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Daily Review: Syphon Filter

Released: 1999

Difficulty: Just Right

Time Spent: 10 to 20 Hours

The Bottom Line: "Solid"

Headline: Perfect Shot!

Syphon Filter is a damn great player. While this game goes for the story of MGS, it almost reaches what that game managed to accomplish just in the field of Action instead of Strategy.

The game looks beautiful with strong textures, nice models, satisfying explosions, and loads quickly. The cinematic clips usually hold out well, but some become wretched and there is some occasional grain. The sound has great music but the acting stays so professional that it has a tendency to act melodramatically while the effects are mostly fully realized.

After watching this I feel like Keanu Reeves would make a good actor for Gabe

The game play is very effective with either manual or automatic aim, controls are smartly laid out, levels stay varied but the tasks have only so much differentiating one to another. Most of it involves run & gun, stealth tactics, pop out & shoot, escort, or activate something. The AI is simply brilliant; enemies avoid stupidity, remain always active and so forth. Enemies use shoot and cover techniques if they're alone with something like a sniper; but become more confrontational if they're holding a shotgun or machine gun. They usually at least try to avoid a thrown explosive that ricochets and lands beside them, and they realize if your silenced shot just missed them. The same sometimes apply for groups as they can ambush you! Syphon filter progresses well to the end; however, I occasionally could not figure out what to do, but getting to the end at least didn't have a completely obvious ending.

Gabe, maybe you're too close to that subway train

The game is just really solid in its field shooting, no vehicles, and no multiplayer. Mostly shooting and some occasional interrogations; it is a great game to purchase as the 12-15 hour game is worth many more trips than just the first.

8.5/ 10 GREAT (PS1)

+Solid shooting and controls

+Technically well produced

+Brilliant AI

-Sometimes, it feels a little too focused on shooting action


Daily Review: Just Cause 2

Released: 2010

Difficulty: Just Right

Time Spent: 100 or More Hours

The Bottom Line: "Surprisingly good"

Headline: Now this is gonna be fun… KABOOM!

While I write professional reviews that I stand beside, I recently decided to revive my review hiatus by trying to add a bit more hilarity whilst keeping a serious truth to the whole thing. So here we go; in Just Cause 2 you swing around like a chimpanzee, fling everybody else around like they were a yo-yo, and almost defy the laws of gravity. Does that make for a great game? Well let's find out…

The setting for Jesus Christ 2 has returning Hollywood stuntman & mercenary, Rico Rodriguez being sent to the island nation of Panau to stop an overthrowing ruler. He works for an agency called the… 'Agency' (the creativity is literally busting at its seams). This story is into to paper thin characters, stereotypes, and very cliché dialogue. But don't worry; Just Cause 2 is clearly placing every last marble it has in something it knows how to do really well.

Excuse me, I going to test my vehicle's vertical limit by driving it down this mountain! :)

It's your job to free (as in destroy) Panau by disbanding all resources the government's harsh communism has enforced. This creates chaos; the more chaos, the more the government enforcement breaks down which will bring light to the prime target(s); and hence, the motives for the main missions. Anything painted red and white is something that can be destroyed to create chaos and income. In fact, everything from missions to collectibles, diversions, and new districts of Panau are all dependent on chaos. This means you are free to lollygagger between missions until you satisfy the God of Chaos… or get somebody really angry. You encounter 3 different factions who will task you with everything I already mentioned. There are also races where you drive a vehicle (plane, helicopter, motorcycle, car, boat, etc) to go through a wild course of obstacles. Who says boats can't drive on land? Just Cause sure doesn't; however, vehicle control is a pain. Most any car drives like there's a jet engine under the hood which causes a lot of over steering. Heavier cars are good enough to make sure you don't intentionally vroom right into a building (or the local terrain).

Combat is obviously going to be a huge part of the game when we talk explosions (and there are thousands of them). You'll dish it out like Rambo with all the regular bad boys and a few of each different vehicle types. You can even grapple onto any vehicle and take multiple positions to take out soldiers; upon taking them out, you can then hijack the vehicle via a simple Quick Time event. This all works very well; however shooting enemies on a car suffers from some collision detection issues. Half-the-time you need to navigate your new car to get to its weapon (thus compromising driving control); it's almost as if it was designed for a cooperative play (but that exists nowhere). At any time, you can grapple onto anything, as well as swing and fly so fast and far that the game's camera may have trouble keeping up with you. With the parachute, it becomes one of the best means of traversal for an undisputable, by leaps and bounds, the largest environment I've ever seen.

