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Cancelled Sub after 6 years....

Ive been a member of Gamespot for 6 years. I finally just cancelled my subscription.

I know nobody will ever read this but Im ashamed of the direction this site has taken. I believe the downfall began when Greg K. left. I stayed though because Jeff and Alex were always there. I also missed Rich a ton as well. Ive been a member since May 2002. I felt like a part of the family here.

There is no doubt in my mind by the info that has been given and by the comments of Frank Provo and Alex that Jeff was fired because of pressure in relation to the poor review given to a piece of junk game. Im disgusted. I will no longer give my money to a site that has fallen off the path that was so well set by the people who are now gone.

Member since May 11, 2002
Cancelled February 1st 2008

Done with MMO's...for now...playing 360 more...

Lately Ive bee nplaying mainly on my 360 (tag is TekkorGC). Been mainly playing AP Football 2008. Love the 2k football games and this one is really good with the legends etc. Also been getting back into the FPS genre a bit. Been playing 2142 with a few friends and have Quake Wars on preorder.

Other then that.....just hanging on my 360.

Playing LOTRO..very fun...

Several friends and I shifted from Wow to LOTRO recently. The game ahs been very enjoyable. The performance and graphics of the game and the server stability has been very impressive. The game has just enough new to it to keep it from being too similar to the other mmo's out there and the quality of the overall game puts in in the same class as Wow and EQ2 in regards to polish and function.

Anyway...just playing and having fun. Been also replaying Deadrising on my 360. I never finished it the first time through so...giving it a new go.


Finally quit Wow...playing more 360 etc...


Well its been a while since my last Blog entry. I finally quit wow. Just had enough and cut it cold turkey. I do miss it but at the same time I like having more time to do other things. Been playign alot more 360 and been doign other non gaming things like fishing etc.

Anyway...just moving along until the next game that sucks me in hits, lol.


Trying to escape from WOW...

It's a hard thing to do. I have been playing WOW now for a little over a year I guess. Im in a guild of people that I have been with from the beginning.

We are on endgame content...raiding about 4 nights a week. Clearing MC, BWL and halfway through AQ40. I play a warrior. Equipped with 7/8 tier 2 armor, probably 25+ epics and....I also have Thuderfury one of hte legendary items in the game.

I believe I have something like 112 days played on my character.

However the last few weeks I have been trying to pull myself away from the game but its not easy.

Im married and have 2 kids. I also run my own biz. Lately I feel like Im not spending enough time with my family and on top of that...most all the real life friends I had playing WOW with me have now quit pretty much.

Im an officer in my guild and one of the main people driving success. But I just lately am torn on playing. The game has turned into a thing of if you log on to play you will be on a raid like BWL or AQ40 that takes 4-5 hours. Its almost more like a job then fun anymore....but the drive to try to get that next piece of loot or be there for that next new boss kill is addictive for some reason.

The best soloution I have come up with is to just force myself not to log on as much. Im considering making myself pick like 2 nights a week to play and then not let me self log on to the game the other 5. Hopefully this will wing me off the game a bit and give me more time for family etc.

Id be interested to know how other people recognized when they had hit that wall and knew they needed to get out or how they handled it when it happen.

Im still lost.

TQ and more...

Been playing alot of Titan Quest the last few days. Has actually caused me to stop playing wow a bit. Just getting back around to doing things on gamespot here like reviews etc.

Anyway...thats it for tonight.