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@Macutchi said:
@angerawr said:

So sorry, this is a bug. Thank you so much for letting us know, we will update this thread once we have it fixed.

great news it's going to be fixed but, come on mate, we all know this isn't a bug lol. there's too much stuff been changed for that. this is a poorly considered UI rollout.

i'm not in any way suggesting it's your fault by the way but please feedback to your dev teams that, if they're going to be tinkering with the forum, to focus on existing problems - the heavy load times, that adblock prevents embedded youtube videos from loading, the mobile view that's missing so many of the desktop features, the forum search feature that's practically useless etc. with this they've "fixed" a problem that never existed and considerably degraded the forum's usability in the process

Seriously. I'm a programmer. The only way this is a "bug" is if you did zero testing whatsoever on these UI changes before you rolled them out. If so, your development process is broken beyond belief. If you did testing, you'd notice immediately how horrible this is.

Just roll this nonsense back and go back to the drawing board.

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Apparently someone implemented a change to the comments in articles where the upvote, reply, and flag links are hidden until you hover over the comment. Why? No clue. It doesn't make anything better, but it does make things a hell of a lot worse. Why? Because now when you highlight a comment the box expands a little shifting the alignment of other comments.

This is a horrible user experience. When you're idly scrolling down with your mouse in the field of play the boxes jump around disrupting your ability to read things.

Comment box dimensions should not be changing just by moving your mouse around the page!

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Games media should not be the marketing arm of game developers who do whatever game developers tell them to. Posting leaked footage is called journalism.

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Upvoting is still inconsistently broken.

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Looks like upvoting has been broken since yesterday

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Happening to me in every article as well. Windows 7 Firefox.

Please fix.

By the way, the upvoting is often working. If you refresh the entire page you may see your vote got applied. But merely clicking the thumbs up redirects you to the "status" screen as screenshotted above.

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It looks like it was made for mobile phones. Giant empty swaths of space and text crammed in the middle of the screen. Looks like crap on bigger screens. There's bars floating over both the top and bottom now. The bottom bar is especially distracting and results in misclicking into places you don't want to go.

Also comments now need a click to open, which is awful. Clicking on replies used to jump directly to the comment but that's now broken. And the infinite stream is unwanted and unneeded.

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This is happening on every single article today. Firefox, desktop.

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@ughz: "So clearly you haven't seen Leon, Black Swan, V for Vendetta, Heat, or Garden State, among others"

I have. I've also seen Thor. She's awful. She's attractive though, hence why she keeps getting work.

"And are you fucking shitting me? Did you just link me to this lisped Jay Baruchet sounding ****** as if that is supposed to explain anything?"

Yes, I did link the most intelligent and definitive source of all Star Wars criticism. Your explosion into vulgar stupidity only proves that you really have nothing of value to say.

Perhaps you should write a 108 page rebuttal.

Oh wait, was that you!?

"The duel between Anakin and Obi-Wan is the only one in the saga that had any emotion behind it except for Return of the Jedi, to a far lesser extent."

And it lasted too long, as explained. Hell, there's even a clip of the editor of the movie saying the fight wasn't exciting. The people who worked on the film admit it sucks!

You seem to be one of the drooling fanboys who just likes lightsabers flashing around.

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@bigrob007: People believing a terrorist attack happened (doesn't matter where) could effect the stock market. I'm not even kidding.