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What's Cracking? Issue 12

Well i have yet another review up, this one for assasins creed. Now i am not sure if anyone actually reads this blog but it just gives me a bit of satisfaction to post this stuff. As promised in issue 11 here are my impressions for my two new games - Final Fantasy XII and Kingdom Hearts i'll start with Kingdom Hearts.

As most people have i grew up with the Disney versions of classic fairytales and watched many of their original movies i.e tarzan and the lion king etc. Having not played many Final Fantasy games beside III and XII i was not amazed to see all the classic charecters excluding Cid. I am currently in the boss fight against Cerbureus. However this is my second trip to Olympus Colliseum (you don't have to fight him right away) and have done the first warp ring. The platforming is terrible and the camera is not that much better. The gummi ship sections are not that bad in my opinion. Yes they are nowhere near as good as the bulk of the game but they remind me of Starfox which has some nostalgia value. I enjoy it but the shadow this next game casts is just too big for this to hold a candle to it.


WOW! The story - epic, charecters - involved and you can see where this is going. This is the most value for money i have got in a while. Oblivion is one of the other two which gave me this much value (kingdom hearts being the other) i could go on all day about it but i won't so i am going to go play some now - i have just got out of the barhiem passage and i am building up my level before leaving rabanstre via the aerodrome.


What's Craking? 11 - RPG overflow, new review, games completed

This is a short message to let you know i am still active but haven't been around on gamespot for a while. So i have ordered Final Fantasy XII (my First FF game Shocking i know but at least i am getting it) and Kingdom hearts which should be intresting to f**k about on for a while. I have put a new review up for Uncharted:Drakes Fortune which i recently beat and expect reviews for the other games i beat - Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock, Assasins Creed, Call Of Duty 4 and The Elder Scrolls IV:OBLIVION in coming weeks. I know you have probably already beaten these but hey maybe it will be intresting to see my view on them. FFXII and Kigdom Hearts should come sometime next week so ill give you my first impressions of them then. So untill later

Save the Cheerleader, Save the word


What's Cracking? Issue 10 - Another Year another Game

Well as promised whats cracking issue 10. My birthday was yesterday and like most days it sucked. Hardly anyone wished me happy birthday but then thats where my clan comes in. They are like a second family and are my most valued friends so if you are reading this i thank you.


God of War 3 theroies (Contains mild spoilers for God of War 2)

Well i have just seen the truly amazing ending of God of War 2. In many ways it's like the Halo 2 ending, you get pumped and your charecter says lets finish this then it ends. I have a few theories about what may happen in God of War 3 or maybe even chains of olympus. First if you caught it during the Eurayle battle she screams "You killed my sister" this of course refers to Medusa. There are 3 of the sisters so i think there will be the final one in God of War 3. Also even though its highly unlikely your brother and sister may return. If you don't know what i mean in an extra video in the orginal God of War gained by beating the game on God Mode (Very Hard) your mother reveals you were the son of Zeus. Athena also tells you this as your remove the blade of olympus from her chest. So i mean Ares and Athena may return. It may also work in a system similar to the Need for Speed system eg. you work your way through the racers untill you take down the king. For god of war you take down each god one at a time building up to Zeus. Hades and Posideon will probably be the two bosses before Zeus as of course they are his brothers. This next one i really hope dosen't happen. It changes to a RTS. It will probably never happen but may appear as a gimmick which would ruin the game. Titans vs Gods? Even if they don't there might bea spin off like with the lord of the rings franchise. And as a sort of funny gimmick i think you will kill that guy again. You know the one whol was in the mouth of the hydra? The one who you threw into the river styx? Who the barbarian summoned as a soul and looked scared? He will return and may be a boss or something looking for vengence. Final theroy before some GOW2 moments, Kratos kills Gods then turns on the Titans to become the supreme ruler of everything. Now for the highs and lows of God of War 2 -

Lows - Blade of Olympus is a rubbish weapon compared to maxed out blades but you have to use it during the final fight, the phoenix puzzle killed me so many times as i missed timed the jump and the gate closed before i reached the urn, you die at the hands of Zeus, Final sister of fate almost made me sick.

Highs - Plenty of twists in the story, You kill another god, both gods you have killed turn out to be your family, you crush zeus under a pillar, you end up controling time, amazing graphics, plenty of gore, killing minotaurs never gets old, the kraken's awsome death, the final sister's awsome death, persueus' awsome death, the sheer deepness of the game, that bit where you have hundreds of enimies to kill before the spikes crush you, Kratos is a badass.

