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Another one Bites the Dust (360!)

So its finally happened,... once again...

All set and ready to play your favorite Xbox 360, TOO BAD!

"Open Tray" says Xbox 360

"But there's already a disk in there"-Me

"Open Tray"- says Xbox 360

"Ok," - Me (Opens Tray, Closes Tray)

"Open Tray"- Says Xbox 360

"..."- Me

Rinse and repeat an infinite number of times, and this is how you arrive at a busted disc drive for the 3rd time. The laser has once again, (for the 3rd time now, all on different Xbox 360's) stopped reading my games, it seems to happen p every box I get after a certain amount of time. It has even happened to a couple friends I know a couple of times.

"They sure dont build em like they used to,..." and it applies to almost everything these days.

I can still play my digital games which is cool,... but not sure if I'll every buy another 360 again with this kind of track record...

Carmack Says,...

"Speaking toGames Industry International, Carmack said Microsoft and Sony are too focused on boosting technical power, when they should instead be working on building new experiences for future consoles. "Sony and Microsoft are going to fight over gigaflops and teraflops and GPUs and all this. In the end, it won't make that much difference," he said. "When you get to this, it makes a really big difference in the experience. Nintendo went and brought motion into the gaming sphere and while only having a tenth of the processing power was able to outsell all of them in all of these ways. I think someone has an opportunity to do this here. It takes a whole ecosystem though, but it is almost perfect."

And I totally agree. I have absolutely zero intention on purchasing the "Next Gen" of consoles. I have a 360 a 3DS, and a ragged but running PC for games, what else does one need? I'll get a new system when someone gives me a REAL reason to buy one but more memory and faster processors isn't going to sell me. As Carmack said people are more interested in new experiencesin games or at least a new way to enjoy them such as motion sensing/kinect or even touch controls and that sort of thing.

I may have said it before but I'll say it again, gameplay is what matters to gamers, it always has been and it always will be.



Doom 64

In my opinion was one of the greatest entries in the series ever. My question is,...... Where is it? The cart itself is pretty rare, and its even rarer (tho i have one) to find a working N64 these days.

I'm hoping, beyond hope that we can generate enough steam here on gamespot to make ID/Bethesda possibly consider porting it to xbox live arcade for us to download.

Its a little crazy they still want 800 points just for DOOM 2, but I'd be willing to pay 1600 for DOOM 64.

Anyone else out there love these game's as much as I do?

Personally I'm considering two excellent tattoo's from the original DOOM to put upon myself very soon. I've been playing this series since it first came out and I was but a child, it hasn't lost ANY of its fun and luster in my eyes.


Yup, I'm still playing it. Hoping I can find some people on line soon to finish up my 100 deathmatch kills,.... anyone?.... Anyone???...... Bueler?.....?

If your interested send a message to my xbox live gamertag. Thanks and thats all for now.

Stop It Now!

Just got an email announcing the new call of duty black ops 2,....... WHO $#&@**& CARES! jesus christ! It's sickening how much the game industry has turned into hollywood. Churning out crap title, after crap title, after bs, copy, paste, repeat crappy mother****ing title. If people would stop eating these shovels of s*** up with a dumb smile on their face maybe it would give developers some incentive to create something original again,...... FOR $@!#'s SAKE!


I Feel Cheated.

As the title implies, yes, I feel cheated. Why you ask? DLC for operation Raccoon City. Now the RE series pretty much being my favorite I'm happy enough to eat up almost anything they shovel out,... However, after seeing what they have done with the DLC for this game, I've pretty much lost all faith in video games.

I'm referring first off to the Nemesis mode they released as dlc the day the game came out and possibly even a few days sooner. Now I've read the arguments and to me, there is no valid one for something like that especially when you consider the lack of overall content given to us on the disc otherwise. 7 single player levels and 4 multi-player modes? That's so little for $60 its sad.

