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I got a Wii

I got a the Black Wii the other day that includes Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. I'm pretty satisfied with it, but I'm sure it could be better. It includes the Wii motion sensor witch was very impressive.

Lost Planet 2

Lost Planet is coming out. No, I don't want to buy it and I believe you shouldn't either. Now, I won't be a critic but the first Lost Planet was very poor. Though, you know what they say....never judge a game by its prequel :?.

Bully 2?

I was on IGN (how unpatriotic) and it said there was a new Bully 2 coming out. No, not scholarship edition, 2.

Im in Las Vegas!!!

The hotel I'm staying in is crappy. Its 4 stars, I stayed at the Belagio(five stars),its spelled something like that. It is so much fun!!