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Dry spell?

Yes I realize there are some very anticipated video games coming out in the next month or two, but is it just me or is there a dry spell right now? I realize its right after the Christmas season, but shouldnt there be a massive amount of games on the shelves that I want to play? Come on, I went to my local spell looking for Bully and picked up Call of Juarez... yeah. So I guess what I am asking for from the few that read this, what old games for the 360/PS3 should I check out.... and what games are you guys waiting for (Besides Street Fighter of course)?

-The Croix Man

GRRRRRR... how a good day can turn into a crummy day in a second or two

Ok, so I have gone through a good amount of 360s in my day (I love that insurance policy) so last week I bought Need for Speed and my 360 froze... I thought it was the game and thought nothing of it. This morning I was playing Spider-Man.... and it froze. So I decided to get a memory card to save my games onto it so I can get a new Harddrive with the 360 (I've kept my original 20 for sometime)... I put my games onto the memory cards then decided to erase my gamertag and such from the HD so no one can plug in the 360 and play as me and such....well I erase it and look in my memory cards and HD... IT WAS ALL GONE! In other words I lost all my saved games... so close to beating a few and now GONE!... Yeah I kind of want to cry. Has this happened to anyone else?

-The Croix Man

Should I give her another chance?

Ok, I remember when I was younger I would look at the Tomb Raider boxes and want to play them... but never did since they wouldn't hold my interest. A few years back I tried my first Lara... and five minutes in I turned it off. Couple of years ago I bought the Annaversery game... played it for maybe about ten minutes and havn't touched it since. And still now I want to play the new Lara Croft game. It is a genre I love (come on Drake's Fortune and Prince of Persia? I'm there) and the Tomb Raider stories always seem interesting..... heck I even enjoyed BOTH (ok not the second one so much) movies. So please tell me why I can't get into Lara Croft (ok you can make a joke about that but I didn't mean it to sound like that). So please, can somebody tell me why I can't play these games and how I can overcome this because I really want to try my hand in at least one Tomb Raider game.

-The Croix Man

So far so bad

So, I had high hopes for this video game sesion and I must say all the games I got so far have disapointed me. Mind you I have not tried Dead Space (seems like it would be to scary for me). BUT I do have high hopes the rest of the year with Gears of War 2, Resistance 2, Fallout 3, Prince of Persia.... and yeah.... so it has been bad recently, but just wait for there seems to be a light.

-The Croix Man

I feel like I am always feeling like I spoke to soon...

It seems that Wet is alive, without a publiser but still alive. I went to a book store yesterday to get myself a new book (imagine that) and decided to look at the gaming magazines. On two covers I saw pictures of Rubi (the charecter from Wet) and I couldnt help but smile.... so yup just thought you kids would like to know that it seems that Wet has returned from the dead.

-The Croix Man

My new baby....

So, as we know I recently got a pretty good job and I just moved out two weeks ago (from today) and my first week in my new place no video games since I had no computer or tv... that all changed last weekend when I got my new baby. If you ever see me on PS3 network or Live you will know I am gaming on a 42" plasma is beautiful. In a few months when I am done with my traveling for work I want to get some bose speakers around my room. Until then I have reserved all of my games and eagerly awaiting this hectic time of the year for us gamers... can't wait.

-The Croix Man

Time to broaden my horizons

So, this past thursday a place I interviewed at called me up and offered me a job... and I took it. Now with this job I can focus on one thing that I have always wanted to do, which is make my own gaming computer. And this time is better then any with StarCraft2 and Diablo 3 coming out in a year or two. So I just got the tower in the mail, and since I am moving this weekend closer to the job I will start buying the new parts after I move. my new special edition tower(Its n Antec P182 Special Edition)

I was looking at see through towers for a while with all the cool lights and all, but when my friend showed me this one my jaw droped and I just fell in love/lust. All I know is that when I go to Digital Overload next year people will be looking at my computer in awe 8)

-The Croix Man

Saints Row 2

So yeah, I havn't beat GTA4 or MGS4... and both for good reasons. GTA4 because it ereased the past ten missions I did and the picture is really bad on my tv, and MGS4, because such a game deserves to be beaten on an HDTV. On that note I just preordered Saints Row 2, and I am hoping I will be able to beat it without having to wait to get an HDTV.

So, why am I mentioning all this? Because it makes me think of some of the great games we have had this year, and great games we will have... and maybe I wasn't wrong. So, we may not have a lot of original games out this year... but thats ok... I am having a blast and a half...oooo can't wait for Gears of War 2. Alrigth everyone, hope you enjoy your gaming for now, I am off to play some more Max Payne (wanna beat it before I watch the movie).

-The Croix Man


Well I know the Game Spot post says that one game is still unnamed ( ) but I doubt it is Wet, so I guess I said goodbye at the proper time so it doesn't hurt as much as it could have (still kinda wanna cry).





-The Croix Man

2008 falls again... and talking a bit about Soul Caliber

So if you look at my list of game which made I thought would make 2008 great there is a game at the end called Wet. Well for a while now there has been speculation that this game could end on the chopping blocks due to the mirging of companies. Well it is almost the end of July which means there is only five months left, and on Gamespot's page on Wet the forums are pretty much dead besides a post a month, there are no new updates for who knows how long... and the release date is still "TBA 2008." Thus, since I am so great with math and being a private eye I am officly giving up on Wet coming out in 2008... let alone ever.

Don't get me wrong, if this game does come out sometime along with Duke Nukem (thats right I went there) I will be the first in line... but I just feel that that day will never come. Thus another game goes off my list of 2008. BUT Civilization Revolution has come out and I was excitied when I found out about it a week or two before it came out and yeah... I love it... but I still don't think its "one of the best games of the years to make 2008 great" kind of game. But if you are a civ fan, check it out.

So onto Soul Caliber. Simply put, I am not getting it yet. I've been seeing rumers all aroung saying that each charecter (Yoda and Darth Vader) will be DLC... and I want to wait to see if they actully are. See, I think I would want Darth Vader more.... but just to fight Yoda vs Darth Vader I think would be epic. Also I am addicted to achievment points so I would want it on 360.... which doesn't have Darth Vader. So why am I writing about this? I donno, I just want cold hard facts from a reliable source that says they will be DLC 100%. Until then, I hope you all enjoy this sure to be awesome game which DOES deserve to be on the list of 2008 greats (well it probably will but can't really say until we check it out.... serisuly look at Turning Point). Alright, I am off to read a bit. Until next time.

-The Croix Man

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