It's one very dangerous stunt for that car (and the jet)

As you progress, Rico will accumulate a stockpile of weapons, vehicles, and a fast travel option supplied by the agency. Beyond completing missions there are well over 300 optional locations to 'complete' by blowing 'em to bits or snagging up resource items. These resource items upgrade your health, vehicles, weapons, or supply money. Beware however, for the military power of Panau is quite strong and aggressive. This mortal enemy of seemingly every person they encounter reminds me of a swarm of bees; as in extremely angry bees, with guns, who drive like maniacs, and wish death upon you with their macho one-liners. How so, doing anything that is even slightly suspicious around them sounds a full blown alarm (sometimes, you may be attacked for no reason other than standing beside them). The escalating situation can lead to something similar to a small war; that's where a quick escape comes in with the grappling hook.

You might not believe this but a game 10 times the size of most other games still looks excellent; the terrain and ease of scaling are just the start of quite a nice looking game. Everything is well detailed, crisp looking, and the frame rate almost never takes a dive. You can literally 'destroy' some little things but folks, the explosions are spectacular as they not only look big and umm, explosive but they come in all different shapes and sizes. Character models look a little simple and the landscape isn't anything special; but this is a playground, not a paradise. The sound effects sound quite good too; when the visuals shine, the sound design shines. The music also sounds pretty good; but the acting is anything but good. How much bang you'll get for your buck is entirely dependent on how committed you are. If you wanna just blast through the main game, it'll take you 30 hours; beat every mission in the game? About 50 hours. Finally, if want to 100% the game, you might lose track of time, however I'm drawing the line at 120 hours.


Just Cause 2 is my personal favorite PS3 game in my collection thus far; but for good reasons. What really makes Just Cause 2 such a highlight experience is the tech being pushed way beyond what we've ever seen; the size, the stunts, action, chaotic speed, and havocking physics. When all that the next-gen tech developers talk up their ass finally is harnessed, the freedom and just plain bananas situations you can create become something where the technology really makes the difference. I can't tell you how many times I was blowing Panau to kingdom come and I just wanted to do something dumb to see what was going to happen. Some of these incidents include:

#570 -Finding out what happens if I shoot one of my C4 charges (at a close range)

#12321 -Shooting the tire of a high-speed vehicle

#97 -Riding a compressed gas container high into the sky

#2306 -Driving vehicles over gigantic cliffs

#16 -Trying to wipeout gas stations with a car (and evading the successful explosion)

#22000 -Grapple-flinging enemies off of tall buildings

#353 -Using a motorcycle to evade a helicopter firing its chain gun

#1-Narrowly escaping especially large explosions

#100 -Improperly using vehicles to create an interestingly creative situation (planes on roads, boats on buildings, flying cars)

#33 -Tethering enemies to anything you know will cause pain

8.5 / 10 GREAT (PS3)

+Plenty of content

+Technically excellent graphics and sound

+Combat & physics can lead to chaotically hilarious situations

+Lots of freedom and ease of navigation

-Vehicles are a basket case

-Write off characters, story, and dialogue

I'm TWiSTEDmerc saying subscribe because daily review has just begun!

Daily Reviews

You know what I do? I write reviews and if there's one thing that I'm really good with, it's my intent to judge and review games with a clear and solid mindset. So, in order to really, really roll out my opinion I've figured it's time to release the reviews. Over 40 of which have accrued and if you've seen said reviews before, good news: I'm somehow making them better! I'm taking a firm look at every review I submitted and I'm improving the formatting, grammar, adding pictures, and videos. I'll be clearing up what I'm saying where I realized I wasn't being especially clear or understandable about what I was saying; but, I will not change my underlying message - my opinion is the opinion and it doesn't change.

All parts of a game must be examined, even those that are barely worth mentioning

The march of my own madness starts November 1st and there will be a new review every single day until I run out of reviews (or I throw my keyboard out the window). With every review, I go into it trying to achieve an opinion with the proper tender, loving care it deserves, while always avoiding the very fragmented version of reviewing (Allocated sections for graphics, sound, game play, design, and value).

