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127 Hours movie review

127 Hours is an incredible movie; it transports us on a big, wonderful journey about life, which is ironic, since ninety percent of the film physically takes place in a small, cramped canyon where the protagonist, Aron Ralston, is unable to move. Aron makes a mistake, or rather several mistakes, that lead up to his predicament, and is left with hours, 127 hours to be exact, with which to think about how he arrived in his current state. Of course, as people so often do in dire situations, Aron thinks about and imagines more than just the mistakes that lead directly to his dilemma. There's the fact that he didn't pick up the phone when his mother called on that fateful Friday afternoon while he was getting ready for his excursion, which we find out as the movie goes on is a perfect microcosm of his attitude toward all of his close relationships. Adding salt to the wound is the reality that had he picked up the phone and told his mother what he was doing, there would at least be hope of a rescue team once he was reported missing.

Moving aside for just a moment from all of the sub-plots we can take from within Aron's head (and believe me there are many), the movie itself is executed in a marvelous way. This is due in no small part to the collaboration of James Franco, who plays Aron Ralston, with director Danny Boyle. Boyle's decision to use two cinematographers, Anthony Dod Mantle and Enrique Chediak, also proved instrumental to the film's overall feel. The cinematography perfectly captures the vast Utah wilderness and illustrates to the audience just how very alone Ralston is. The filming of the scenes that take place within the canyon is superb as well. Perhaps, the most striking fact is how very real the entire experience feels. Whether this is a credit to Franco, Boyle, or the cinematographers, is difficult to say, but most likely all of the above. As soon as Aron falls down the canyon and realizes he's trapped, you too feel the panic of the situation. When he utters a simple "oops," all that is needed to sum up his dire state, it's as if you are teleported right into the picture. This is exactly what makes the physical parts of 127 Hours so powerful. Not only do you appreciate and marvel at Aron's story, but it is very easy to imagine and feel as if you are indeed trapped under a boulder. This is only accentuated when the scene in which Raltson cuts off his arm finally rolls around. There is nothing pretty about it; the cracking of bone and severing of nerve is grotesque and not meant to be something pleasant to watch. It is unusual for pain, gore, and butchery to be so real in a movie. However, since the scene is shown with such realistic grit, once again, the film makes us feel as if we are there, and causes us to ask ourselves, what would we do if in Aron's position? A question that is impossible to answer until after such an experience, but one that, nevertheless, makes us think.

The film provides an almost perfect representation of the horrible reality of being trapped under a boulder. It makes us question ourselves and wonder aloud while, perhaps, most importantly taking us on a truly remarkable journey filled with life. The impressiveness of it all is that although 127 Hours has numerous allegorical undertones and metaphorical meanings, there is no one set lesson or moral that everyone is supposed to take from the movie. Each person is free to interpret the events in his own way. One could view it as a smiting of arrogance, while another might see it as a perfect example of why never to give up. Still, someone else might argue that the message is simple: stay logical and do what you have to do in order to survive. Each person's experience with the movie will be a little different, but one thing's for sure, the next time Aron Ralston hears the phone ringing he won't let it go to voice mail.

Overall score: A very impressive 8/10, with its only flaws being a few ill-timed flashbacks, and a mildly awkward video camera scene where Ralston pretends to be both the talk show host and interviewee. The film is simply fabulous, though, and anyone who doesn't see it should be the one saying "oops".

First Blog Entry: A treat for Exoticanimal

So, for the past couple of weeks one user, has been pestering me to start a blog. I have no idea what this is going to be about, but I suppose it will consist of a few, hopefully humorous one liners, amidst other writings that center around all of my various interests. Well maybe not all of my interests,;) as I am fairly certain that blogs are still bound to follow certain TOU.

I'll attempt to keep my numerous emotional deficienies buried and out of sight, after all since when is reading about people complaining remotely interesting, unless of course it's Rodney Dangerfield, or possibly Charlie Sheen doing the talking/writing.

Serious time, where I am obligated to tell you what I am into...I love film, video games, (sorry not into comics, I can't complete the nerd trifecta), as well as sports. I have additional interests, but I don't think they can be talked abou...oh wait I already made that poor excuse of a joke, I apologize.

So...up until this point I have managed to write my blog, but not really say anything(though one could argue that blogs never really do say much of anything), and yes I do consider that a special gift of mine, whenever I get a paper assignment on something that I don't know anything about, which seems to be all to often, (go figure) I simply ramble for a few paragraphs about nothing. It really is a beautiful, albeit sometimes painful and excruciating sight to behold.

-Random adorable photo to break up all the writing, for those who suffer from ADD-

*Note there was actually going to be a great photo too, but HTML error decided to own me*

Now, that I've put it off enough, let's talk about me and all of the exciting or not so exciting things that I've been up to lately. I recently watched 127 Hours, which really is a great movie. Perhaps I'll post a review on it, later this week. I'm not currently in the right mindset to write a movie review however, as in order to do that I must be wearing my black thick rimmed glasses, knit scarf, stylish beret, and of course my all important sweater-vest. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to give you my vastly superior thoughts which I derived through my critical eye. And yes I am superior in my opinion, that is final, arguing would be futile. Let me guess, you thought I Am Number Four was a good movie...admit did.

Now that I've finished with my bigoted holier than thou condescending attitude toward all who don't appreciate art house cinema, and have the nerve to enjoy cheesy action flicks, I will present Exoticanimal aka Brett (sorry for outing your real name to the no doubt, soon to be, thousands of readers of this blog) with his special treat after all he is the one who motivated, or for lack of a better word forced me into starting a blog. Since nude pictures of myself are now out of the question here is an equally great photo.

Yes, that is a picture of a sloth, after all what animal is so exotic, yet at the same time perfectly similar to Exoticanimal himself. Alright, I apologize once again (two apologies already? in one entry :?, I need to stop this after all I don't want to make a habit of it) for both the poor play on your user name as well as the fact that I compared you to a sloth:P

So, I think we're nearing the end of my first blog entry. I have to say it has been a rather succesful one, I've followed all of the essential steps to making a great blog.

A)Post about absolutely nothing

B)Attempt to be funny, but also fail miserably

C)Crack the same "joke" multiple times

D)Post a stupid picture(s)

As a wrap up I will post my what shall we call it, how about "Interesting question of the day, or week, or however often I decide to make an interesting question, question" So without further ado, I know you're all waiting on the edge of your seats for it...

Q: Is it better to be lucky or good

A: It doesn't matter so long as your rich

Now some of you may be saying that makes so sense and is stupid, and to those of you who say that, I will tell you, it is infallible logic.

Lastly if things seem a little out of wack, it's because I did not write everything exactly in the order that it is posted(well, I pretty much did, but it sounds cooler to say I didn't), and no I do not think I am the next Quentin Tarantino or George Lucas, for employing such a revolutionary idea, although I very well might be:P

Comment if you wish, ok who am I kidding I can't be so cavalier, please comment, I need all of the comments I can get as I am estimating extremely low readership of this blog.