On top of that they released the Spec Ops missions a few days ago only giving us the first level free,... Ya know Tom Petty wrote a song about s#@! like this and its called "The Last DJ" in it he says quote "all the boys upstairs want to see how much you'll pay for what you used to get for free." Now this should raise a very interesting point to those of you gamers paying attention out there. Were being robbed and cheated by dlc and its time it stops. The developers need to stop trying to charge us extra for games we've shelled out around $60 for already and include some substantial content. Stop trying to charge us extra for what should already damn well be there. And they know it!

Now generally I appreciate DLC when its released long after the game comes out, and isn't clearly a cash grab. But this outcry isn't just telling those devs to hold off that content until later, because if I buy one more game that is as short as Raccoon City was and then see there is stuff I can download for it on day one or even weeks later, I'm gonna lose it. They know exactly what their doing so I don't wanna here any kind of defense for it.

DEVS please, pleasestart putting all the content on the disc for us and stop charging us extra for it. If the game takes a little longer to come out who gives a s#$! it will be that much better, more substantial and long lasting, and I'll feel like I'm actually getting my moneys worth and continue to buy games. Do it not, and I will continue to feel cheated, and find my entertainment elsewhere. Stop robbing gamers or we will quit!!


I'm Back!

Hello Everyone!

It has been some time but I'm finally back in the games. :twisted:

Currently Playing: Skyrim, Mario Kart7, Super Mario Land 3D and coming soon, Resident Evil Revelations. They are all pretty much 10/10 games and I'm having a lot of fun with all of them. What is your favorite game as of now and why?

For me its Skyrim because it is most definitely the most epic quest since Oblivion. Its like it in so many ways, yet also so different. I often found myself asking this question while playing Oblivion, "there are so many monsters and enemies, it seems the only thing missing is Dragons,"..... well guess what, Skyrim is full of them, and they all just so happen to want you dead! its excellent, and I don't see it getting old anytime short from 10yrs from now.

The other thing I love is that even with all the Elder Scrolls titles to date, there are still a number of Provinces in Tamriel we have yet to visit, such as Valenwood, and others. I cannot wait to see what they will do with the next game, however I will also be more then willing to wait very, very patiently! Masterpieces such as Oblivion and Skyrim have no need to be rushed by rabid fans. Let the creators create their magic in due time and we shall not be disappointed as is clearly evident in the realm of Skyrim.

I've waited for it to come out for over five years now and to say I'm not disappointed in it is a truly amazing thing in today's day and age of copy, paste and clone formulas.


Keeps Getting Better

That is,


The fighting game universe, getting better all the time!

The new system looks really cool you can tell they are putting a lot of work into it, not just rushing out some garbage mess that wouldnt work. I'm sure it will be tons of fun to play with, I hope everyone else is as excited as I am for this one.

Favorite Soundtracks

So it may be a common blog topic but I figure with as much as I appreciate the music in video games, its time to list off my top 5 video game soundtracks of all time.

1. Oblivion - Jermey Soule.

2. Megaman 3 - Yasuaki Fujita.

3. Resident Evil - Makoto Tomozawa.

4. Red Dead Redemption - Bill Elm, Woody Jackson.

5. Final Fantasy X - Nobuo Uematsu.

Doom 3D Please!

Wouldn't that be the greatest? Of course it would need online multi-player to be a true and complete Homage but the 3DS should easily be able to handle that as well. Whether it was a digital download in the estore or a full retail game for the 3ds I would buy it up quick.

It looks like everything to know about the 3DS has been known since even a little before its release. We have Star Fox 64, Paper Mario, Metal Gear and Resident Evil Revelations to look forward to, but outside of that and the other games they have already talked about, I dont hear much mention of whats after that or whats next, or if any other devs are looking into supporting it. Whats the deal with that?

Not that I support remake after remake on the system either as that gets old very quickly but there are a least a handfull of classics like Doom that I think every gamer could appreciate having in 3D, portable, and in their pocket.