As you can se the highs out weigh the lows and really shows what the PS2 is made of. And the final moment of this blog my god checklist -

Umaril the Unfeathered (TES4:OBLIVION) - Dead

Ares - Dead

Athena - Dead

Zeus - Work in Progress

Hades - Work in Progress

Posedion - Work in Progress

Hermes - Work in Progress

(Other Gods to be added)


What's Cracking? Issue 9

Well now as i have informed my clan i am going back to school next week so i will be less active. If you own a PS3 copy of RSV we are recruiting for my clan so let me know. Getting back into God of War 2 i will keep you posted. My next guarented blog will be on September 9th and will be a full Whats Cracking rather than this shortie


Liverpool vs. Chelsea Rant

Graham Poll has destroyed decent referees reputation. In the second half this complete **** gave Chelski, sorry chelsea a penalty. This was a very wrong decision. Chelsea knew it wasn't a penalty they didn't even appeal. He dived and the nearest defender was at least 3ft away from him. So we ended up losing 2pts to them and walking away with a 1-1 draw. After the match he refuses to give his views on the decision. Today (20th August) he says he was wrong and is going to apoligisve. This isn't good enough, we should be awarded the points (or at least get a replay of the game). This is my message to Mr. Poll - (parental discrecsion advised)


Look out for whats cracking on sunday sorry for the bad launguage. And for my final sentence an oblivion pleaser

All hail Sithis


The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Well i have completed the "Knights of the Nine" expansion and wow. It is much better than the main quest (in my opion) and the armour is brilliant. The divine crusader armour is some of the most original ive seen in any RPG. In addition to this you get to use Priory of the Nine as a base. You can sleep there and use your private room (with a double bed) to store objects. There is a trainig facilite in the basement and plenty of warriors come during the course of the missions to join. They all wear armour that has the same symbols as yours but obviously there armour is not enchanted. Also (much like the shivering isles soldiers) you can command them to come with you, which means you could actually have a chance of defeating numerous guards as the knights are fierce fighters. In addition to this when you attempt to pickpocket them they say "take it i didnt need it anyway". Some guards also give you respect by greeting you as the divine crusader instead of citizen which can be so annoying. If you own the PS3 version go to the prohet in Anvil and start this series of compelling missions. If you missed out on 360 or PC i urge you to try and find a way to download it.


Sam Barley

What's Cracking? Issue 8

Now despite losing my self in Tamriel for quite a while (RPG fans now what i am talking about) i have my clan up and running. Special Assualt Squardren or SAS for short is its name. If anyone reading this has a clan please contact me so we can arrange a match. BTW we play in America's timezone (GMT or PMT i am not sure) as thats where all the members bar me live. So only a shortie today as i am doing some stuff but looking forward to Madden launch center. Hijinks ensured with Jeff Gerstman about.

See ya


What's Cracking? Issue 7

So here we are the bumper issue of my blog since i have been away for a few weeks. Onto buisness a short review of Transformers the film.

The film takes a while to get into itself despite a great action scene at the begining. There are some very funny parts throughout such as during a class report Sam Whit-Whickey utters the phrase "My grandfather was a seaman" to high school students. Il'll say no more. Overall for die hard fans of the cartoon they might not like the new darker edge but for the rest of us its brilliant. - 4 stars.

Like i said they will be short because i am bit rushed for time.(I want to get back to rainbow Six Vegas online). Next up Harry Potter and the prder of the phoenix review.

This film was a big disapointement. Not to me but to those who haven't read the book this was based on. I took my girlfriend to see it (another bit of news since my last post i have a girlfriend) and she loves the films but hasn't read the books. The film dosen't tell you key parts and alot of the most enjoyable bits from the book are missing. Overall No Book No Film. 2.5 Stars

The final film review THE GREAT ESCAPE

This is undoubtley my favourite film of the three reviews this week. It follows the story of a group of POW's (Prisoners of war) as they attempt to escape there camp. Full of action and very enjoyable. Overall a must-see for anyone. 5 Stars

Now if you are a harry potter fan then the last week was very important to you as it saw the release of the much anticipated book 7 - Harry Potter and the deathly hallows.

This is a mere impressions as i do not want to give away spoilers. It is exicting throughout and only the ending fails to impress. Not saying to much but there is an opening for more books.

Now in one of myprevious blogs i mentioned i had got tickets to Celebration Europe (Star Wars convention) and it was very fun. There was tons of stuff for collecters and fans alike but there was one very odd thing. There was a live talkshow that focused on the upcoming film Indianna Jones 4.

Now seriously rushed for time quick rating for new demos of the darkness and heavenly sword


Content- 9/10

Graphics- 9/10

Value- 10/10

Anticipation rating (How much we wanted it) - 3/10

Overall 8/10


Content- 6/10

Graphics- 10/10

Value- 7/10

Anticipation rating (How much we wanted it) - 10/10

Overall- 7/10

Rainvow six

My impressions - F*cking Fantastic

Also recruiting cfor clan PM me if intrested

Team Move Out!


Samuel Barley

What's Cracking? Prolouge

The title says prolouge and thats what it is. I have been camping for a few weeks so no posts and just caught up with on the spot and stuff. Hopefully Whats Cracking? will be up tommorow which will include-

Rainbow Six Vegas Stuff (Impressions, online recruiting etc.)

The Great Escape film review

Info on the star wars quiz and convention (Celebration Europe)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Book review

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix film review

Motorstorm review (Will be on profile not in blog)

Heavenly Sword demo impressions

The Darkness demo impressions

Transformers film review

So all that will be up on Tuesday 31st July 2007.

Team Move Out!


Samuel Barley