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Hahaahah, that's hilarious, in all my yrs of playing this game I never realized that as an option as I have never played a female character, very hilarious that's written in there tho, haha. The devs of these games never cease to amaze and delight.

For Example I've been playing Oblivion since it came out, and STILL find something new every time I play it!!

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Haha, come on now, don't hate on the game just cuz it doesn't fit your busy schedule. This game is incredible and its unfortunate that you cant experience it like the rest of us, but if you cant play it for 15-20 minutes every couple of days, then yes I can see how this game would not be for you, but that doesn't mean its terrible or a conspiracy by any means, with all due respect.

Its extremely unique because of that feature and keeps it very interesting for those of us that can devote some time to it daily, in fact, I've been playing for a few weeks now, and didn't even realize those things could happen while I'm not playing! Ahhh! I love it :-) Makes me think of the game and how my survivors are holding up even when I'm not playing!!!,... I'm sorry, but to me, that's awesome.

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@equanox214: I will concede that yes, Unreal Tournament was always pretty fast, but that was THE fastest game around when it came out and for decades. The games today, I think due in part to what @craigkelleigh said about the sharper graphics just seem to be so much more intense.

I do not think however, Counter-strike is a fair comparison. In that game you had 10 people on a map at maximum, that is in no way like a game with between 16-64 players and a plethora of vehicles to jump in and pilot alongside changing landscape and terrain.... That, is a quite different game entirely, and as far as focusing on "what matters" again, I don't see how you can when there are potentially 32 other people against you, all possibly piloting vehicles or sniping from insanely well hidden positions. It is enough to make me sick.

@k2theswiss actually, what I'm say is complete sentences, haha. I may be slightly older, but its not quite an issue of a senile brain that cant keep track of things as it is a complete overload of the visual senses.

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So is it just me, or do modern games get more and more seizure inducing with each release? I mean is it the ultimate goal of these developers to leave people convulsing on the floor after a 20minute play session? Or for us to have our heads in the toilet after the same time interval?

Call me crazy but new games make me sick more then make me enjoy a new game experience. That goes at least for everything I've seen on Xbox One and another reason I have yet to get one. I am an old man (28) and I can admit that, but I don't see how anyone can handle that much imagery and enjoy it. It seems to be worse on the "twitch" shooters then most other games, but still, its sickening.

Hence I'd rather play DOOM over any 1st person shooter released in the last 5yrs. The last good fps game IMO was Battlefield Bad Company 2. That at least seemed manageable to me, but there is SO Much S*&# going on in games like Titanfall, Battlefield 4, and any of the call of dutys since 4, how the hell can anyone even see the players their shooting at?? When did shooters become about how much shit you could put on screen, and how many crazy things you can have going on all at once? To me that's not entertainment its annoying.

Which brings me to ask the question,...

Do New Games also make you physically sick to your stomach and or induce headaches??

What would you like to see done differently??

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Uhh,.... so does anyone have any information on this game? I see no images new or reviews,... so "my question is, what the hell"-Ron Swanson. Is this a fighting game, platformer? I suppose it cant be any good if there's no info on it, but it looked like it might be a full release of Spartacus Legends, or at least made by the same people, and that game would have been AWESOME if it wasn't so damn glitchy. Anyway, just curious, tho its probably not even worth my curiosity let alone any money.

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Well for my two cents,

I generally play games on HARD to make them last longer, I feel like anytime I play a game on normal I'm done with it far to quickly.

However, I have also been playing video games since 1986 so I understand if some folks prefer an easier mode of play to get them through the experience. Whatever difficulties gives you the most enjoyment from the game, that's what you should play it on. As far as what difficulties reviewers should play it on for their review, again I think its up to them, but they should, at the very least make a LARGE note of what difficulty they played it on for people who may be reading their review as that would be helpful to account for any shortcomings or challenges the reviewer may have faced while playing.

I have noticed almost any shooter be it 3rd person or 1st person generally comes with some form of aim assist engaged by default, for me, this ruins shooting games. Not that it will for everyone but for me it does, so that's one thing I'll always go in and change before I even start a new shooter, but again that's just me, and what may be right for some, may not be right for all.

Use your own discretion, if the game is too easy for you, turn up that D! if its too hard, turn it down, if you cant find a comfortable setting for you, maybe that particular game just isn't meant for you to begin with.

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Answered one question about DLC too fast.

The Survey asked "how does a game having DLC weigh on your decision to purchase it?"

Without thinking it over I selected "not at all" however on second thought,....

I DO NOT like DLC for games, and if a game has it, especially before the damn thing is even released (BF4) its a HUGE negative for me. Reason being, case n point, for the most part they are just trying to make people pay for what they used to just include in games through unlockable's, easter eggs, other hidden gems n what not. Now you just pay $2.99 and you can get Sagat's new costume,.... ^%$#! that.

Having said that from time to time there is Worthy new content released, things like The Shivering Isles for Oblivion which can add at least 20-40 new hours of gameplay at bare minimum (personally it added closer to 100hrs for me) that is a worthy add on. However, things like new guns, new characters, and what not should simply be included ESPECIALLY if the game hasn't even been released yet.

Far, far to much leeway has been given for what is acceptable as DLC and what is not. There are pros and there are cons to be sure, I'm just sick of feeling like I'm being ripped off when I drop $60 for a new game, and then the following day/week I begin to get emails about adding new maps, guns, and game modes, PUT THAT ^%$# in the game I just paid for please!

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Ok folks, in reality, BOTH are excellent methods of multiplayer gaming. The only time one is better then the other is circumstantial. Cant always drive over to a friends house, cant always get online at the same time as a friend, so depending on which the case may be would explain why one person may prefer one over the other. I like both options and feel there is great need for both, I am slightly saddened that couch co-op does seem to be a thing of the past anything outside of Nintendo games, but oh well, I enjoyed my youth behind the controller, but I dont opine for it to be like it was in the old days because again, here in reality, "Time pass's, things change, like a rivers flow it never ends"-Sheik (LoZOoT)

I say keep up with whatever's most prudent for you personally, and let others do as they will also. I dont understand why everything has to be an internet argument as opposed to a discussion. Jasonguy you seem to take everything personally, and consider all others Mongoloid in their opinions, relax chief, you also don't seem to care much for human contact if your that adamant about giving up half your screen so a real human being could sit next to you and enjoy playing a game, lol.

It would be nice to see more couch co-operable games, developers should keep in mind gamers do enjoy both. :-)

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