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My 1st Reader Review! (Devil May Cry)

I've finally decided to start writing reviews for games on GS. I was planning on doing this a while back. But to be honest, I didn't know basic members could write reviews. Now that I know I can, I will do some over the next few weeks. Anyway, my first review is Devil May Cry for PS2. Here is the link for anyone who wishes to read it.

Thumbs up and trust is welcome by the way! ;)


20 Years Old Today

Today's my birthday. I'll probably celebrate with a few drinks with friends. I never really get gifts for my birthday. It's usually been cash. So I'll just pick up some movies, games and maybe some albums with the money.

14 Days until MGS3 by the way! :D

Man Utd 4 - 2 Arsenal


Ronaldo has a message for you gooners...

Arsenal really are the greatest team in the world aren't they? THE Invincibles, according to the Football media. :lol:

You'll never be greater than United. Great teams defend their title. Arsenal haven't done that, therefore they can never be compared to United's treble winning side of 1999. All you had was your pathetic unbeaten run, and United took that away from you. How was that an unbeaten run by the way? Yes, they didn't get beat in the league, but United, Chelsea and Middles'boro all beat Arsenal in cup competitions. Uniteds unbeaten run of 46 games (1999) in all competitions was far more impressive. In that run, we didn't lose to Arsenal, Barca, Bayern Munich, Inter Milan and Juventus.

Enough of todays rant. I just wanted to annoy Arsenal fans, if there is any at GS of course. I know this place has more American members who will not care for this. They prefer their pathetic version of Football, you know the one where they hardly ever use their feet. :lol:


Shuyo Murata...

The Director of Zone of the Enders 2: The Second Runner and "Guy Savage", Shuyo Murata is rumoured to be the next in-line to direct the MGS series. This is all coming from a magazine in Japan (possibly Famitsu, but nothing confirmed yet). We'll get back to you all on whether this is the real deal, or made up nonsense.

Anyone have an opinion on this rumour? I'll share my thoughts later.


I'm Thinking About Coming Back to System Wars...

I left Gamespot forums on November 16th, just after MGS3 got it's review. I was planning to come back after playing MGS3 (March 2005) but I'm thinking about coming back now. I'm online on weekdays on a regular basis. I am on other forums such as and, but I hardly post. It's hard to post on Source since most of the conversation is about MGS3 which I haven't played. And on I don't post much either.

Gamespot is the only place where I posted on a regular basis even though I think the forums blow. System Wars is pretty much a joke, and the Mods are just as worse too, I still want to come back though! :lol: I've heard quite a few regulars have been banned, so SW could be full of members I don't even know. If that is the case I would probably never come back anyway.

So I might come back. Hopefully some members I know still post there. I would start posting today, but I'm busy. I might come on tomorrow though!


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