No time to waste, I must prepare!

Along the way, you'll probably get a much better idea of who I am. I know I sometimes appear as a user who's just trying to get attention with funny pictures, boobs, or saying something that intends to make you laugh. There's nothing really wrong with that, it's still just me; but when I strap on my review hat, get critiquing, and form my final word, I can get tough. I've also decided to compose just a few more brand new reviews.

I'm TWiSTEDmerc saying I'd be grateful if you spread the word about this event on ScrewAttack or a best of community blog

Celebratin 11 Years of the PS2

It's been a long time coming, but the PS2 has finally turned 11 years old. And in that time it's become the largest selling console of any kind. So, because this is such a special occasion, I just want to take you all back to the past… It's the turn of the century; people all the around the world are relieved to know that Y2K didn't destroy all technology. The DVD player is just being introduced to markets and the Dreamcast has had just over a year on the market; meanwhile, the last generation of consoles are all about to wind down. Enter, the PlayStation 2.

On October 26, 2000, the largest selling console to date was released to North American audiences not only as a console, but a DVD player. It gave SONY a spontaneous advantage and it was the first of that tier's next generation (GC, XBOX, PS2) and also outlasted them all by at least 2 ½ years. Part of me wants to celebrate this with its history; part of me wants to show off all my PS2 games; so, I did both…

TWiSTEDmerc's PS2 collection - I swear that this is the best thing you will ever see in your entire life; okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit. But, please watch it :)

Timeline of the PS2:

NOTE: I'm not too keen on mentioning sequels for the timeline unless it's got some modest historic relevance; there are just too many sequels to mention.


-March 4, 2000 earliest point of the PlayStation 2's release (in Japan), arrived in North America on October 26, 2000. Fanatavision, I.Q. Remix and some Football games are the publisher's only releases for 2000.


-Jak & Daxter, Gran Theft Auto III, Onimusha, Twisted Metal, Gran Turismo and Metal Gear Solid get their ground started; the marvelous Ico also arrives.


-PS2 Network Adaptor released (allowed for online functionality).

-Ratchet & Clank, SOCOM, and Sly Cooper get their starts; Wild Arms, PaRappa the Rapper, and Hot Shots Golf make their PS2 debuts.


-EyeToy is released; Ape Escape series makes its PS2 debut with Ape Escape 2. 'The Getaway' series is also started.


-Monster Hunter, Killzone, and Siren all get their slow starts; meanwhile, 'SingStar' gets a fast start, and 'Syphon Filter' returns.

-PS2 Slim is released


-Famous releases of the PSP, God of War, Shadow of the Colossus, the original 'Guitar Hero', as well as 'Buzz!' and a special port of Resident Evil 4 arrive.


-Bully and the brilliant, but poor selling Okami are released.

-Sony launches their versions of NBA and MLB (I'm not sure about the dates on these ones).

-November 16, Earliest start point of the PS2 being recognized as a 'Legacy console'. November 16, the PS3 is released.


-God of War II released; commonly considered to be the last big SONY exclusive.

-(Fall, 2007) General beginning point of PSP to PS2 ports including Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror, as well as forthcoming ports of Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, Twisted Metal Head-on, and more.


-Releases become limited; the odd PSP to PS2 ports and Persona 4 fill part of the void.


-PS2 releases become shockingly low; including many dropped ports. -A PS3 started series finds its way to the PS2, MotorStorm: Arctic Edge.


-The NPD stops counting units of PS2s sold.

-Releases become almost non-existent.


-February: the PS2 breaks probably its' last milestone, selling 150 Million units.

-Likely the last year of any PS2 bound releases in existence.

Oh, my God, it is a Monolith!

So is the console now dead? I wouldn't say so, it's not like there's an expiration on the console; it's like the NES which has been out for 25 years. We still celebrate it and don't forget about it either; in fact, it still makes multiple lists on Screwattack. So from now on instead of thinking of it as a behemoth that has slowed down to nearly nothing, I think of it as a '****c', forever. Don't forget to check out reviews about some of these games in the very, very near future (as in mere days).


I'm coming back...

