which rapidly diminished (He became an American). This horrible mistake also took place in the movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves when Kevin Costner never possessed the accent even though they were in that vicinity of the world. I dislike mishaps in movies such as this, but other than that the movie was enjoyable.

I probably might buy some games for my Nintendo DS next weekend. I have my eyes on The World Ends With You and Final Fantasy IV which have good ratings from Gamespot. Okay now I am getting bored so I guess I'll end it here.

EDIT: Ok I'm leaving guys until October, See everyone later if I come back. Until that time.

Illa li Qa'ii,


Wii Are Underdogs

Here it goes. My brain finally conjured and brewed another topic on which I can write or rather rant about. In previous blogs, in which I have deleted because I got sick of looking at it, I am guilty of doing one of the sins of Gamespot. Please move the kids away from the computer screen this might get ugly. I am guilty of BWB-Blogging While Bored. I know please don't gasp, I know some who are guilty of way worse and even paid the consequences for it. I'm what you can call a minor sinner.

Maybe you have read topics on the Nintendo Wii, commented on them, or even wrote one yourself. There is no "buts" in that sentence, you just have to read one again. It's not going to be compared to Sony PS3 or Microsoft XBOX 360, it's just going to be praised for the years it has been our companion. I'm not taking away from Microsoft or Sony, for I love both (even though my heart is not with microsoft, I have been caught playing over 100 games of Halo). Therefore, I'm not looking down upon any console.

Nintendo has been with us ever since The X-files was the number one hit tv show, and after a hedgehog put on shoes, and began to run. We played our brothers/sisters in Street Fighter, raced to defeat the worlds in order to get Princess Peach from Bowser in Mario Bros., and became a swordsman in The Legend of Zelda. All the great years and Nintendo is still holding on strong. We watched our parents try and play Nintendo games. From my own personal experience, one day my mother wanted to try out Mario Bros. on the Nintendo. My siblings and I told her that she had to wait for a while in order to be safe. Finally we told her to go and she walked right off the "cliff" and killed poor Mario. Then Nintendo 64, once again parents play Mario Kart and they turn the joystick as if that would control there go-kart.

Now, Nintendo Wii, a console for anyone. It does not discriminate, but rather it is for the poor and the rich, the weak or the strong, the young or the old, and the gamer or the non-gamer. People that do not know what a joystick is, is interested in buying a Wii Fit. I have never seen a parent so eager to buy their children a Nintendo console before. Nintendo is changing and reshaping the way the gaming world is viewed. "And yet again it is creating history," the wise words of my sister. The art of Link's sword is coming into our households as we move the Wii-mote with excellence, slashing at our opponents. The battle between the characters of Nintendo is brewing in Super Smash Bros. brawl. And here we are gaming with our long-time companion and friend, Nintendo.

Whether you dislike or like Nintendo, love Sony more, or even hate the ground Microsoft walks on, you have to admit that Nintendo took part in shaping the gaming world and is changing it for the better with the help of Sony and Microsoft. You Go! Next-Gen consoles for giving us gaming nerds a meaning.

This ones for you Smitticus

So long,