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Shrek The Third=Disappointment

Well, the first Shrek was fabulous. The animation was amazing, hilarious jokes, and the best villian throughout all the movies. That's why people were so excited to see the second one, which once again delivered an excellent film. When I saw the trailer for the third, I wasn't too impressed. So, I go to the movie to check it out. I don't know why, but the movie did not deliver anything. I barely laughed, Prince Charming is back which sucks big time, and the animation was kinda lame. I hated Artie too. That guy annoyed the living crap out of me. The movie was very boring, and I don't reccomend it to anyone. My grade for Shrek The Third: D-

I Think It's Time I Counted My Money (And Make A New Blog Post)

I've been making some money this week doing numerous tasks. I'm getting closer to having $300, therefore buying an XBOX 360. So far, I maybe have a mere $40-$60. You may not think of that as making progress for a 360, but guess who has a birthday coming up next month? ME!! I'm going to be making some richess bucks! Cool! Excellent! Casanova! Wait..........how long have I been gone? :P Peace Out, Tak963 (a.k.a. lazor_ice on Yahoo! Answers)

Just So You Know, I'm Alive

Haven't made a new blog post in 16 days! So, here it is... New Books I'm Reading: Holes, Pendragon: The Merchant Of Death, A Corner Of The Universe Music I'm Listening To: I Will Follow You Into The Dark, God's Gonna Cut You Down Games I'm Playing: None :o Movies I'm Planning On Seeing: Spider-Man 3, Pirates Of The Carribean: At World's End, Shrek The Third Peace Out, Tak963.

Wii Wishlist

Here are the games/accessories I want for my Wii: 1.) Super Paper Mario 2.) Mario Party 8 3.) Pokemon Battle Revolution 4.) The Dog Island 5.) Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End 6.) Project: H.A.M.M.E.R. 7.) 2000 Wii Points Card 8.) Nyko Wii Remote Charger 9.) Super Smash Bros. Brawl 10.) Super Mario Galaxy I know most of those aren't even out yet. But I think you can do that on a wishlist. :P Anyways, please tell me out of ten what you think of my list or a specific game/s. Peace out, Tak963.

I Can't Leave You Guys!

Yeah, I can't leave. Hoorah! In celebration, I got a new icon! Don't know if I'll keep it though, it kind of has to stick. Well, let's party! Peace out, Tak963.

Goodbye GS (not a joke)

Well, that's right. I know I'm not the only person leaving GS right now. I might be, but that's not the point. I got my another Wii, I don't play it much though. So, I promise this won't be my last time on GS. I will come back. It might not be this month, next month, or even this year! But still. Good bye GS, Tak963. :cry:

OK, Convince Me Why I Should Get An XBOX 360

I recently made a thread to see which console I should save up for. Over half of all the votes (27 out of 45) were telling me to get an XBOX 360. So, I will save up for one. Please note that I do NOT play M rated games. That's why I have doubts. So here are my choices: Buy An X360 (if you choose this please state at least one game that's NOT rated M that's worth buying) Save Up For A PS3 Use The Saved Up Money For New Wii Games/Accessories.

Well, It...Has...Been...Stolen. Who? Buddy.

As you know, I recently got back from my vacation in Mexico. We got home late so I went to bed. The next day I was bored and wanted to play Wii. So, I went to the suitcase the Wii was in. Everything, EVERYTHING, was in there, except the Wii itself. We looked in all the suitcases. Nothing. I'm pretty sure we didn't leave it at the hotel. However, we're waiting for the guy at the hotel to get back to us. My dad's friend says the baggage handlers at the airport were probably the ones who stole it. My parents say they'll buy me a new one. Though I left the Madden disc in there so we have to buy that again too. Well, feeling crappy, Tak963.