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June 7th - Remaining Human

Detroit: Become Human… has become the first game for a long while where, having completed the story, I jumped back in for a second play almost instantly.

I say almost instantly as I’ve decided to work through it for the Platinum Trophy… and there were a few other Trophies I could harvest before I had to take that route.

First up there were a few Trophies I missed that could easily be collected without the whole 12 hour play through malarkey… although I will have to do that as well, so I loaded up various chapters and played through them ensuring that I made a different decision at the end to unlock the alternative Trophy that chapter offered.

In one instance there is a Trophy for killing two androids who attack you in a warehouse, there is also a Trophy for allowing them to live, add in a few other instances like this, such as when Markus breaks his programming and can fight back against Leo in one of the small chapters… one Trophy for fighting back, another for doing nothing.

Once most of these were harvested I had to replay the final Chapter and not mess up one element involving Connor like I had done previously… this was a pain.

Not because it’s a dull chapter, nor is the 45-50 minute play time excessive considering what happens, but because I wanted to preserve my original save so I wasn’t getting the benefits of the checkpoint system… and thus, when the game crashed in the final action section, I lost 45 minutes work… the Trophies don’t unlock until you hit the flowchart scene at the end.


Once that was replayed I started my guided run, this will allow me to collect the Trophy for every character surviving, which annoyingly includes a handful of NPC’s as well as the three main characters, and collect most of the magazines needed for another Trophy… the guide is simple enough and only covers what you really need to do to complete each chapter fairly quickly.

As such it takes the quickest route through the game… early doors you’re presented with the option to sleep in a car for the night, Alice doesn’t like the idea of this and, when I played through the game originally, we moved into the squat and met Carl, a rather mangled and clearly dangerous android who did, eventually, come to our aid before a chase scene kicked in.

This time around we stayed in the car because that ends that chapter much quicker, and while the next chapter saw a different path taken to escape the area, we still ended up in a chase as I was supposed to keep the trigger button pressed to use an umbrella to hide our faces not just press it once.

Thus far I’ve reached the point where Kara and Alice end up at Zlatko’s mansion seeking help, it’s one of the more interesting chapters I found from my first run, but having been off work I wasn’t really up to working through that again.

June 2nd

Double bugger! Seems the failure with the umbrella means I end up having to replay a rather large chunk of the game again… if you make it through that part the magazine in the Zlatko section has a different cover and, obviously, counts as a different collectable.

So… having worked through my good run and collected a couple of additional Trophies from it, I thankfully decided to check the magazine covers unlocked to see which ones I needed to hoover up in the “bad” run through.

Most of these would appear in the “bad” run, except one which relates to Kara having escaped the clutches of the police undetected rather than having to bolt across the freeway in a mass of QTE’s.

So I replayed a couple of hours and picked up the one I’d missed… at this point, having played through the Zlatko episode several times I was starting to feel tired of this chapter… it’s interesting… but it’s also the slowest moving episode with a huge dialogue section that you just can’t skip.

It also highlights the horrible “set path” nature of the game.

Once you arrive at the house you ring the doorbell… you stand and wait… the option to ring the doorbell appears again… and until you do ring it again nothing will happen… and this sort of thing happens a lot.

Too often in fact.

There are far too many places where you have to complete a task for the game to move on, they are the most obvious “trigger” events around… in some areas you can spend ages messing around which the game doesn’t mind at all… because the event/action that triggers the story progression hasn’t been done yet.

It’s a small complaint… and I played through the game three or more times to unlock the platinum… but one that could irk some people.

Playing the pacifist throughout does change a few scenes… the visit to see Carl before the final battle is replaced by a visit to his graveside for a start… but if I though the additional scenes in this run were interesting I had no idea what to expect next.

Onto the final run through… the bad run through.

While my guide said to complete some sections as I had previously there were still options I wanted to explore… so in these instances I tended to ignore the guide and see what happened.

So… when Kara breaks her way through and starts to disobey I choose not to escape out the window, I thought I’d try and reason with Todd, having been hit and knocked down I then choose to try and protect Alice a little differently… long story short… dead Todd.

Did make the escape down the stairs a little less frantic.

In this “bad” run the idea is for Connor to die… a lot… like eight times, once at the hand of a key NPC along the way.

To start with this is pretty easy as you just head straight to the outdoor area in the hostage negotiation scene having ignored all the evidence and you’ll be able to die pretty easily, after that you actually have to go out your way… failing QTE’s whenever possible or winding up your partner to the point where, after a bad end to a scene, he pulls his gun and shoots you in the head.

Failing the QTE’s is harder than it sounds unless you’ve chosen, for some reason, to ramp up the difficulty and you get plenty of time to hit the correct button that it almost becomes harder to fail them… although leaving the pad alone sounds simple… but when in the whole swing of things you just react instinctively.

A nice touch here… next time you have to see Amanda in the odd looking garden, walk around the path to the right and you’ll find a number of gravestones marking your deaths.

Even once I’d completed all the runs, unlocked every Trophy and saved every character there were still sections of flowcharts I’d missed entirely… one at least covers Kara and Alice getting captured whilst at Rose’s which I never thought to be an option… the game being so very linear I’d just assumed there would be an action scene where someone is knocked out and the game makes a solitary reference to it later in a line of dialogue.

Sure the game boils down to a modern day version of a “choose your own adventure” book but first time through it tells a decent story and I’d totally encourage anybody playing to ignore any guides first time through… definitely worth a play.