After 2 years I've decided I'll give gamespot another shot with the blogs. I've been writing reveiws even after I stopped blogging and now I suppose I'll role out some goodies for whoever is looking. But when, TWiSTEDmerc? This Wednesday and there's a metric ton o-content right behind it.


Year in Review - 2009:

I know, very late post, but this took a lot longer than I thought; but, I wanted it to be comprehensive. So dig in...


And so begins Year in Review for 2009. Understand that every active console's grade takes a toll on the ultimate grade (and games take up a big portion); but, less active consoles take a less of a toll on the overall score. Almost all games that get mentioned here are exclusive to a certain console and are likely well respected by gamers or highly anticipated releases. Now, all those multiplatform games take a serious toll too. However, they're more in the background because exclusives lead the way of attention to gamers for being quite a big selling point for someone to buy or pass a console of their choice. I am also awarding consoles for taking steps forward with new hardware and software applications as well as deducting if something should have gotten done.

The initial paragraph (for a console) covers what it had/ did for 2009. The 'Outlook' portion regards what is being done for the future and covers highly anticipated releases; it also takes a toll on the console's score. The final portion of the review (the 'Overall' section) also takes a toll on the review and covers something good, bad or maybe a mix of both and is the final grade for the year.



As the oldest of gaming platforms, the computer is simply dying a slow death that manages to occasionally see glimmers of light. Most PC ports are as good as console versions; however, it has become fairly apparent that you need to make PC your prime focus with the excessive costs and technical issues that can manage to show up. Another problem is the lateness of many of these ports and limited advertising a late port of a formerly popular game will end up receiving. If you were with PC to the end, there was some hope in terms of exclusives; there was The Sims 3, Empire: Total War, Warhammer: 40,000 Dawn of War II, Torchlight, Cryostasis: The Sleep of Reason, and (free) League of Legends.

As Blizzard keeps PC gamers alive with helpings of new entries promised for Diablo, Starcraft, World of Warcraft, and other lesser known titles (not from Blizzard); the PC still will be active for the time to come. Unfortunately poor sales are all over the charts due to Torrent. It makes the great ports out there a bad means of profitability and is definitely limiting its user base to less and less. The PC will probably keep going but just more and more slowly and become less recognized for the games it can offer.


Microsoft Xbox 360:

Microsoft has managed to keep the XBOX 360 going strong and competitive once again throughout 2009. Halo Wars, Halo 3: ODST, Shadow Complex, Splosion Man and 2 GTA expansions have kept the exclusive market flowing well enough; but, where the most focus should be paid attention to is all the other highly recommendable games and how Microsoft still has the best online experience available. It is also nice to see the occasional games supporting the new avatar system for players. The only real stepping stone for Microsoft was just how similar this year was from the last; it was good. However, there was nothing new technology wise that really caught my eyes which is a sign of the console aging.

Of course, if I didn't mention project natal, I would have been shot; this new medium will definitely be the next thing that 360 gamers point to when asked what advanced technology their console has in store. The upcoming Alan Wake and Crackdown 2 should keep gamers happy.


Nintendo DS:

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride, and Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure. These games were the center of attention for DS owners and all rightfully deserved so. A new DSi that allows you to take pictures and download games was introduced that has been met with a wonderful reception. Overall, the flow of bad vs good games still is a little much but it's at least better than the Wii.

No new hardware has been announced but it's to early to ask for more with the DSi already out and there isn't any real problems being waited on for solutions to my knowledge. More great games are abounding with Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey, Ace Attorney, and (a new Sonic game) hollow out just some of the portable's next experiences.


Nintendo Wii:

Punch-Out!!, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Madworld, House of the Dead: Overkill, Deadly Creatures, Murusama: The Demon Blade, Excitebots: Trick Racing, Little King's Story, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, and Dead Space: Extraction. Thanks to so many developers, the Wii had great games going around throughout the year; but, there are most definitely problems wandering around. The first one is overcrowd, the Wii still has too many worthless games and nothing seems to have been done to better control it. Second is sales issues, it seems that the less deserving ones get the better end of the stick while good games were a total gamble for good sales. Also, Wii motion plus doesn't seem to be impacting developers well (I can only think of the latest Tiger Woods PGA and Wii Sports Resort).

