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Dark knight wow amazing

I know im late i don't normally go to the cinema to see movies too packed for my liking anyway the other day i bought dark knight and was hoping it was as good as everyone said it was and oh my god did it live up to expectations the acting was brilliant the movie also was realistic due to how the joker looked with his faded make up honestly the best movie ive seen for a long time.

Christmas this year is relaxing although i lost my 5 year old newfoundland due to heart failure the poor guy just collapsed but we gave him 2 years he would not have had.

nintendo wii has to win this gen!

here are the hardware sales for november 2008

Wii--2.04 million
Nintendo DS--1.57 million
Xbox 360--836,000
PlayStation Portable--421,000
PlayStation 3--378,000
PlayStation 2--206,000

This proves no one cares about blu-ray or HD gaming as much as casual games like mario galaxy because these sales figures show the Wii is crushing the PS3 and 360 i think the 360 sold a great amount 836,000 and the ps3 a not so good 378,000 in a critical month but look above and notice all of sonys consoles are at the bottom

PSP 421,000 Nintendo DS 1.57 million

Nintendo as usual dominate the handheld market

Sony ps2 206,000

impressive for a 9 year old console

PS3 378,000 VS XBOX 360 836,000

A big difference it must be said guess the price drop helped

Nintendo wii 2.04 million

Amazing not joking 2 million in a month i see this taking the crown over the PS2

Sorry if this was too long i just cant believe how much nintendo are dominating the sales are amazing.

Your christmas plans

Well i plan on doing pretty much nothing im only looking forward to christmas dinner because i love turkey and its a great time to be with family the only downer is how cold it is in SCOTLAND honestly i have a big jumper on and im still freezing lol and i have my heating on aswell so you can probaly imagine how bad it is anyway thats all for now and post a comment if you like guys.

Nintendo wii finally i can buy it

Well im back and can announce im buying a wii for christmas i bought the wii in early 2007 but the lack of games made me sell it but now with such great games on the system im sure i will enjoy it and now and then i want a change from gears of war or call of duty sometimes i just wanna relax and have a laugh and the Wii is the console of choice and i wanna play Super mario galaxy lol anyway im gonna order it soon that is if they have not been sold out.

leaving for a while

Im too busy lately with christmas coming up and my house getting done up and my theory test i just don't have time for gamespot and theres not much to talk about since the game releases have past so i will not be posting in blogs unless i happen to sign on and im buying mirrors edge and left 4 dead to keep me occupied cant wait for them

see you later guys for now

The big game releases have now passed so what will you be playing till xmas?

I will be playing gears of war 2 and call of duty world at war i am so glad the game releases are now over it was a lot of games at the same time so obviously i did not get eveything i wanted but i still have my xmas money to get what i need and some clothes etc and i am not really using gamespot lately too busy with my theory test which is have to constantly revise or i will fail it and im getting driving lessons on a private road so im kinda busy but i will post on your blogs as much as i can.

saving for 1st car plus drivers licence!

Yeh its 1 month till im 17 and im saving for 1ST car i had to give up some games but my mum gave me £200 to start my fund im hoping to spend £350-£400 because believe it or not you can get a lot of car for that type of money and the car is below

Volvo 850 1992-1997

my mum had this car i loved it and they last forever so my £350 goes a long way and i have the stress of my driving test that is pretty scary because my mum did hers 1st time and if i take a few times i will feel like less of a man HAHA jk but its £20 a lesson so im going to need to concentrate my ass off otherwise ill have no licence and no money lol.

Im back

Yeh im back i got a 7 day ban for something i posted a few months back but anyway ever since then i have been playing gears of war 2 and fable 2 so far im really liking fable 2 i hate RPGS but this is the only one i have yet to actually enjoy and the game has tons on offer so that has been fun.

Gears of war 2 has had me addicted since i put it in my console i have played it to death and my final verdict is a 9.5/10 stunning visuals amazing MP it did everything it was suppost to i just wish the god awful matchmaking would be fixed its so annoying waiting 5-10 mins for a game but anyway i still love the game and hope you guys have also enjoyed it.

Also im getting my last game of the year call of duty world at war in the morning and it got a 9.2/10 from IGN so im excited to finally play that.

Has anyone found there game of the year yet im still wondering but i would say gears 2 and you?

Fable 2 questions is it worth it?

Ok now i have said i don't like RPGS but i like the look of Fable 2 it looks fun interesting and worth a play but is it complicated like oblivion or lost odyssey because if it is im going to pass if not i will buy it tonight sometime

thanks guys!

Suspended for 2 days

So im back from my suspension and it was for 48 hours and this time i never did anything to get modded well at least i don't think i did heres the post from the guy and me!

Holopaw wrote:You+Bed= Where you need to go/be.

you+ GTFU= where everyone wants you to go/be

i said the above because this kid was asking opinions about something and i felt bad that this guy was posting crap like that but for now on im just gonna leave the topic and ignore these type of people i guess if you flame them back your just as bad.

anway onto good news my gears 2 pre-order is about to be posted i can't wait although i was surprised to see a 9.0/10 from GS but IGN gave it a fantastic 9.5/10 and team xbox went to a 9.8/10