There doesn't seem to be anything new (hardware wise) announced. Mario, Link, and Samus are coming back but it's hard to know when. Also, why is it that Mario, Link, and Samus are coming back? What happened to Kirby, Starfox, and Donky Kong (is their just no love for them any more)? No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle and Monster Hunter tri are coming; but, I think we're all running out of tolerance with the lacking delivery from the console.


Sony PS2:

The oldest console left of the pack, the PS2 has seen almost exclusively ports; most of these ports have not done as well as the next gen versions. A lot of the ports received have been from some big franchise following making for a lot of games that incorporate music, sports, or movies; are they all bad? No, but it is getting to the point of danger the number of PS2 ports that either can't be recommended or aren't at least as good as the other versions. Despite this there was good news; Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon was made exclusively for PS2 and faired as being recommendable. Also, 'Ratchet & Clank' and 'Jak & Daxter' still managed to be both running around in decent ports. If 2 well known Sony icons are still around on a console's ninth year, there has to be some sort of praise.

The PS2 has very little left going for it except for basically what was mentioned here, except less; the console has been moved on from and that's basically it for PS2.


Sony PS3:

This console has once again bombarded its competition with the number of AAA, exclusive titles: Infamous, Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Demon's Souls, Noby Noby Boy, Flower, PixelJunk Shooter and Killzone 2. All of these titles helped keep the PS3 be a big entertainer all the time. The console was quiet in terms of breaking technology but did launch a lighter, less costly version of the console.

Sony does have real technological ambitions ahead of us with a new motion controller on the way. There will also be the optional addition of paid online for a better experience. Massive Action Game, The Last Guardian, Yakuza 3, and God of War III are all big releases on the horizon.


Sony PSP:

Half-Minute Hero, SoulCalibur: Broken Destiny, Resistance: Retribution, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Gran Turismo, Patapon 2, Prinny: Can I really be a Hero, and LittleBigPlanet. Our PSP's brought forward an absolute slew of titles, both more than usual and covering many genres. The PSP go has allowed gamers to download games and offers a better overall design. But, the sales for PSP games have been horrible; this is not a means of profitability and needs to be resolved somehow ASAP.

More highly anticipated PSP games like Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3 is arriving; but that pretty much rounds out what the PSP has coming.




Year of the Sequel

This was a year for so, so many games to make a return (yet again) with another entry in a long running franchise such as 'Guitar Hero', or a game based on a movie, comic-book, or tv series like Batman: Arkham Asylum, or a revival of an old game like Bionic Commando. There wasn't a lot of new IPs and that makes it hard for somebody trying to get into a new series kind of difficult. Though some series tried to open themselves up to gamers and that's good; but, too many games used the franchise name and now it's sequel mania with some series popping out every month. It would be a nice bit of fresh air if we could just try something else, without shooting. Now, there were some new entries such as Prototype, Demon's Souls, Scribblenauts, The Saboteur, Brutal Legend, and Blazblue: Calamity. In fact there were other exclusive games that got attention too; but damn, guess what? These (that I'm about to list) are supposedly getting sequels as well; like Borderlands, DJ Hero and Infamous. To be honest, this isn't a huge problem; but, I think we're all tired to see 80% of our releases be sequels. Sequels can keep coming but we don't need to see something with the same label over and over and over…


Announcing Year in Review 2009

10 days from now, it will be the year end. I have recently decided to compose a review for 2009 including every active console, along with a letter grade, overview of the consoles for the year, and outlook of the console's near and distant future. The review will be posted on December 31 @ 12 PM.


Good Evening, it's been a while

Well, it's been 3 months since I last blogged. I haven't given up on gaming but I just ain't getting many comments, or reccomendations from what i post or anything. So it has discouraged me from blogging for quite a while; now what am I saying? why is this important? am I trying to be affectionate? Well I'll sumarize right now: If there is any livng soul reading this please, PLEASE leave some comment so that I know that I'm not typing into an empty space :|. With that out, lets talk about some gaming :):

I picked up Secret Agent Clank (PS2), Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror (PS2), and Critical Depth (PS1)

Beat R&C Going Commando (unlocked all content), Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror

I have decided that I am going to pick up Fallout 3 and Resident Evil: Degeneration; but no Fallout 3 for a while I'm still playing those first 3 games I got (GTA IV is even bigger than I imagined).

One more thing here's something I may continue, "Game covers that look alike..."


post your opinion


Hello Mr. PS3 Day 1:

Guess what? I just bought a PS3, the title sure did through you off eh? Well, yes I most certainly do have a PS3 sitting in myliving room. Waiting to be played, I actually haven't sunk even a moment of gameplay in; I've loaded a game and checked a bunch of the manual portions and tried figuring out the console. It's weird as with how you turn the console off, and I thought that 1, 2, 3, 4 bar was the battery controllerpower (then I found out it was the controller #). The only thing that really ponders with my mind is the internet connection, my family has a wired internet connection and my laptop has a wireless internet connection, so I'm unsure why the internet isn't working. I obviously got some games, 3 actually to kick off my console purchase:

-Dead Space


-Killzone 2

And now for the games I'm going to get:

-Fallout 3 (maybe)

-Ninja Gaiden Sigma (maybe)

-Lost Planet -Extreme Condition (maybe)

-Heavenly Sword

-Uncharted: Drakes fortune

-Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction


-Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty

-Resident Evil 5

Andmanyother games that haven't even come out yet, if you know why my PS3 isn't working with the internet, please comment, tomorrow I will continue coverage and delve into each game. OH! And don't forget to check back on soon for a special review.


Movies that need new entries:

Dear viewers, sorry I haven't been blogging for a little while but, I've had school to watch out for. Last time,I said that I was working on a special review, and I certainly am. Now its going to be a review but I'm going to try and make it a fair bit more entertaining, here are two thinks I'll tell you:

-It's the worst game I have on any console

-It will be told similar to how the AVGN reviews his terrible games

Meanwhile here's a quick feature to keep you interested,

-Movies that need new entries:-

In the recent year of Hollywood all that seems to come out are@$$ horror movies, by the book comedies, and completely uninspired remakes;there's some good movies, but for the most part, it's just a bucket of fish heads. So why not reinvigorate some of the good franchises that were really fun to watch and deserve, not a shameless remake but a new entry in the series (prequel, sequel, follow-up) here is a list of movies that should return one last time and reallyshine for us and fans:

# 5 - Happy Gilmore

When I saw Adam Sandler trying to knock Bob Barker to his grave, Richard Keil getting a nail in his head, and a ex-hockey player having one hell of an anger streak while playing golf, the word, "MEMORABLE" was all I could think of. Asimple plot, funny jokes and something that's funny for all ages. Please do another; I'd really like to see Sandler VS Barker - Round 2.

# 4 - Ghostbusters

Ah ghostbusters, Aykroyd, Murray, Weaver and more memorable faces, please come back to the big screen. Maybe your sequel was OK, but there is fantastic humor when the Ghostbusters Squad is together, and I was hoping for something that satisfied myself a bit more, and come on, if you can make a marshmallow man a super villain, it would be very interesting to see what other ideas you have.

# 3 - Duel

This is not a karate or martial arts movie, this is Spielberg's first movie, the terrific movie of Duel where a driver is attempted to be killed by a trucker. Never has highway traffic been so exciting, dangerous, and aggressive, this movie deserves a sequel, and the plotline would be so easy. I miss the car chase of the 70's 80's, and 90's lets see a pro show us how to make some exhilaration out of road rage again.

# 2 - Evil Dead

While a Evil Dead remake is being worked on, I would really like to see Bruce Campbell (ahem, sequel dammit!) break out the old chainsaw and boomstick for one last standoff against evil, Campbell is such a perfect character for Ash, you don't really need special effects cause our hero has always been a daring,semi cookoo that can get himself even out of the worst circumstances.

# 1 - Cloverfield

Never have I seen such a fun movie, a perspective that just keeps up with the action and is right in there as a buildings portions soar apart narrowly missing us or frantically running as a gigantic creature tries to slurp you up this movie was awesome. It's just like playing a FPS game but now, the camera movement is super frantic, raw, ungraceful - just like how you would run around watching the event. It is awesome, just too bad it ran so short, please make a sequel.


PS: I know that the list is short but I also wanted to put on The Thing, Forrest Gump, andNight Of The Living Dead on but IMDB says there are movies coming out for them.


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